How To Do Seat Selection For British Airways Flights?

British Airways Seat Selection

Suppose you have a booking with British Airways and want to select a seat. What will you do? You should visit the official website of the airline and find the steps to choose a seat of your choice. It might become clumsy or chaotic for you to find the easy steps to select a seat on Airways. To ease your understanding, you will get a guide here. The guide will help you to figure out the steps for British Airways Seat Selection. So, let’s cover all the respective aspects of the British Airways Seat Selection. The article will cover the selection fee, undertaking steps, seat specifications, etc.

Before heading for the steps to make seat selection on British Airways, it is important to go through the policy for seat selection the airline offers. 

British Airways Seat Selection

British Airways Seat Selection Guidelines Varies With Fares

There are a few rules or norms that you have to follow to select a seat on British Airways. However, for a detailed understanding, you must refer to the official website of British Airways. 

  • If there is the availability of an extra vacant seat, then you can make a choice and select a seat. British Airways allows you to choose a seat of your wish if found empty. 
  • Moreover, irrespective of the basic fares issued by British Airways can be picked up or changed at any time.  
  • With the help of basic fares, you are free to choose a seat at the time of check-in or booking. If the seat allotment is by the airline, you have no right to choose. 
  • However, if the fare difference is lower, the airline will not refund you. If the fare difference is high, you must pay some extra. 
  • The bulkhead seats are available for passengers having disabilities or passenger traveling with an infant. So you can choose these seats. Except for such seats, you have the accessibility to choose any. 
  • You can only choose the seat if there is an availability of a vacant seat on the flight. British Airways might provide you with paid seat option. You can choose it at your convenience. 

Now, you are aware of the criteria you must follow before choosing a seat on British Airways. Let’s hop on to the steps to British Airways Seat Selection. 

How To Select a Seat On British Airways?

You can select a seat of your choice on British Airways in two ways. You can either opt for an online mode of the selection process through British Airways Manage Booking or an offline means to select a seat. The choice to select any means is up to you at your convenience. 

Online Seat Selection through Manage Booking

British Airways Online Seat Selection Process

1. First, visit the British Airways website and then log in to the website. 

2. Now click on the ‘Manage My Booking’ option. 

3. After that, enter your details like reference number and passenger’s surname. 

4. Once done entering the details, click on the booking detail option and select the flight of your choice. 

5. Select the seating icon on the page and click View or change the seat for flight options. 

6. After that, choose the seat of your choice and click on the continue option. 

7. In the end, proceed with the payment, if any, and click on the submit or finish option. 

Request Preferred Seat Directly At The Airport

You can choose the offline mode to pay for your chosen seat. All you have to do is visit the airport and go to the Airways counter. Ask them for help and follow the instructions. You can proceed with the payment with a credit and debit card. There are many airports from where British Airways operate. 

Will British Airways Charge You A Seat Selection Fee?

If the seat selection on British Airways for free or costs charge depends on the type of ticket you buy, personal circumstances, and class of travel. If you buy a basic ticket for economy class, you can get a seat for free. With a basic ticket, you go for the following;

  • You can select a seat before check-in opens by paying a certain amount. 
  • The airline will allocate you a seat for free, and you can change it after check-in by paying the required charges. The choices will be limited.

Let’s check whether you fall under mentioned categories or not;

First Cabin Seat

Suppose you are traveling in the first cabin. The seat is free in the first cabin. It is free at the time of booking. During the flight booking process, simply select your preferred seat. 

Executive Club Member 

After becoming a member of an executive club and a frequent flyer, you can select a seat at various stages depending on the tiers. These benefits will apply if you travel by booking with British Airways. All these perks are available only on British Airways. 

TierSeat Selection
Gold/EmeraldFree seat selection while booking.
Silver/SaphireFree seat selection, excluding exit row seats on long-haul flights.
Bronze/RubyFree seat selection, excluding exit row seats.
Blue Free seat selection 24 hours before departure. 
Seating Options For Executive Club Members

Flexible Tickets

You can easily change the date and time if the ticket is flexible. These tickets also include free seat selections. 

  • Flexible tickets allow you to choose seats for free at the time of booking. 
  • Semi-flexible tickets allow you to choose seats for free from 48 hours before departure. 

British Airways Family-Seating Option

  • If you want the best choice of seat, it is important to ensure your family sits together. It is better to book a seat in advance.
  • If you can’t book a seat in advance, the airline will do it for you. The airlines will make sure to make you and your family sit together. A child younger than 12 can sit next to any adult in the family, whereas a child above 12 years old will be considered an adult and can sit alone. 
  • Seat selection is free if you travel with an infant on board. You can choose a seat of your choice that too for free. 

