Japan Airlines First Class – Seats, Benefits, and More [2024 Guide]

Japan Airlines First Class

Are you looking for ultra-luxurious travel that is too above the clouds? Japan Airlines First Class offers you to taste Japanese hospitality on board—a super luxurious and oversized bed to feel the warmth even when sailing in clouds. A Japanese food cuisine by some celebrity chef that can easily blow your mind. However, these first-class seats are limited to only some long-haul flights but are still enough. In the article, you will witness a complete in-flight experience of traveling in Jal Airlines First Class. 

Japan Airlines First Class Guide

Japan Airlines First Class – An Overview

Japan Airlines First Class is known for its Ulta-rich experience. The most premium seating, although with no doors but feels wholly private, and a decadent dining experience with Japan’s best chef serving you will surely take away your attention. The Cabins offer ample storage, some great amenity kits, and a skincare kit by Shiseido. However, the seat will not grab your attention at first sight as it is not as fancy as the Emirates, but it will surely blow your mind with its comfort level.

Benefits First Class Passengers Can Enjoy Before Boarding

The First Class experience begins even before you board the plane. From access to world-class Lounges to a special check-in counter, here’s a quick look at the onboard perks you can get when flying First Class

Lounge Access

Before enjoying the service in the clouds, look around at some of the best mesmerizing lounges in the airports. Passengers traveling in Jal First Class have free access to the Lounge. If you are traveling from Tokyo, Japan, then you can also have a look around at Japan Airlines First Class Lounges at the Haneda and Narita Airport. Don’t forget to try its signature made-to-order sushi bar. However, you can order the food of your choice available on their menu. These Lounges also offer you a showering area and a bed to get yourself relax.

A Special Check-in Counter

Every airport has a special check-in counter for all their First Class Passengers. Here Japan Airlines First Class enjoys the benefits of boarding in Group 1, together with members of JMB Diamond and JGC Premier.

Priority Baggage Service

Japan Airlines First Class Baggage Allowance is complimentary for up to 45kg of check-in luggage (32 kilograms each). Also, they deliver the baggage for the first class passengers as their first priority. 

Priority Boarding

Japan Airlines First Class comes under Group 1, So they always enjoy priority boarding. Japanese Airlines also has an utterly astonishing ritual of bowing all their passengers for their safe journey while standing at the gate.

Onboard Services Japan Airlines Offers In First Class

When flying First Class with Japan Airlines, passengers can expect unmatched premium services. Here’s a quick look at the First Class suite, seats, menu, inflight entertainment, and more.

Japan Airlines On Board Services

First Class Suite – Seat Specifications

Jal Suite is usually available on long-haul flights, which include the country of Europe and America. Step to indulge yourself in warmth and make yourself at home even when sailing high above the clouds. The Seat width between the armrest is approximately 58cm, and the maximum bed width and length are 84cm and 199cm, respectively. 

A peaceful sanctuary and the seat woodgrain interior with special functions will make you forget everything and add a sense of luxury to the sky. The woodgrain interior denotes the feeling of an in-home library, with the furniture smartly placed in subdued tones. 

Jal First Class offers ample storage for your in-hand baggage, and everything like storage compartments, in-flight entertainment, the controller, and reading lights are consoled. For sleeping, Jal offers an Airweave Dual Mode sheet with an Airweave S-Line pillow which provides an ideal posture for the waist. Although Jal First Class does not offer doors in its seats, it still makes you feel private with its retractable privacy partition.

Meals Offered In First Class Travel – BEDD Sky Auberge

If you are traveling from Jal Airlines First Class, then you might not find the seat attractive, but you will taste world-class food prepared by their highly-skilled chefs. JAL’s dining service is called “BEDD Sky Auberge,” with Japanese and Western menus. It’s an exclusive restaurant in the sky that serves the most expensive wine, i.e., Champagne Salon (only available for outbound flights from Japan) and Billecart Salmon-Cuvée Nicolas François (only available for inbound flights to Japan) and many more best wines in the world.

Amenity Kits Come In Handy On Long-Haul Flights

Jal First Class offers its passengers a Premium Amenity Kit, which includes earplugs, mouthwash, a brush, a moisturizer, lip balm, eyemasks, tissues, a facemask, and a toothbrush. They also provide personal skincare for both men and women by Shiseido.

