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American Airlines First Class

Are you looking to book American Airlines First class flights? Don’t worry! You are on the right page, as you will find the complete information on American Airlines First Class

Everyone wants to fly in a high-class service that’s why American Airlines provides luxurious service to its passengers. you can enjoy your long-haul trip without getting tired.

American Airlines First Class Guide

A Brief on American Airlines First Class

American Airlines offers two different first-class options. American Airlines offers a domestic first-class service on both short-haul domestic and international flights. This means a little nicer seat than the economy, and on some flights and aircraft, you might be lucky enough to score a lie-flat seat. You will receive a complete dinner, depending on how long the journey is. Only international routes will get you to the entrance to the lounge.

American Airlines provides “Flagship First” on premium coast-to-coast and lengthy overseas flights. A truly first-class offering, Flagship First class is always available alongside Flagship Business class. This separates American Airlines from Delta and United, both of which no longer provide a truly first-class experience abroad.

American Airlines First Class Benefits

American Airlines First Class offers various benefits on both domestic and international routes.

American Airlines First Class Domestic Benefits

American First Class Benefits For Domestic Flights

You receive much more when you fly first class American Airlines than just a nicer seat compared to economy. Priority airport check-in, additional baggage allowance, priority boarding, a better seat, free drinks, snacks on shorter journeys, and meals on longer routes are all advantages of traveling domestically in first class on American Airlines.

Benefits of International First Class

American First Class Benefits For International Routes

Flagship First Class offers even more benefits. You will have access to the privileged Flagship First Check-in section in the airport. You can then easily pass security and proceed to the premier lounge, which may include Flagship First Dining in selected locations.

All the Flagship First class seats have direct aisle access and lie flat while on board. You’ll receive an amenity kit, multi-course meals, and sleepwear set with the Casper logo. For further benefits, you can check the

American Airlines First Class Baggage Allowance

On domestic & short-haul international flights, first-class travelers may check up to two bags without paying any additional fees. And you do not need to worry about bringing light luggage. Each complimentary bag can hold up to 70 pounds of items before you start worrying about overweight fees.

If you are traveling on Flagship First class tickets, have AAdvantage Executive Platinum elite or Platinum Pro level, Emerald elite Oneworld status, or are active US military members, you are eligible for a third checked bag free of charge.

But keep in mind that tickets purchased in Flagship First class are the only ones eligible for the third checked bag free. On short-haul international flights, “first class” passengers are only eligible for two complimentary checked baggage (up to 70 pounds each).

To add or reduce checked baggage from your current reservation, passengers should visit the American Airlines Manage Booking section.

American Airlines First Class Meals

International Flights

On international flights, James Beard Foundation chefs create multi-course hot meals for Flagship First customers. Similar to international flights, you can select when to eat and you can order your meals in advance before takeoff to ensure that the meal will be served to you on time.

The meals are prepared specifically for each destination. As a result, while traveling from Sydney or Auckland, you can taste local seasonal foods as well as Japanese delicacies on flights from or to Japan.

The route and time of day affect the first-class dinner service on American Airlines. On flights between 500 – 899 miles, you can choose from a selection of snacks out of a snack basket during meal times.

Domestic Flights

You will receive a complete meal service during mealtimes on flights that are longer than 900 kilometers. Several meal options may be available depending on the flight’s distance, origin airport, and type of aircraft on the flight’s distance, origin airport, and type of aircraft, several meal options may be available. However, meals are typically pre-plated, cold, and delivered on a tray.

Passengers also have the option to add their favorite meal in the menu in advance through the American Airlines Manage Booking portal.

American Airlines First Class vs Business Class

Business Class

On the long-haul fleet of Boeing 787 and 777 aircraft as well as on a few domestic routes operated by Airbus A321T (the “T” stands for transcontinental) aircraft, American Airlines provides its flagship business-class product. You can visit any of the five Flagship lounges at Chicago O’Hare (ORD), Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), Los Angeles (LAX), Miami (MIA), and New York-Kennedy with a ticket in Flagship business (JFK). Even on domestic trips, all Flagship business class seats are lie-flat. You can even choose one of American’s “chef-inspired” meals in advance of your business-class travel. Additionally, travelers in business class get two complimentary bags and get priority boarding and check-in.

For Detailed Information on Business Class: American Airlines Business Class

First Class

American Airlines is the only U.S. airline that continues to offer a first-class service abroad. Both their flagship Boeing 777-300ER & A321T aircraft are equipped with their “Flagship First” offering. Along with free dining at DFW, MIA, LAX, and JFK, Flagship First passengers also have access to business lounges. Expect Casper bedding, multi-course meals, pajamas, and early check-in when boarding international flights.

American Airlines First class Seats

Boeing 777 American Airlines First Class

On its most expensive itineraries, American Airlines flies their flagship Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The first-class cabin includes 2 rows in a 1-2-1 seat layout. This shows that there will be a window seat on both sides of the aisle and 2 seats in the middle. You can access the aisle from each seat. The 2-seat option in the middle is the best option for couples who wish to sit together.

737 First Class

A “Project Oasis” upgrade by American Airlines to “harmonize” the onboard experience on every 737 aircraft was just finished. First class on every 737 aircraft now has four rows of recliner seats similar to premium economy. Bring your own tablet to access the streaming entertainment options because American Airlines eliminated all in-flight entertainment screens as a part of the retrofit.

A321 First Class

The A321 is a mainstay of American Airlines’ domestic fleet and should not be confused with the A321T. American Airlines’ refurbishment of these aircraft is virtually complete. Soon, five rows of 2-2 seats will be standard on all A321 aircraft. You won’t have an in-flight entertainment screen, just like on the 737. But at least American Airlines is upgrading its dreadfully outdated A321 aircraft by installing power outlets and bigger overhead bins.


Is American Airlines domestic first class worth it?

American Airlines First Class seats are much better than the seats in Economy. In addition, it has other benefits too such as, Priority check-in & boarding, wider seats, free drinks, extra baggage allowance, free beverages, snacks, etc.

What do they serve in first class on American Airlines?

American Airlines serves snacks and beverages on short-haul flights and full-course meals on long-haul flights.

How much does it cost to upgrade to first-class AA?

To upgrade your flight, you need to pay $75 plus 15000 AAdvantage miles from economy to first class. You don’t need to pay cash if you are holding a full-fare economy class ticket.

How many bags do you get in first class on American?

Passengers will get extra free checked bags when flying on American Airlines first class. Each free bag can hold up to 70 pounds of items before you start worrying about overweight fees.

Do you get free alcohol on American first class?

Yes, American Airlines offers its passengers who are flying in first class a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. Domestic and international first-class flyers have access to free drinks such as beer, wine, and spirits.

Does first class on American get you lounge access?

American Airlines first-class passengers get access of the premium Flagship Lounge. In addition, customers who hold the Flagship First tickets will get to enjoy the elevated sit-down dining experience.

Is American Airlines domestic first class worth it?

American Airlines first class provides its passengers a top-notch service. Flight attendants give more attention to first-class passengers, and your in-flight will be more relaxed and comfortable. And do not forget, when you fly first class you will earn your elite status points and miles.

The miles you earned can be redeemed when booking a flight in the future.

What are the perks of first class flights?

The benefits you will get when flying American Airlines First class are listed below:

  • Lounge access
  • Priority check-ins and boarding
  • Lie-flat seats
  • Amenity kits
  • Overhead space
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