Pet In Cabin Or Hold On Alaska Airlines – 2024 Pet Policy

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Alaska Airlines is one of the major US airlines that flies throughout the United States. The policies it offers passengers are worth every penny spent on ticket booking. Now the issue that generally arises is when you want to travel with your pet, and you search out for the possibilities. Coming to Alaska Airlines, you can travel with your pets. The airline allows taking the pet in the cabin and as checked baggage on board. You will have to pay certain charges depending on Alaska Airlines Pet Policy.

All you need to do is go through the policy before heading to book a ticket for your pet. Here you will be able to learn everything about Alaska Airlines Pet Travel policy, and the article will cover all the aspects of the airline. Continue reading for better learning and understanding. 

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy – What Does It State?

The pet policy offers liberty to passengers to travel with which they can travel with their pets. Here you will learn about different in-cabin and checked baggage allowance policies under Alaska Airlines Pet Policy. There are certain points that you need to consider before heading to book flights with Alaska Airlines. 

Pet Travel In-Cabin

  • The pet policy charges $100 for each way travel for pets traveling by Alaska flights. 
  • You can travel with a maximum of 2 pet carriers in-cabin, and it will be possible if you have booked the adjacent seat for the pet in a spare. 
  • It is to make sure that the pets you are taking along are fully vaccinated or weaned and should be of at least 8 weeks. The list of eligible pets on Alaska Airlines are dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, household birds, etc. 
  • Pets belonging to the same breed and of similar size can travel in the same carrier. Only up to 2 pets can travel on the same flight, and you need to ensure that the pets are not stressed. 
  • Therefore, ensure that the pets remain in the carrier during the flight travel and must maintain the in-flight restrictions offered. The policy is considered to be an Alaska Airlines pet carry-on bag. 
  • Hence, ensure that the carrier size is compact enough to fit under the seat at departure and arrival.    
  • Hard Side: 7.5” x 11” x 17”
  • Soft Side: 9.5” x 11” x 17” 

Pets Can Also Fly In Baggage Compartment

  • Make sure the weight of the carrier with a pet in it should not exceed the weight limit of 150 lbs. 
  • You should travel by the same flight on which your pet is traveling. Otherwise, you can visit the official website of Alaska to check connecting flights for the pet. 
  • The cats and dogs must be of 8 weeks old according to the policy. 
  • You might see that the pets don’t travel in the baggage compartment on the Airbus aircraft.
  • The pet must possess a valid health certificate from a licensed veterinarian to travel in a baggage compartment on Alaska flights.
  • However, cats and dogs who are Brachycephalic cannot travel on Alaska flights.
  • Ensure that the pets are harmless, obedient, and inoffensive on board. 
  • Therefore, you must provide food and water 4 hours before check-in. For this proof, you must complete the pet check record to certify that you have done it.  

Shipping Large Animals through Alaska Air Cargo

  • The airline charges $100 for each way on pet traveling by Alaska Airlines under Alaska Airlines Pet Cargo policy. 
  • Only one pet is permitted to travel by Alaska flight, and it could be a dog or cat of 6 months and older. The carrier size must be the same for both animals traveling. 
  • However, the airline allows one puppy of 8 weeks to 6 months and of weight 20 lbs, can travel in the same carrier. 
  • Whereas puppies or kittens can only travel by Alaska Airlines if they are 8 weeks or 6 months old and weigh 20 lbs or less, they can be transferred to a carrier of the same size.  
  • You have to ensure that the animal is harmless, inoffensive, and should not need regular attention while flying. 

Pet Carrier Requirements Stated Under Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

The pet carrier size varies under Alaska Airlines Pet Policy for in-cabin and cargo baggage. Here you will encounter the steps for pet carrier requirements offered on in-cabin and cargo baggage. Alaska Airlines Pet Carrier Size will be different for both baggage types. 

Pet Carrier Guidelines For In-Cabin Pets

Frontier Pet Guidelines

You need to make sure that the carrier’s size is large enough for pets to stand and sit comfortably. The passenger must follow the below-mentioned dimension and weight eligibility of the pet carrier for pets to travel with ease. 

