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Having the flexibility to modify your travel itinerary after the booking is an amazing perk. However, not all airlines offer this advantage. But, in the case of Virgin Atlantic, travelers have the privilege of making modifications on their own. Virgin Atlantic Manage My Booking is an online feature that allows passengers to add, remove, or change any service related to their flight. However, there are some restrictions and deadlines that you must know before using the manage booking tool. 

  • Travelers who have directly purchased the ticket from Virgin Atlantic can use the Manage Booking tool. However, if they have purchased the ticket through a third party, then flyers have to contact them. 
  • All passengers irrespective of their fare class can access the Virgin Atlantic My Trips tool. However, the available options under the tool vary depending on the fares. 
  • Passengers need to enter the booking reference number and their last name to access the trip details. 
  • With the help of the Virgin Atlantic Manage Flight feature, travelers can amend their travel plans till the closing of the check-in window. 
Virgin Atlantic Manage Booking

Steps To Use Virgin Atlantic Manage Booking Tool

Virgin Atlantic Manage Booking option is available online. Travelers can use the official website, or log in to the mobile app to access the Manage Trip feature. Here are the simple steps one should follow to retrieve the trip details. 

  • Passengers must visit the official website of Virgin Atlantic Airlines or log in to the app. 
  • After that passengers can go to the manage my booking feature. 
  • Now, enter the booking reference number and the passenger’s last name. Flyers can also enter the e-ticket number. 
  • According to the fare, route, and tier-staus eligibility, passengers can check the list of options available for their flight trip.
  • The airline provides passengers with options to choose any one of them and proceed accordingly.
    • Flight status
    • Seat selection
    • Add baggage
    • Check-in
    • Special services
    • Flight change or cancelation
    • Apply for priority check-in
  • They can add or remove the services at their convenience.
  • Later, passengers must pay for additional service if there is any, or in case of change or cancelation, pay a fee if it is required. 
  • After the successful transaction, passengers will receive the confirmation at the email address regarding their updated trip.

Features of Virgin Atlantic Manage My Trip Facility

There are numerous amenities Virgin Atlantic offers to make the traveler’s experience delightful. The online VA Manage Booking tool aids in amending flight plans. Here are the features of the Virgin Atlantic Manage My Booking. 

Advance Web Check-In

Virgin Atlantic permits travelers to check in 24 hours before departure and print their boarding pass and e-ticket. Although the web check-in option is available on the main menu, travelers can also use the Manage Booking feature for advance check-in. 

Book More Baggage Online 

Another useful feature of the Virgin Atlantic Manage My Booking is that travelers can add their baggage in advance. Even though Virgin offers a pre-purchased allowance with every ticket booking, there can be a need to buy more. 

Flyers can access the Virgin Atlantic Manage My Booking option and choose the “Add Baggage” option from the list. After that, they can enter the bag details and follow the on-screen prompts to get the extra baggage allowance. 

Grab Your Favorite Seat on Virgin Atlantic 

Passengers who are keen to get their desired seat can book in advance by using the manage booking feature. In this case, there might be a fee for the selected seat which travelers have to pay to the airline. By choosing seats in advance, one can sit with their family or can get their favorite seats. 

  • After opening the Manage Booking tool, there is a list of services from where passengers can choose the Virgin Atlantic Seat Selection option.
  • Now, depending on the fare, a specific portion of the seat map will reflect on the screen.
  • Herein, passengers can choose their desired seat.

Cancel Your Flight Conveniently  

Travelers may have an emergency or last-minute plan change, leading to voluntary booking cancellation. In that case, they are not required to come to the airport and cancel the flight. They can do it conveniently from the comfort of their homes through the My Booking feature. Passengers commonly use the Manage Booking feature to cancel their flights.

Moreover, the tool will also provide passengers with the correct cancellation fee which they must pay the airline. So, travelers will have more transparency during flight cancellations. Be sure to read the Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy for details on cancellation rules and charges.

Make Changes to the Flight 

If the passenger is looking to reschedule their Virgin Atlantic flight, then it can be done easily with the help of the My Booking tool. Virgin Atlantic permits travelers to change:

  • Date
  • Route

Travelers should note that not all fares are eligible for changing the flight. Passengers can retrieve the flight details through My Trips and switch to an alternate flight on the desired date or route by paying any additional charges. More details on date, time, and destination changes can be found in Virgin Atlantic Change Flight Policy.

Upgrade to Higher Cabin Class

Travelers willing to upgrade their cabin class later can process the request via the Virgin Atlantic Manage My Booking tool. Passengers can either visit the official website or log into the app and apply for it. 

Depending on the seat availability Virgin Atlantic Airlines will approve the request. 