To ensure that your every flight is the most comfortable, Jal also offers to wear a comfy outfit at night, which is eco-friendly & considerate. These comfortable wears are made up of 100% organic cotton fabric in collaboration with “Nendo,” a Japanese brand, and the organic cotton is certified under the Global Organic Textile Standards. Also, on your outfit, you can see a red tag on the hem, a Tsurumaru JAL Logo denoting the time-honored simple minimalist origami motif.

MAGIC, Japan Airlines’ Inflight Entertainment System

You get a personal screen of 23 inches onboard that offers a wide range of choices from movies, Jal original video programs, audio songs from the latest to all comic storytelling performances, and news from all over the world, and to test your game skills, have a game against Mahjong, Go, and Shogi. You will be given a controller with an LCD touch panel to access all these features on your screen. For the sound, the airlines provide headphones, i.e., Bose Quiet Comfort 25 noise-canceling headphones that also offer ear comfort.

First Aid Kits

Jal Airlines provides some First Aid Kit in case of sickness. They have medicines like motion sickness medicine, bandages, thermometer, analgesics, rhinitis healing spray, etc. Jal offers a Green bamboo massage stick if your feet are tired or swollen. It will amaze you with its quick soothing properties. Jal also offers Postcards and a Pen upon request. 

How To Book A Japan Airlines First-Class Ticket?

You can easily book a ticket for Japan Airlines First Class. All you need is to go through the procedure.

Online Booking Process For First Class

1. Visit the Japan Airlines website.

2. Go to Book Flight.

3. Select the destination, date, and the number of passengers traveling.

4. In the class section, select the First Class.

5. Click on Search Flight, and choose the flight you prefer from the list of flights.

6. Click on Continue as guest. If you are a JMB member, then log into your account.

7. Fill in the details of the passengers, then click continue.

8. Now select the service mentioned on the website and choose your seat.

9. Lastly, make the payment.

10. Then the airline will send you a confirmation mail regarding the flight status and booking. 

To upgrade your flight to First Class, you use the Japan Airlines Manage Booking facility.

First Class Bookings via Phone Call

  • Dial 0570-025-121 or 03-6733-3062 to book your ticket.
  • The timing of booking the ticket is 8:00 am. to 7:00 pm. (Japan Time) daily.
  • For the member of Jal Mileage Bank, the timings are Monday – Saturday, 9:30 am. To 5:30 pm. (Japan Time). Also, they are closed on public holidays.
  • After calling, the representative will ask you for all the details of the destination, date, and number of travelers.
  • Ask them to choose a seat in the First class. 
  • If you are a member of Plus Mileage Bank, then provide your membership id.
  • Then you need to provide all the details of the passengers and select the seats.
  • Lastly, pay for the charges.
  • The Jal Airline Representative will send you a confirmation mail of your flight booking.

How Much Does Flying First Class With Japan Airlines Cost?

Japan Airlines First Class Cost

Japan Airlines First Class Tickets are only available for some long-haul flights with limited flying routes, and these are the most premium flight that Jal Airlines offers with all its premium amenities, so these flights are pretty expensive. However, the price of First Class varies depending upon the destination, travel date. Therefore, to know the price, you can visit the official website of Japan Airlines and can get the best deal. Also, you can book your ticket using the miles to get a fair value.

Miles’ idea for different Airlines for a one-way trip from North America to Tokyo, Japan 

  • Japan Airlines  – 70,000 Miles
  • American Airlines – 80,000 Miles
  • British Airways – 103000 Avios
  • Cathay Pacific – 120000 Miles

Japan Airlines First Class Is Available On Selected Routes

Japan Airlines First Class Route is limited; this suite is only available on their Boeing 777 long-haul flights. 

Some of the domestic routes offered by Jal Airlines First Class are:

  • Tokyo (Haneda) – Osaka (Itami)
  • Tokyo (Haneda) – Sapporo (New Chitose)
  • Tokyo (Haneda) – Fukuoka
  • Tokyo (Haneda) – Okinawa (Naha)
  • Tokyo (Haneda) – Ishigaki *Limited time
  • Osaka (Itami) – Okinawa (Naha)
  • Tokyo (Haneda) – Hiroshima
  • Tokyo (Haneda) – Kagoshima

Some of the international inbound and outbound routes offered by Jal Airlines First Class are:

  • Tokyo to New York
  • Tokyo to Chicago
  • Tokyo to Los Angeles
  • Tokyo to San Francisco
  • Tokyo to London 
  • Tokyo to Paris

How Does Japan Airlines First Class Fare Against Business Class?