Type Of CarrierLengthWidth Height
Hard Side of the carrier17 inches11 inches7.5 inches
Soft Side of the carrier17 inches11 inches9.5 inches 
Pet Carrier Dimensions [In-Cabin]

Now, you need to make sure that the pet carrier passes the eligibility criteria for Alaska flights. The list of points you have to consider to receive access to flights is as follows:

  • Ensure the carrier comes under the dimension criteria the airline offers. 
  • The carrier should be animal-friendly and hygienic. It has to be waterproof and must cover with water absorbing bed sheet. The material of the bed sheet should be non-toxic and pet-friendly. 
  • Therefore, you need to encapsulate the carrier properly so that it becomes difficult for the pet to break the container walls on the flight. 
  • However, the container should be properly ventilated and have sufficient airflow. 
  • Hence, the carrier shouldn’t hurt the pet sitting inside in a way. Make sure that the container is designed to keep the size and weight of the pet.  

Pet Carrier Requirements (Baggage Compartment and Cargo)

It should be large enough that the pet feels comfortable moving around. The pet shouldn’t be able to put its body outside the carrier. You must follow the carrier size flowchart for containers in the cargo baggage compartment. 

Model Weight (Without Pet)Dimensions (L” x W” x H”)
1009 lbs21” x 16” x 15”
20014 lbs27” x 20” x 19”
30020 lbs32” x 22” x 23”
40024 lbs36” x 24” x 26”
50028 lbs 40” x 27” x 30”
Pet Carrier Guidelines (Baggage Compartment and Cargo)

The passenger must go through the following points to make sure that the carrier follows all the criteria to pass the eligibility. The points are as follows:

  • A dish pot should be attached to the carrier for the pet to take the meal. The crew members on board will be happy to feed the pet with the meal you provide. 
  • Ensure that the carrier is made with some solid material encouraging proper ventilation and air transportation. The attachments of the carrier should be secured with screws and bolts. 
  • There must be a grated metal door, proper ventilation holes, handles, etc. The carrier will not be accepted on board if it doesn’t have detachable wheels.   
  • The carrier should be damage-free and protect the pet from getting hurt. 
  • However, you must go through the official website to know the carrier’s requirements properly. 

Documents and Certificates Required For Successful Pet Travel

Here are some points that you need to take care of while traveling with your pet on Alaska flights. All these points follow the Alaska Airlines Pet Policy. You should be aware of the kind of pet health certificates you must carry at the time of check-in. The points will tell about the norms you need to follow before booking a pet ticket with Alaska Airlines. 

  • The passenger must possess the original and copies of documents like the pet’s breed or species, age, gender, and profile. 
  • You must possess a no objection certificate related to your pet by a veterinarian addressing that the pet is fine and has no infectious disease. The certificate will also tell about the capability of the pet to travel by Alaska Airlines. 
  • Therefore, you can also provide photocopies of computerized medical certificates with digital signatures.
  • Hence, you can use a licensed health certificate as it is acceptable for transportation. 
  • The licensed health certificate should be accessible 10 days before the departure date. 
  • However, the return flight must be completed within 1 month on the same flight.    

Rabies Certificate 

It should be provided within 48 hours of departure. The certificate must be valid all over the world. Make sure it is under-checked by the licensed veterinarian. This certificate is not required for dogs and cats younger than 3 months.  

Ways You Can Add Pet To Your Alaska Airlines Bookings

You can follow up on booking a flight for a pet in two ways. You can either go online or offline to proceed with booking. The offline method also gives you access to book a flight via the helpline number and by visiting the airport. Therefore, you can choose the best way to make the booking procedure possible. As per the Alaska Airlines Pet Policy, the online and offline steps are as follows. 

Add Pet Online During Booking

  • Firstly, visit Alaska Airlines website
  • Now fill in the details related to your departure and arrival destinations with dates. 
  • After this, press the ‘flight search’ option.
  • Therefore, select the ticket and class type according to your wish from the economy, business, and first class. 
  • However, proceed and click on the ‘checkout’ option. After clicking on it, you need to click on the ‘traveler details’ option. 
  • Fill in all the passenger details and then select the ‘seats & extras.’ 
  • Add the extra baggage and now include the pet in your booking. 
  • Hence, you need to review all the details and proceed to payment. 
  • At last, you will receive the confirmation mail. 

If your booking has been already made, use the Alaska Airlines Manage Booking facility to add a pet to your reservation.