Make Corrections to Passenger Information

With the Manage Booking option, passengers can edit the passenger details before the flight departs. Suppose they have entered the wrong spelling name, they can correct a few characters for smooth travel. Nevertheless, passengers can also update their contact details by using the Manage My Booking feature. 

  • Passengers can fetch their booking details and choose “Update Passenger Information” from the options. 
  • Now, on the following page, they should make the modifications and click on the submit button to update their booking. 

Special Assistance Request Via Manage Booking

Travelers may have any disability or medical conditions. Thus, Virgin Atlantic Airlines allows passengers to seek special assistance during their entire trip. Flyers can visit the My Booking section and make special assistance requests. The airline will provide dedicated assistance to the passenger. 

Benefits of Virgin Atlantic Manage My Booking 

  • The Manage My Booking tool provides complete access to the booking. 
  • One can add services to their itinerary according to their ticket eligibility with a few clicks. 
  • Passengers don’t have to stand in long queues and can handle their bookings from anywhere in the world. Thus, it helps in saving time.
  • The airline charges administrative fees when passengers take the assistance of an executive. But with the My Booking feature, travelers can modify the itinerary on their own and avoid the administrative fees. 
  • Travelers can do the following:
    • Add meals
    • Buy extra baggage
    • Advance seat selection
    • Seat Upgrade
    • Flight Cancellation
    • Special Assistance
    • Flight Change

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the process for canceling a flight via Manage My Booking?

Firstly, passengers have to visit the Virgin Atlantic website. After that, they should enter the booking number and passenger’s details in the Manage Booking section. Now select the cancel tab. Review the cancellation policy and confirm the cancellation. 

Can I choose a meal on Virgin Atlantic?

Yes, you can select your favorite meal in advance before the departure date. You can request meals via the My Booking feature available on the official website and the app. The additional charges will apply.  

Can you use the Manage Booking on Virgin Atlantic for seat selection?

Yes, you can use the manage my booking feature to select your favorite seat according to availability. According to the fare eligibility, seat selection will be available. However, there might be a charge while choosing a seat. 

What information do I need to retrieve trip details via Manage Booking?

Travelers will need these three pieces of information for fetching the flight details via Manage Booking:

  • E-ticket number
  • Booking confirmation number
  • Passenger’s first and last name

What to do when Virgin Atlantic manage booking is not working?

In cases, where the airline’s manage booking feature is not working flyers can use other ways to contact the airline and request the service they want. The alternate options available are phone calls, live chat, contact forms, and social media. 

Is It Worth to Use the Virgin Atlantic Manage My Booking feature?

Yes, it is all worth it, as the Manage Booking tool allows passengers to make modifications to their booking without going anywhere or waiting for an agent to connect on the call. Passengers just need an internet connection and a mobile or laptop.

How passengers can upgrade their cabin on Virgin Atlantic?

Passengers can make cabin upgrade requests online with the help of the Virgin Atlantic My Booking tool. Passengers can choose a higher cabin class and pay the additional charges for completing the process. 

How can I edit my contact details on my flight booking?

You can edit your contact details on your flight booking online with the help of the Virgin Atlantic My Trips tool. You have to simply access the trip details and choose the edit option to make the necessary changes. 

How do I find Virgin Atlantic booking reference number?

The booking reference number is printed on the ticket. You can also find it on the booking confirmation email sent to you upon successful reservation. Also, if you have booked Virgin Atlantic Holiday package, the number can be found under Airline booking reference.

How do I know if my Virgin Atlantic ticket is refundable?

If you are unaware of your ticket conditions, you need to fetch the flight details using the Manage Booking option. The ticket conditions can be seen under the trip summary option.

Can I get the value of my ticket back on a Virgin Atlantic flight?

If you have a refundable fare, Virgin Atlantic will refund the amount using your original payment method. Also, if you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking, you are eligible for a full refund.

Can I upgrade my seat on Virgin Atlantic through the Manage Booking option?

Yes, you can upgrade your seat through the My Booking option available on the official website and the app. You have to retrieve the reservation details through My Booking and opt for the upgrade option. You can choose the seat and pay the difference in fare to confirm the upgrade.

Can I check in online for a Virgin Atlantic flight?

Yes, you can check in online for a Virgin Atlantic flight. The check-in window opens 24 hours before departure and closes 70 minutes before departure. You can use the My Trips option to complete check-in.

How can I purchase extra baggage on a Virgin Atlantic flight?

Travelers have the choice to purchase extra baggage in advance at the time of online check-in. They can also use the Manage Booking option to add extra bags to their itinerary.

Can I change my flight date through Virgin Atlantic My Booking?

Travelers can change their Virgin Atlantic flight date and reschedule it for another day. They can also change the route. It all can be done online through Virgin Atlantic My Booking option.

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