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Many people forget to add a service while booking the flight and later regret it as they think the airline will not let them add their desired services. Good news for passengers! Many airlines have a feature that allows passengers to add or change their service at their home through the manage booking option. Moreover, Korean Air also has a feature “Manage Booking” that passengers can use to upgrade their travel plans. Travelers while going through the Korean Air Manage Booking option must check a few guidelines that will help them to take action wisely. 

What Does the Korean Air Manage Booking Facility Do?

Korean Air Manage Booking

The Manage Booking tool of Korean Air aims at passengers’ convenience after booking a flight. Travelers often have to add or change services. The airline provides complete access to passengers to amend their travel needs according to them using the manage my reservation feature. With Korean Air Manage Booking, flyers can instantly modify their travel arrangements including seat selection, upgrades to a new class, meal options, check-in facility, changes or cancelations in the booking, and many more with a few clicks. 

How Korean Air Manage My Booking Feature is Advantageous?

Korean Air allows passengers to travel as per their needs by doing modifications to their tickets by the manage booking option given on the official website. Whether the booking includes a single itinerary or multiple itineraries, travelers can easily keep track of all through it.

  • Passengers after booking the flight tickets can check the flight status using the manage booking option. 
  • Korean Air Manage My Booking, allows passengers to reschedule their flight and book with new date or time. 
  • Travelers can recover their itinerary by using the PNR number which they can use through the manage booking option and obtain complete assistance. 
  • The airline provides access to travelers with the manage my booking section to choose a desired service, like seats, meals, upgrades, special assistance, adding a pet and baggage. 
  • Moreover, one can check in by logging into the manage booking tab before reaching the airport. 
  • The feature allows flyers to save time and prevent them from standing in long queues. 
  • Also, traveler can access their booking from any part of the world and reschedule or cancel it easily. 
  • Using the Korean Air Manage Trip will also help in fending off any extra service fee that needs to be paid for assistance at the airport.  

Simple Steps To Use Korean Air Manage Booking

Passengers can choose their preferences accordingly while making amendments to the booking through the My Trips section. Flyers who want to amend their booking with the help of Korean Air Manage Trip have to follow a few simple steps. 

Korean Air Manage Booking Process
  • Start by visiting the Korean Air website. You can also log in to the app. The steps are similar.
  • On the home page, choose the “My Trips” option. 
  • Now, enter the required booking number, first name, last name, and departure date. 
  • Hit on the search button to retrieve the booking details.
  • Passengers can find multiple add-on options as per the fare eligibility under their trip details.  
  • Here, flyers can choose their service by clicking on a specific option, like seat selection, upgrades, meals, or adding baggage. They can also go for flight change or cancellation as per their need.
  • After selecting the option, fill out the necessary details. 
  • Now, if there are additional charges for opting for the services pay for it.
  • Hence, after the completion of the transaction, passengers can check their updated itinerary. 

Change/Add/Remove Services With Korean Air My Trips

When passengers want to access their flight booking and make their journey more comfortable, they can use the Manage My Booking section. However, the services that passengers choose might charge a fee. Here are the services that travelers can modify. 

Korean Air Manage Booking Features

Wish To Make A Flight Change?

Every traveler wants the flexibility of changing the flight and rescheduling to an alternate date. With the Korean Air Manage Flight feature, passengers get the advantage of making quick changes in their flight schedules. Here are the quick steps that a flyer can take after fetching the flight details through Manage Booking. 

  • Choose the “Korean Air Change Flight” option from the list.
  • Now, enter the new date or destination. 
  • Select the new flight from the available options. 
  • Pay for any fare differences to complete the change flight process.

Thus, passengers can handle their booking easily with the My Trips feature. 

Upgrade Your Class for More Comfort 

Another useful feature of Korean Air Manage Trips is that travelers get to purchase the seat upgrade even after booking. On international routes, economy flex and prestige plus fares are eligible for seat upgrades. On the other hand, only Economy Flex fares are eligible for upgrade on domestic routes. 

  • Access the flight details through the My Trips section.
  • Now, choose the seat upgrade option.
  • After that, travelers should select the seat they want to get the upgrade. 
  • Now, pay the upgrade charges with cash or miles. 
  • After the payment, travelers will receive the updated e-ticket at their email address. 

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Cancel Your Flight With a Few Clicks

If you want to cancel your Korean Air flight booking, then the easiest way is to utilize the My Trips feature. As per the Korean Air Cancellation Policy, travelers can cancel the booking for free within 24 hours of booking. However, the flight departure should be seven days ahead. Thus, for sudden cancellations, the Manage Booking feature becomes handy. 

Also, while canceling the ticket, the feature shows the refund amount going to be credited back to the account. Thus, travelers will have clarity about the cancellation refund. 

Make Quick Corrections in Passenger Details

It is compulsory to fly with the right name on the ticket. Thus, with the help of the Korean Air Manage Booking tool, flyers can make corrections in the name of the passengers. However, flyers have to adhere to the name change policy of the Korean Air. Also, they can update the contact details later through it. Updating the contact information helps in receiving all the updates regarding the flight. 