Contact Alaska Airlines Representative To Add Pet

  • An easy way to add a pet to your existing booking is via a helpline number. 
  • You can connect with the live person agent of Alaska Airlines and ask them to fix your issue to add a pet to your booking.
  • Therefore, to move ahead, you need to provide the booking details and follow the instructions given by the agent. 
  • Hence, select the payment type and proceed to it. Now confirm the booking. 

Alaska Airlines Pet Fee – How Much Does Pet Travel Cost?

Frontier Airlines Pet Fee

The charges Alaska Airlines Pet offers to passengers traveling with pets apply to both in-cabin and cargo pets. The charges are $100 for both of them. If you are transferring the pet to the other flight, the new airline might expose added expenses or extra charges. The fee will vary if you plan to travel from Canada. The airline will charge you $150 for it. Therefore, the charges vary frequently; you can check the official website of Alaska for updates. 

Travel Rules For Emotional Support & Service Animals 

The service animals which are well-trained and can carry out any task for the convenience of people with disabilities will be allowed to travel by Alaska Airlines. According to the pet policy, mental pets are not treated as therapy pets but can travel by Alaska flight. The points you must consider while traveling with Alaska Airlines. 

  • Service animals can travel for free on Alaska Airlines.
  • Make sure the pet fits in the space provided under the seat.
  • You need to do pre-booking if you want to travel with your service animal.  
  • Therefore, on your first flight, the airline must filter the eligible service pets and should go through the DOT Service Dog Air Travel Form. It should be done within 48 hours from departure. 
  • However, if you purchased the boarding pass 48 hours ahead of departure, then you can fill out the form at the airport. Make sure you don’t get delayed for it. 
  • Also, only feed your pet on the day of departure.
  • If your service dog is small, it can sit on the lap. 
  • Ensure the dog is well-behaved and obeys your instructions at the departure and arrival gates.
  • The service animal has no liberty to sit on the seat. 
  • Hence, it is important to note that the service pet doesn’t block the emergency rescue area, and the space is restricted for sitting. 
  • Alaska Airlines allow only 2 service animals to travel by their flights. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How strict is Alaska Airlines when it comes to pet policy?

According to the Alaska Airlines Pet Policy, following the rules and regulations the airlines assign is a must. Alaska Airlines is very particular about the norms it asks to follow by the passengers. Any ignorance of it can cancel the booking or state the passenger ineligible. 

Can I bring my pet to Alaska Airlines?

You can only bring the pet to Alaska flights if it is over three months old and possesses all the related health and wellness certifications. The proof should be provided at the airport at the time of booking. 

Is it legit to take an emotional support animal on Alaska flights?

The emotional support animal has to provide a legit ESA certificate under the observation of a legit vet at the time of booking. The ESA provides the certificate only after thoroughly checking the pet’s mental state. 

How much is the pet fee on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska charges $100 for both in-cabin and cargo pets. Only licensed service animals can travel by Alaska flights for free. 

How strict is Alaska Airlines when it comes to pet carrier size?

Following the dimension and weight limitations of pet carriers to travel on Alaska Airlines is very important. You can check out the rules and regulations the policy offers to the passengers on the official website. 

Does Alaska Airlines require a pet health certificate?

Yes, providing a pet health certificate before booking a flight on  Alaska Airlines is important. The pet owners must have a current certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI), valid worldwide.  

How do I add a pet to my flight?

To add pets to your reservation, follow the following points:

  • Contact the Alaska Airlines Live person 48 hours before the departure. 
  • Along with the official orders, add your pet during check-in at the airport. 
  • If your ticket is booked via a third-party agent, contact them and ask them to add a pet to your reservation. 

What is the maximum size of a cabin pet carrier?

The dimension of your pet’s carrier should match 17.5 inches in height and 12 inches in width. The airline only allows carriers where your pet can easily fit without any problem. Also, the carrier must be able to fit under the seat located in front of you.

Do airlines check pet documents?

Yes, and the airline also checks the health certificate of your pet, which is a must. Per the airline’s pet policy, your pet should be 8 weeks older. The airline will first check all the requirements and then allow your pet to get on the plane. 

Do pets fly free on Alaska Airlines?

All pets have to follow the policy offered by Alaska Airlines. Only service animals are allowed to travel for free on Alaska flights. Whereas, to take pets or other animals by Alaska flights, you have to pay a certain pet fee depending on the ticket type.  

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