Air Arabia Manage Booking

Have you made your reservation with Air Arabia? But now you wish to make changes to your booking. Make your choice of changes using the Air Arabia Manage Booking Feature.

Before, making any changes just be aware of the policies and fees that Air Arabia charges from its customers. Therefore, to know more thoroughly read the given blog.

Learn How To Axis Air Arabia Manage Booking Feature

  • First of all, search for Air Arabia’s official website on any web browser.
  • Then, on the home screen search for the ‘Manage’ option to modify your bookings.
  • Click on the given options to make modifications or cancelations.
  • Afterward, fill in the necessary details such as reservation number, last name, and the date of departure.
  • Click on the continue tab.
  • A list of your itinerary will show on the screen.
  • Then, make the desired changes to your reservation.
  • Confirm the modifications.
  • Make the payment if required.
  • In the end, you will receive a confirmation from the airline on your registered credentials.

What Are The Multiple Benefits Provided By Air Arabia Manage Booking?

Every airline offers its customers multiple benefits which they can use through the manage booking feature. Therefore, to learn more about the benefits read the services mentioned below:

  • Add Extra Baggage

Air Arabia offers its flyers to add extra baggage of up to 20, 30, or 40kgs while making a reservation or after completing the booking using the Air Arabia manage booking feature.

This will help you to save time at the airport. Therefore, the cost while booking online will save up to 90% of the charges that the passenger has to pay at the time of check-in at the airport.

  • Add Seats

As per the airline’s policy, passengers can add extra seats or seats of their choice to their tickets after completing the booking using the manage booking feature. Thus, for selecting a preferred seat the airline will cost minimal charges as a seat selection fee.

  • Add Meals

Passengers can fly more exclusively by adding their choice of meals while making a reservation or after the reservation. Passengers can find the sky menu on the official site of the airline to add food or beverages as per their choice. Every flight gets operated under Air Arabia has different sky menus from which a passenger can opt according to his choices.

  • Add Delayed Baggage Protection

Passengers traveling with Air Arabia do not have to worry about their luggage now. As they can add blue ribbon bags at the time of making a reservation which will help them to track their baggage.

Track your delayed baggage using the Real-Time feature and automatically receive notifications on your mail address, Whatsapp, or SMS. Therefore, if the passenger or airline is still unable to find the delayed luggage after 96hours of landing the flight then the airline will pay the passenger an amount of 4000AED per lost baggage.

  • Add Airport Services

Air Arabia offers its customers to add additional airport services to their reservations. Thus, given below are the airport services from which one can take benefit while flying with Air Arabia.

  1. In the city: Passengers can avail of the service of check-in which is express luggage check-in, selection of desired seats, and can collect their boarding passes early at the city terminal 24 hours to 3 hours from the scheduled departure. If they are traveling from Sharjah, Ras Al Khaima, and Dubai under Air Arabia.
  • At the airport: Passengers flying from Sharjah International airport can have the perks of Fastrack boarding and check-in, immigration process, and luxury lounges to rest.

Air Arabia Manage Booking Guidelines

Flight Change Policy

  • Passengers can make changes to their flight within 24 hours of booking at no cost.
  • In case a passenger is making changes after 24 hours of making a reservation then he has to pay a flight change fee to the airline.
  • The airline doesn’t allow any changes before 24 hours of scheduled departure.
  • Passengers who are making changes to their flight working from Air Arabia or Abu Dhabi have to pay 25% of the ticket price and an administration fee of 150AED if a passenger makes changes to his flight 72 hours before the scheduled departure as a change flight fee.
  • Passengers who are making changes to their flight 24 to 72 hours before the scheduled departure working from Abu Dhabi or Air Arabia have to pay 25% of the original ticket price and 200AED per passenger as an administration fee.
  • Passengers traveling from Morocco can change flights 72 hours before the scheduled departure at a fee of a minimum of 400MAD per passenger.
  • Passengers traveling on Air Arabia from Egypt can change their flight 24 hours before the scheduled departure at a fee of a minimum of 450EGP per passenger.

Name Change Policy

  • All the reservations made through the airline’s official site are eligible for making corrections or modifications in your name.
  • Passengers can make corrections or changes to their middle or surname.
  • The airline allows minor correction of a single character to the passenger’s name.
  • Air Arabia allows changes or corrections up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • Members who are having Air rewards are also eligible to make modifications to their names but by using some different procedures.
  • Reservations made to or from Morocco are not eligible to do any corrections or changes to their names.
  • In case of a legal name change such as marriage or divorce passenger has to submit the legal documents to the airline.
  • The airline charges a minimal cost of amount for changing or correcting the names on the ticket.
  • In case of confirmed booking passenger has to pay a fee of $95 on Abu Dhabi and Air Arabia Sharjah reservations. At the same time, in case of a reservation made for Egypt then the passenger has to pay a fee of $32 on a name change or correction.