Disability Assistance

There is no charge for paying for specific seating requirements for any disabled passenger. You can often choose your seat on the ‘Manage My Booking’ page. You need to follow a few steps;

  • You have to book a flight. 
  • Before 48 hours of departure, make sure you share all your details with the airlines. Go to the ‘Manage My Booking’ page and search for the ‘Seating’ option. Follow the flight details. 
  • Select the type of seat you want and for more details contact the customer service provider of British Airways. 

Seat Selection For Group Bookings

British Airways Seat Selection For Group Booking

The airline allocates the seat without charge if you travel in a group. If you choose to travel with your group, the airlines can’t guarantee to provide you with seats altogether. You must contact the flight attendant to ensure that your group is sitting together. If not found, you must pay in advance for it while booking.

Seat Selection Fee Charged By British Airways

The charges for the seat on British Airways depend on the class of travel, route, or the type of seat you choose, having legroom space, etc. However, British Airways has removed the list of charges from its official website for some internal issues. When the guidelines were present on the website, the costs were one way. These charges can be higher if British Airways updates the list of charges. All these charges come under the British Airways Seat Selection policy. 

Euro Traveller7 Euros (Economy short haul)
World traveler20 Euros (Economy Long Haul), 30 Euros 
World traveler plus18 Euros (Premium economy long haul)
Club Europe14 Euros (Business class long haul)
Club world62 Euros 
British Airways Seat Selection Fee
  • Notably, the first-time seat selection at the time of booking is free of cost.  
  • The charges for economy class can reach 70 Euros or more than that if the flight you are traveling is on the route from London to Los Angeles. 
  • You have the option to pay for the seat you are in advance at the time of booking. The seat prices vary depending on the type of seat and the type of cabin you are traveling in. You can check the seat prices on the Airlines ‘Manage My Booking’ page. 
  • You can use Avios to pay for the seat selection. The executive club members of British Airways can use Avios to make payments for seat selection. You can make the payment in full or in parts. 
  • On British Airways, you can change your seat after booking. If you choose a lower price seat after booking, Airways will not refund the fare difference. If the chosen seat price is higher than the already booked seat, you have to pay the fare difference. 

What Are The Terms And Conditions For Paid Seats?

There is no guarantee that a passenger shall get their desired paid seat when flying with British Airways. Read more to know about the terms and conditions for paid seats.

Availability Conditions

  • The paid seating depends on availability and is confirmed after payment is made. 
  • Payable seating is available on British Airways on mainline flights and other flights operated by British Airways. 
  • You can get paid seating service on British Airways Franchises, but it will vary from terms and conditions. It is suggested to book a flight ticket with British Airways franchise airlines having relevant terms and conditions. 
  • Paid seating may not be available on codeshare flights. 
  • Paid seating service will be only available for groups of travelers by booking with British Airways. 
  • Passengers traveling on a cruise without a ticket number confirmation cannot select a seat.   

Seat Changements 

  • On British Airways and other operated flights, you are subject to change your seat. If you change your seat to a lower price seat, the airline will not pay you the difference in fare. Whereas, if you change your seat to high price seat, you will have to pay the fare difference. 
  • You are not subject to change paid seating on British-operated flights, which is marked by other carriers. 
  • The paid seating might change or is not fixed, as it could be changed due to some operational issues, safety purposes, etc. 
  • If the airline changes your seat in an attempt to find the best alternative, but you don’t find it worth it. You can apply for a refund of the fare.  
  • Paid seating is not transferable to any person. 

Refund Eligibility For Selected Seats

1. Paid seating doesn’t come under refundable criteria. It will only be done if;

  • If the airlines change your seat and you are not comfortable with the seat, you can apply for a refund. 
  • If the airline cancels your flight, you can get a refund. 
  • If you paid for the upgraded cabin and didn’t get to sit, you are eligible to get a refund. 

2. According to British Airways Seat Selection policy, you will not receive a refund if;

  • You cancel your flight.
  • If the flight is involuntarily upgraded, you are ineligible to receive a refund. 
  • You are uncomfortable sitting on the seat you have chosen. 

3. Under the British Airways Seat Selection policy type, on British Airways-operated flights, if you choose to change the flight. You are subject to booking for the same seat type. If you don’t get the same type of seat on a different flight, then you can choose the sum of previously paid seats. You will receive no refund here. 

