Etihad Airways First Class – Suite, Benefits, Cost [2024 Guide]

Etihad Airways First Class

Passengers fly for hours on a flight to reach their destination in various classes according to their budget. Therefore, the airline offers extensive services for all their passengers. Although one of the best categories, Etihad Airways First Class experience is out of the world. They provide top-notch services, spacious seats that convert into flat-lie beds, delicious meals, and complimentary drinks. It comes with a high price, but the time spent during the flight on Etihad Airways First Class is a lifetime memory. Know more about the benefits.

Etihad Airways First Class Booking Guide

Etihad Airways First Class – An Overview

When passengers book a ticket for First Class, there are various services that the airline provides before even arriving at the airport. The airline introduced the Residence cabin, a private 3-room suite in 2014, and First Class suites.

There are two types of First Class cabins, according to the aircraft.

Apartment A380 First Class

This First Class is called the first apartment, as it is more than a seat. It has complete privacy with closing doors, a bench that folds into an 81-inch-long bed, and a leather chair. The cabin even has a space for passengers to walk around. There are nine apartments, of which five are on the right and left sides, and there are four residence cabins.

Residence Cabin

These are luxurious three-room suites in the sky, designed for up to two guests. This Etihad Airways First Class suite includes an ensuite shower, a private bedroom, and a living area. It offers like the vacation has started on the aircraft itself with various services:

  • Dine separately in your separate living area
  • Have a sound sleep on a double bed.
  • Enjoy a warm and soothing shower in your private ensuite.
  • Get complimentary WIFI with unlimited shows, movies, and games.
  • Premium services by the staff.

First Class Suite

Passengers, while traveling on Etihad Airways First Class suite experience feels like they are in some other universe. It includes closed doors for privacy with a Poltrona Frau leather seat and temper lightning. Each suite has a private wardrobe and drinks cabinets.

Features and Benefits Offered On Etihad’s First Class

From comfortable seats to unmatched inflight entertainment, here’s a quick look at the benefits one can get when flying First Class with Etihad Airways.

Food and drinks

Etihad First Class meals have a wide variety of options from an a la carte menu that the chef freshly prepares in the kitchen. Along with the divine food, enjoy the world’s finest wines handpicked by the sommeliers of Etihad.


Passengers enjoy entertainment with noise cancelation headphones with over 750 hours of the latest movies, shows, music, and games. Therefore, Etihad WIFI connectivity offers in-flight phone and internet access.

Seat Specifications

Etihad First Class seats are very comfortable and spacious with leather fabric. While sleeping, residence cabins have a soft mattress, a duvet, cotton sheets, and pillows that ensure a relaxing sleep. The First Class seats offer 80 inches of legroom and 26 inches of seat width.

Amenities Kit Offered In Etihad First Class

The amenity kit is by Acqua di Parma that contains some of the essential items:

Etihad Airways Amenity Kit
  • Colonia lip balm
  • Body lotion
  • Cologne
  • Eye mask
  • Socks
  • Dental kits
  • Pys and slippers

First Class Benefits Aren’t Limited To Onboard Services

Being an Etihad First Class passenger is like feeling like a king on that journey. The airline offers various services to their passengers from the doorstep to the destination. Some of the benefits are:


Etihad has a unique facility of picking up passengers from their location to drop them at the airport and from the destination airport to their place. Our drivers are well-trained and follow the rules and regulations of each country.

Airport lounge

The Etihad Airways First Class offers complimentary lounge access for passengers with a great fresh fruit selection, smoothies, salads, muffins, complimentary drinks, wines, and many more. Therefore, one can enjoy a pampering spa treatment session at the Six Sense Spa.

Direct check-In and boarding

Passengers do not have to stand in a queue to check in for the flight. First Class passengers have a separate counter for their direct check-in and do not have to wait and get a fast-track pass for the US pre-check. The passengers have a direct passage to board the flight at the earliest and settle down on their seats while enjoying their flight experience.

Baggage Allowance

Etihad First Class has a baggage allowance for carry-on baggage of 2 bags with a combined weight of 12 kg with a size dimension of 22*14.2*9 inches. And for checked baggage, get an allowance of 50 kg with a dimension of 90*72*45cm. For more details, travelers are recommended to check the Etihad Airways Baggage Policy.

Routes on which Etihad Airways First Class operates 

Etihad travels to almost every country in the world. Hence, First Class cabins come majorly for long-haul international flights. After claiming a loss of a billion million, the airline has discontinued its First Class in various cities.

However, some of the routes where First Class operates:

routes where etihad airways first class flights operates
  • Abu Dhabi to New York
  • Abu Dhabi to London
  • Abu Dhabi to Paris
  • Abu Dhabi to Sydney
  • Abu Dhabi to Seoul

Etihad First Class suite price for one-way from Abu Dhabi to New York would cost around $16000; passengers should use miles while booking the tickets. It will provide them with great deals and other benefits.

How To Book A First Class Ticket With Etihad Airways?