Save Time by Adding Baggage In-Advance 

Passengers can save time at the airport by pre-paying for their extra baggage. Korean Air allows the pre-purchase of only three bags on international flights. The airline provides passengers a chance to add their baggage by logging into the official website. They can follow these easy steps. 

  • Firstly, access the trip through the Manage Booking feature.
  • Now, after retrieving the details, select the “Purchase Baggage” option.
  • Enter the number of pieces.
  • According to the route and fare, the extra baggage charges will appear on the screen.
  • Pay the additional baggage fee.
  • Your ticket will reflect the updated baggage allowance.

Travelers must keep a check on the baggage’s weight and size to avoid extra charges. Before you add more baggage to your booking, reading the Korean Air Baggage Allowance is recommended.

Get your Favorite Seats In-Advance 

If the traveler does not select their seats at the time of booking, they can do it later with the help of the Manage Booking feature. There are three types of seats on Korean Air – First, Prestige, and Economy. The First and Prestige class fare holders can reserve their seats in advance up to 24 hours before the departure of the flight. On the other hand, Economy passengers can pick their seats up to 48 hours before departure. Selecting the seat is easier with the Manage Trips. Passengers have to access their trip first and have to choose the “Select Seat” option. 

The available seats in the seating class will appear on the seat map. They can choose the desired seat and pay the fees as per the fare rules. 

Priority Web Check-in 

Korean Air offers an automated check-in service to its passengers. However, passengers can also utilize the online check-in facility. Korean Air allows passengers to check in 24 hours to up to 1 hour before scheduled departure for flights to the US and Canada. 

Thus, passengers can fetch the details via Manage My Trips and click on the check-in button once the window opens. However, travelers requiring special services cannot do web check-in.

Claim for Your Refund 

By using the manage my booking feature, passengers can raise a request for a refund against their canceled booking. The airline approves the refund form and then starts the refund process. 

Stay Informed About the Flight

After booking the flight, passengers can use the Manage My Booking feature on Korean Air to stay informed about all the events associated with the flight. After accessing the trip details, flyers should select the “Flight Status” option. The pop-up window will inform about the delays or rescheduling of the flight. Travelers will also get information regarding any changes in the flight route. 

Alternative Ways to Manage Your Korean Air Booking 

Many passengers do not feel comfortable using the official website and doing it on their own. They can use different methods where the airline will provide an executive to assist them and book or change service on their behalf. These methods include phone calls, email support, a help center, and social media. 

Request Changes By Sending An Email To Korean Air

Passengers can write a mail to the support team and mention all the details and what service they want to add or change. The team will respond to the mail as soon as they receive it.

Manage Booking Over A Phone Call

Korean Air has a helpline number where passengers can speak to a live person and request them to add or remove a service. The airline support team will guide and offer the service that passengers have asked for. For more details, check our guide on How Do I Speak To A Live Person At Korean Air?

Via Korean Air’s Social Media Platforms 

Another way to connect to Korean Air for your trip is via social media platforms. Korean Air is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, these are less reliable ways of resolving flight concerns compared to other means.

Will Korean Air Charge Fees To Manage Bookings Online?

Korean Air does not charge any extra service fee for using the Manage Booking feature. On the contrary, you have to pay only for the services that you are adding to your itinerary. For example, if you select a seat online via Manage Booking, then you have to pay the seat selection fee plus taxes. The invoice does not include any Manage Booking fees. Therefore, there are no additional charges for using the Manage Booking feature.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I handle my flight booking on Korean Air?

Yes, you can use the manage booking feature through the official website and can add or remove any of the services. After making the changes, you will quickly get an update about your new itinerary.

How to check my flight status through My Trips on Korean Air? 

Passengers can check their flight status in advance before arriving at the airport by mentioning the flight details using the manage my booking option. Passengers can plan their arrival at the airport accordingly. 

When can I check in through the Manage Booking option on Korean Air?

You can check in online in advance before reaching the airport from 24 hours to 60 minutes before departure. 

What is the benefit of using the manage booking on Korean Air?

There are many advantages of using Manage My Booking, as passengers can save time by following a process online and can add more baggage, web check-in, upgrade their class, and seat selection, and much more.

How to cancel a Korean Air flight?

Passengers can cancel their flight tickets by using the Manage My Booking section on Korean Air. They can also call the airline’s executive and request to cancel the reservation.

Can I book a meal via My Trips on Korean Air?

Yes, passengers can add their favorite meal in advance through the manage my booking feature of Korean Air. The facility is available for all three seats i.e., First, Prestige, and Economy. 

How can I update passenger contact details after flight booking?

If you want to update passenger contact details after confirming your reservation with Korean Air, then you have to fetch your booking via My Trips. Under it, you can choose the edit passenger details option to make necessary changes. 

Can I pre-purchase baggage on Korean Air?

Yes, you can purchase additional baggage in addition to your standard baggage allowance before flight departure. You can add and pay for it via Korean Air My Trips or call the executive for assistance. 

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