Japan Airlines First Class passengers get a more personalized experience than the Business Class. First Class serves you one of the world’s best and most expensive wines, and the food quality you receive is also top-notch and made by some celebrity chefs. The amenity kit offered in first class is from Shiseido, and the Pajamas provided are also made from 100% organic cotton fabric, making you feel comfortable. Jal First Class also offers various types of mattresses for sleep and relaxation. The First Class only accommodates eight passengers in a single cabin with two dedicated cabin crews. The seats are more spacious and elegant, making you feel at home in the sky. Also, if you are traveling from Tokyo, then you can experience the facilities of Jal Airlines Lounges, which features a premium made-to-order sushi bar.

While traveling in Business class, it does offer the best facilities but not as premium as First Class.  

Is Japan Airlines First Class worth it?

Traveling in Japan Airlines First Class will never regret you when it comes to luxury in travel. The tickets are pretty expensive but definitely worth it. You may not find the seat attractive at first sight, but the delicacies and the Japanese hospitality will surely take your breath away. If you are a fan of wine, then you surely need to give it a try as the first class offers the best and the most expensive wine in the world, i.e., Champagne Salon. Lastly, if you always put food, amenities, priority boarding, and wines on top, you must give it a go and experience the best travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the seat size in Japan Airlines First Class?

The first-class seats on Jal Airlines are spacious with ample storage compartments, and the seat width between the armest is 58cm, the maximum bed width is 84cm, and the length is 199 cm. 

What is Japan Airlines First Class?

The First class cabins in Japan Airlines, known as Jal Suite provide immense luxury to all its passengers. The First Class offers some excellent onboard service with superb food and drinks. The seats are elegant and spacious, but these first-class seats are only offered on a few long-haul flights.

Do Japan Airlines First Class passengers get access to the lounge?

Yes, traveling in First Class will give you access to Japan Airlines’ dedicated Tokyo lounge or Oneworld Partnership Lounge.

What are the wines served in Jal First Class?

Jal First Class offers you one of the most expensive and premium wines, i.e., Champagne Salon 2013. The others wine that Jal offers is Billecart Salmon-Cuvée Nicolas François 2008, Península Vino Atlántico 2018, Chateau Lagrange 2017, Japanese Rice Wines, and Shochu. 

How many bags can we check in Japan Airlines First Class?

On Japan Airlines, first-class passengers can check in up to 45kg of baggage with 32 kilograms each.

What are amenities offered in Jal First Class?

Jal First Class offers a premium amenity kit that includes earplugs, mouthwash, a brush, a moisturizer, lip balm, eyemasks, tissues, a facemask, and a toothbrush. They also provide personal skincare for both men and women by Shiseido. Jal offers a comfy outfit to wear that is made of 100% organic fabric cotton.

What is in-flight entertainment offered in first class?

Jal Airlines first class offers a big screen on which you can watch movies, and Jal original videos, listen to audio songs and play games. They offer a touchscreen remote for control, and for earphones, they have a Bose quiet comfort 25 noise-canceling headphones.

Which partnership company redeems miles to book Japan Airlines First Class Ticket?

There are many company which has a partnership with the Oneworld program. Some company plans that redeem your miles while booking in Japan’s First Class are American Airlines AAdvantage, British Airways Avios, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, Alaska Mileage Bank, etc.

Is food served on Japan Airlines First Class?

Yes, Japan First Class offers food from one of the most luxurious restaurants in the world, i.e.,  JAL BEDD. They provide the choice between the Western and the Japanese menu.

What does Japan Airlines First Class include?

The First class offers immense luxury, including priority check-in & baggage service, lounge access, in-flight drinks, meals, entertainment, personalized service, and a flat-lie bed for relaxing.

Which aircraft in Japan Airlines offers First Class?

First Class seats are only available on long-haul flights, and the routes are also very limited. The aircraft which has first class is Boeing 777.

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