Baggage Policy

As per Air Arabia, baggage policy passengers are allowed to carry hand baggage of up to 10kgs per passenger with the dimensions of 55X40X20cms including the wheels, pockets, and handles.

On the other hand for checked-in luggage, the airline has different policies depending upon the routes and weight. The airline allows a maximum of 32kgs with a dimension of 160cm per passenger. Therefore, given below is the table with the weight and fee for checked-in baggage.

Flights from UAEFlights from EgyptFlights from Morocco
20kgs in a single piece: AED15   30kgs in a single piece: AED15   30kgs in total up to 2 pieces: AED20   40kgs in total up to 2 pieces: AED2020kgs in a single piece: EGP70   30kgs in a single piece: EGP100   30kgs in total up to 2 pieces: EGP120   40kgs in total up to 2 pieces: EGP12015kgs: EUR25   20kgs: EUR30   30kgs: EUR54   40Kgs: EUR79

Air Arabia Manage Booking Cancelation Policy

  • Air Arabia offers its passengers 24 hours of cancelation at no cost.
  • Passengers who make cancelations after the risk-free window gets over then the passenger has to pay the ticket cancelation cost depending on the fare category, type of reservation, and flight routes.
  • Air Arabia flight cancelation depends on both non-refundable and refundable tickets.
  • Passengers who have made reservations with a third party have to pay their full ticket price as a cancelation charge.
  • Passengers with promotional tickets are not eligible for cancelation requests.
  • Passengers will get a full refund in the form of compensation if the airline cancels their scheduled flight.
  • Air Arabia doesn’t allow its customer to cancel their reservations from or to Morocco.
  • Air Arabia allows its passenger cancelation one hour before the scheduled departure.
  • Air Arabia provides free cancelation to its passenger who has made the reservation through the official website 7 or more days before the scheduled departure.
  • As per the policy, customers flying with non-refundable and refundable tickets are eligible for free cancelation.
  • Passengers who are making a reservation 6 days before the departure don’t come under a risk-free cancelation period.
  • Passengers can make cancelations on the same day of departure by paying the flight cancelation cost.

Cancelation Cost

Before making any cancelations, the customer must be aware of the cancelation cost. Therefore given below are the terms & conditions, and charges for the cancelation.

  • For international routes, Air Arabia charges approximately 80% of the total fare as a cancelation cost.
  • Air Arabia will not charge any cancelation fee if the airline refuses the passenger to board the flight.
  • In the case of the No Show policy, the airline will charge the price of the whole ticket as a cancelation charge.
  • On a few routes, if a passenger makes cancelation 72 hours before the scheduled departure then, Air Arabia will charge 30% of the ticket fare as a flight cancelation fee and a surcharge of 150AED as an administrative fee.
  • If a passenger makes cancelation 24 hours before the scheduled departure then the airline will charge 30% of the total ticket price and 200AED as an administration charge.

Refund Policy

  • Air Arabia takes around 3 weeks to settle down the refund request.
  • Air Arabia offers a complete refund if the cancelation is done within 24 hours of booking the ticket.
  • Customers will receive a full refund if cancelation is done by Air Arabia.
  • If a passenger travels with promotional tickets then, he isn’t qualified for the full refund.
  • For a same-day refund, a passenger has to pay some percentage of the total price of the ticket.
  • The airline will provide the refund in the form of travel credits which you can utilize in future bookings. Therefore, the travel credits are valid for a year from the date of issuance.


How can you check your Air Arabia booking status?

As noted above, passenger can check their Air Arabia booking status by going on the ‘Manage’ feature on the airline’s official site and by clicking on the ‘Modify’ tab.

Does Air Arabia allows to carry pets on board?

Air Arabia allows carrying pets on board but the reservation for pets should be done 48 hours before the departure. Therefore, the airline will charge three times more than the excess baggage fee for your pet to travel.

Does Air Arabia provide passengers with special assistance?

Air Arabia provides special assistance like wheelchairs that too at no cost. The only thing that the airline needs are the supporting documents which should be submitted 24 hours before the departure.

Can you change or correct your name using Air Arabia Manage Booking feature?

As per the airline’s policy, you can correct your middle or surname by paying a minimal amount to the airline. Therefore, for a legal name change passenger has to submit the legal document authorized by the court.

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