Air France Business Class – Seats, Lounge, Baggage, and Price

Air France Business Class

Air France boasts an excellent business class offering in addition to their opulent La Première first-class service, which is notoriously tough to book with points.

You’ll understand why Air France business class service is so famous once you’re onboard.

Luxurious airport lounges, a high-end onboard experience, plush reverse herringbone seats which recline all the way flat, and much more are all to be expected.

We’ll show you how to use points to book a direct business class flight on Air France so you may savor fine red wine, see the Eiffel Tower, & take a picture with the Mona Lisa.

Air France Business Class Detailed Video

A Brief on Air France Business 

Almost all flights with Air France have Business Class available. Domestic flights that don’t land or take off from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) are the exceptions.

On single-aisle aircraft used for domestic flights departing from CDG and flights within Europe and between the U. S. & the Caribbean, Business Class is a product of “Euro Business” having seats similar to Air France Economy Class.

On dual-aisle or widebody international flights, business class features competitively priced lie-flat seats.

Air France Business Class Benefits

With specific priority queues at security, check-in, and boarding, Air France’s Business Class perks are based on the SkyPriority concept of SkyTeam. Business Class customers who did not pre-board with the group number can use the dedicated SkyPriority lanes at the boarding gate to board whenever they like.

The style of the amenity package, which is given to business class passengers, modify in a few months for a change. It contains socks, a toothbrush, an eye mask, and Clarins’ skin care products. In the restrooms, travelers will also discover Clarins skincare items (along with cotton pads) for refreshing during the journey.

Additionally, Air France permits Business Class customers to deboard first upon arrival, & priority tags are placed on checked bags to signal quick delivery to the baggage claim.

Air France Business Class Baggage Allowance

Air France Business Class Baggage Allowance
  • Business Class travelers on Air France receive additional check-in luggage with a weight limit that is greater than what is usually provided to Economy & Premium Economy customers.
  • Passengers traveling in business class are allowed to check in two pieces of baggage weighing up to 70 lbs (32 kg) per piece.
  • Business Class travelers are permitted to check in 2 pieces of hand luggage and one personal item for a combined max weight of 40 pounds (18 kgs), which is more than what is allowed for Economy tickets. however, you can add extra baggage to your itinerary through the Air France Manage Booking portal.
  • The hand baggage dimensions must be 21.6×13.7×9.8 inches or 55x35x25 cm (including wheels, handle, or pockets). 
  • Personal Item: It includes:
    •  One baggage
    •  One laptop bag/camera bag, or any device bag. 

Air France Business Class Seats

Air France Business Class Seats

According to a May 2022 announcement, Air France will be adding a new business class seat for its long-haul customers on board its Boeing 777 and Airbus A350 aircraft. In addition, 48 extra Business class seats will be gradually added to each one of the 12 Boeing 777-300 aircraft starting in September 2022. These upgraded business-class amenities will be offered on Airbus A350s starting in 2023.

The seats have been designed with 3Fs including:

  • Full lie-flat beds (2 meters long).
  • Full and direct access to the aisle.
  • Full privacy with a sliding door. 

The seats in the middle of the cabin are ideal for groups traveling together. They feature a center panel that can be shut by pressing it, allowing for privacy while facilitating simple communication during flight. You can visit to know about Air France Business Class seats in detail.

Detailed Guide on Manage Booking: Air France Manage Booking


How many bags can I take on Air France business class?

Passengers can carry two bags on their Air France business class. It does not exceed the weight limit of  18kg/40 pounds after combining both bags’ weights.

Does Air France business class have flat beds?

The Business class cabin’s 48 roomy navy blue chairs will emphasize the idea of the “three Fs.” First, F for Full Flat refers to seats that can recline to almost a two-meter-long lay-flat bed. F stands for full access, which means that every seat will have quick access to the aisle.

Is Air France serving meals in business class?

Depending on your travel schedule, take advantage of our extensive menu of cold and hot beverages as well as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The premium snacks are offered on shorter flights (under 1.5 hours). Our bread & pastries are now served individually wrapped rather than cooked.

Is it cheaper to buy excess baggage in advance?

It is less expensive to buy the excess baggage in advance rather than to buy the baggage at the airport. When you buy at the airport, the airline will charge you an admin fee along with an excess baggage fee.

Do Air France business class seats lay flat?

Passengers can recline their business class seats up to 2 meters of lie-flat bed. In addition, your seats will have direct access to the aisle.  

Do you get free drinks on Air France?

For all travel classes and travel classes, Air France provides snacks/meals (which depend on the flight’s duration), and beverages after you board your flight.

Does Air France Business Class get lounge access?

Passengers get lounge access who have a same-day boarding pass for Air France business class when flying on an Air France flight or a SkyTeam partner.

Do you get a blanket on Air France?

You will get free blankets on long-haul international flights along with the pillows. Passengers do not need to pay for the blankets when Air France Business class.

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