Nowadays, booking a flight has become effortless with a few clicks or by calling at reservation department and making a booking. Etihad Airways also offers easy steps to book a ticket.

Online Process For First Class Bookings

1. Log in to the Etihad Airways website, or if you have an account on the app, log in to your account.

2. In the booking section, mention the departure date and time with the destination.

3. Select a flight option such as a round-trip, one-way, or multi-city trip.

4. Enter departure and return dates along with the number of passengers traveling.

5. On the page, many flights will be displayed with their prices and classes.

6. Choose the following things: date, time, destination, and class type.

7. Once you choose the desired flight, enter your details.

8. And start with the payment option.

9. Completing the transaction, the passenger will receive the confirmation mail on your registered email address.

Once you have booked your First Class ticket, you can make changes to your reservation through the Etihad Airways Manage Booking facility.

First Class Tickets Can Be Reserved via Phone Call As Well

Passengers who are not comfortable online can contact the reservation department of Etihad Airways for their concerns. The executive will guide the passengers with flight booking.

  • For making a reservation, ask an executive to book the flight.
  • He would ask you about the destination, date, time, and cabin class
  • Once the passenger shares their preference about the flight details.
  • A list of flights will be offered to them to choose the flight.
  • After confirming the flight, an executive would ask for payment for the flight.
  • As soon as payment is completed, a confirmation mail will be sent to your address.

Booking Through Miles on Etihad Airways First Class

Etihad Airways have several partner airlines, which means passengers can use miles while booking the ticket. One of the best redemption options is to use American Airlines AAdvantage miles which can lead to booking an Etihad First Class apartment.  

  • For booking the most straightforward way, there is an Etihad own frequent flyer program Etihad Guest to book the tickets.
  • With American Airlines’ frequent program also, passengers can book tickets on Etihad First Class.
  • The cheapest way to book Etihad First Class tickets is from Asiana’s frequent flyer program.
  • A Korean air excellent flyer program SkyPass also offers to book Etihad First Class.

To check the Etihad Airways awards while booking the ticket through the official website of the airline.

  • Visit the Etihad Airways official website
  • Select the route, date, and class of service
  • Find the miles in your account and check how many are wanted to book the flight.
  • After confirming the details, pay for the booking while using miles.
  • Once the completion of the process, a confirmation mail will be sent to the mail address.

Number of Miles required for Booking in Etihad First Class

  • US to the Middle East- 115,000 miles
  • Europe to the Middle East- 62,500 miles
  • Australia to the Middle East- 100,000 miles
  • Asia 1 to the Middle East- 50,000 miles

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Etihad Airways First Class worth it?

Etihad First Class is undoubtedly worth it, as the First Class category’s services and benefits are beyond luxury—a private 3-room apartment between the clouds with wonderful amenities and priority airport services. Yes, it is the most expensive class, but after availing of the services and hospitality, the ticket price seems nominal.

Which is the most convenient route for traveling with Etihad Airways First Class?

Passengers who want to enjoy the First Class experience for a longer time and make it worth the money. Try to book seats for long-haul flights from Abu Dhabi to New York, Los Angeles, Washington, and London. Therefore, there are many more regions also where the airline operates.

How to collect enough miles for Etihad award tickets?

There are many ways passengers can collect miles for a booking on Etihad with miles:

  • One can transfer their Marriott rewards hotel points to the frequent flyer program.
  • Passengers can boost their credit card spending, as many flyer programs are partnered with credit card rewards programs.
  • Every time a passenger flies with American Airlines, the points keep getting collected, so keep flying and earn the miles to book Etihad First Class.

How much does an Etihad First Class seat cost?

The price of an Etihad First Class seat depends upon the destination, and the price starts in the range of $20,000, depending upon the aircraft and First Class type.

Does Etihad First Class have a shower?

Yes, an ensuite shower is in the private 3-room apartment of an Etihad First Class category, including a private bedroom and a living room.

How much baggage allowance is there in Etihad First Class?

When flying First Class with Etihad Airways, passengers can check in up to 50 kg of baggage and carry on two bags, each with a maximum weight of 12 kg.

On which routes does Etihad First Class operate?

The First Class category with apartments and suites on Etihad is available mainly on long-haul international flights. It includes New York, Sydney, Australia, Europe, and Korea.

What is the specification of First Class on A380 Etihad aircraft?

This First Class is called the first apartment, as it is more than a seat. It has complete privacy with closing doors, a bench that folds into an 81-inch-long bed, and a leather chair. The cabin even has a space for passengers to walk around. There are nine apartments, of which five are on the right and left sides, and there are four residence cabins.

Do passengers get lounge access on Etihad Airways First Class?

Etihad’s First Class passengers can enjoy complimentary access to the lounge, where they can indulge in various food options and drinks. The lounge offers exceptional services like a fine dining restaurant, providing cuisine options catering to every passenger’s preference.

What are the amenities offered in Etihad Airways First Class?

The amenity kit available to First Class passengers is from Aqua di Parma, including lip balm, body lotion, eye mask, socks, dental kit, and even slippers and pajamas while sleeping.

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