4. If you choose to fly on a different flight, which is marketed by other carriers, you cannot choose an equivalent seat and will not get any refund. 

5. You have 30 days to apply for a refund. You need to submit the refund application using the seating refund form on the official website. It cannot be done offline or at the airport. 

6. The refund will be made on the credit card used to pay for the seat. You can go through the British Airways Seat Selection policy to better understand the credit card payment. 

Seat Specifications – Legroom, Width, Types Of Seats

Here, you will know the width, pitch, and type of seats on various class tickets. Let’s look for Economy, Premium Economy, and Business classes for Widebody jets and Narrowbody jets. 

Widebody Jets 

  • Economy Class: For economy class, the seat pitch is 31 inches. On the other hand, the seat width relies on between 17 to 18. The type of seat you will get to find here is standard. 
  • Premium Economy: The seat pitch here will be 38 inches, whereas the width will be 18.5. The type of seat you will find here will be a recliner. 
  • Business Class: The seat pitch varies between 72 to 73 inches, whereas the seat width will be 20 inches. The seat type here is a flatbed. 
  • First Class: The seat pitch will be 73, 78, and 79 inches. On the other hand, the seat width will range from 22 to 27 inches. The seat type here will be closed and open suites.  

Narrowbody Jets

  • Economy Class: The seat pitch here will be from 29 to 34 inches, and the width will range from 17 to 18. The type of seat you will find here is standard. 
  • Business Class: The seat pitch will range between 30-45-70, and the seat width will range between 17-18-20-26. The seat type you will get here is standard and flatbed.  

Refer to the table for a better understanding of the seat specifications. 

EconomyPremium EconomyBusiness
Travel Cabin:World traveler, Euro travelerWorld traveler plusClub Europe, Club World
Seat Dimension:17-18 inches18.5 inches18-22 inches
Armrests:partial, full bend, & detachableFixed & undetachableFixed & undetachable
British Airways Seat Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I pick a seat on British Airways?

Yes, you have permission to pick a seat on British Airways. If vacant seats are available on the flight, you can choose them. However, if no seats are available, you cannot pick the seat as per your choice. 

How can one choose a British Airways seat booked through American Airlines?

First, you have to access your reservation by visiting the official website of American Airlines. After this, download all your reservation details from the ‘Reservation Details’ page. Once you have collected all your reservation details from the ‘My Reservation’ section, look for the ‘Choose Seat’ option. Here look specifically for the British Airways seat. 

What is the meaning of American Airlines operated by British Airways?

American Airlines and British Airways work in partnership on the routes from the UK to the USA.  British Airways flights consist of American Airlines numbers, and similarly does the American Airlines of British Airways. This practice is known as code-sharing. The airlines share and sell seats on each other’s flights, and the passengers can combine the carriers. 

Does American Airlines passengers can access the British Airways lounge facility?

To access the British Airways lounge facility, you have to book a Business class seat with British Airways or its partner airlines. With first-class lounges, travelers who are for a layover and traveled with Business class but will be continuing their journey in Economy class can still access the lounge facility. 

What are seat sizes on British Airways?

For premium economy class,

  • Seat width- 18.5
  • Seat pitch- 38
  • For business class,
  • Seat Width- 20
  • Seat pitch-  72-73

Do British Airways and American Airlines work together?

Both the airlines, British Airways, and American Airlines, are part of OneWorld Alliance. This is a global network of airlines, which includes other airlines, such as Australia’s Qantas, Japan Airlines, Spain’s Iberia, etc. 

How can one get lounge access with British Airways?

British Airways lounge access is available to British Airways customers who are flying on scheduled flights in a club or first classes. The passengers who are members of the Silver and Gold executive club have a flight with British Airways or with the OneWorld alliance partners and can access the lounge facility. 

Is it better to seat the upper deck on British Airways?

Sitting on the upper deck is usually done due to the smaller cabin and lower-density configuration, plus it is very peaceful sitting up. For the passengers of day flights sitting on the upper deck could be an advantage, as they can get first-hand service here. 

Is British Airways economy class have comfortable seats?

Yes, British Airways has been praised for the comfortable seats it provides to its passengers on board. Be it economy class seats with a legroom space or premium economy class with a comfortable seat and Business class for privacy. British Airways is always appreciated for the comforting journey.   

Does British Airways release more seats?

On some popular routes, all these first-class seat rewards grow quite quickly. There are some flights on which British Airways releases more seats depending on the route till the day of departure. It also depends on how amazingly the other tickets sell. 

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