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Air China Airlines Manage Booking- Tailor Made Experience

Air China is a reliable carrier that offers incredible hospitality and flexibility to make changes in flight booking for its passengers. However, there are some conditions or steps that need to be followed to make any enhancements to your flight. You can easily manage your booking with the assistance of an expert on Air China Airlines Manage Booking Helpdesk. Here, you will get a range of services that will help you out on every step of your flight experience.

Know your airlines

Since 1988, Air China is serving as the national airline of the People’s Republic of China. The airline offers its scheduled flights severing to more than 200 destinations throughout North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Western Europe. It is based on Beijing Capital International Airport, Shunyi District, Beijing and plays an important part in facilitating the implementation of key national strategies. Every year, Air China flies with over 100 million flyers to their destinations using its massive fleet of 420+ aircraft.

Air China Airlines Manage Booking through the Official website

Please keep in mind that you can modify your bookings only if you made the reservation through the website directly. You can make changes as a guest or as a Phoenix Miles member.

To manage your booking, all you have to do is visit the website,

If you are a Phoenix Miles member, you have to log in with your username and password.

Once on the site, locate ‘Manage Bookings’. It is a top heading on the homepage itself. Click on it.

Now you have to enter your ticket number which is also called the airline confirmation number. You can find it in your email. . Next, enter your family name which is your last name.

Double-check the information entered and then click ’Retrieve’. You will find all your current and previous bookings on the screen. Select the latest one and start making modifications.

You can also contact customer support to get assistance if you face any issues.

Things you should know about Air China Airlines Manage Booking

Air China allows its passenger to make changes in their flight but there are a few conditions to proceed with flight modification which includes:

Flight modification is available for tickets issued from online platforms.

  • Passengers can change the flight date or time only.
  • Flight modification will apply to all passengers on the same booking.
  • Flight change or modification option is not available for certain passengers or cases.

For more information or support, contact Air China Airlines Manage Booking helpdesk.

Cancellation and Refund Assistance

Air China is flexible with its approach and therefore allows its passengers to cancel their flights if the fare rule allows. Air China Airlines Manage Booking Helpdesk can help you to cancel your flight or get your refund. However, the total amount of refund entirely depends on a few situations:

Tickets type– There are two types of tickets Air China offers- refundable and non-refundable tickets. A refundable ticket holder is eligible for a full refund and vice versa. In some conditions passengers get half or one-fourth amount of the original price of the flight; it depends on the fare option the passenger selected.

24-hour cancellation policy

According to this policy, passengers can demand full refund if the request of cancellation requests is placed within 24 hours after booking the tickets. Please keep in mind that once the cancellation process is completed you will receive your refund only for your eligible ticket.

Elite status– The elite status or the membership of the airline’s premium club of the passengers also affects the refund amount.

Travel Insurance– In some conditions, the travel insurance holder is safe from the cancellation policy and applies for a full refund.

In certain emergencies, Air China can change your cancellation. To learn more about it, head over to the website,

Things to keep in mind about the Cancellation and refund policy

Please note that the 24-hour Air China Cancellation and Refund Policy is subjected to bookings done in the United States. The policy tends to modify itself depending upon the destination. Therefore, confirm your booking with the airlines before making a refund request.

You can make cancellations through the website,, or through their app. That’s not all, you have other options as well. For instance, you can visit the stand-by counter at the airport, or the local sales office to ask for cancellations.

If you are a phoenix Miles member, you can cancel your flight by calling the special hotline number reserved only for members.

You can even visit the Air China ticketing office and ask for diligent assistance.

You cannot submit a refund request for an expired ticket. Learn more about it on the website,

Pre-Book seat Assistance

Like any other main carrier, Air China assigns random seats at the time of check-in. It’s better to pre-book a seat if you are flying on a long-duration flight. You can pre-book a seat easily through the Air China website,, or through the mobile app. You can also call the helpline or you can directly visit Air China Manage Booking Helpdesk at the airport to buy preferred seat service in no time.

Pre-Book Extra Baggage

As per the Air China baggage allowance policy, the basic fare includes one personal item, one carry-on, and two checked baggage for no additional cost. If you want to take extra bags with you, you can pre-purchase them online or at the airport.

Pre-Book Your Meals

The comfort of passengers is the top priority for Air Chine. Therefore, they offer special meal service on their flights. These meals can be purchased easily through the official website, Locate ‘Manage Booking’ and add or subtract your meals. Please make sure to submit the changes at least 24 hours before the flight’s departure.

Edit your personal details via Air China Airlines Manage Booking

According to Air Security rules, the name of the reservation must be the same as the name on the passport. Either passenger uses the official site to change details or contact Air China Airlines Manage Booking helpdesk to make modifications directly. If you are using an official source, these following names change policy points should be followed to change personal details and it can be applied to ONLY one condition as follows,

  • First name editing less than 4 letters (including 4)
  • Title editing less than 4 letters (including 4)
  • Last name editing less than 2 letters (include 2)
  • Upside down between first name and last name, all the spelling and title must be identical

FAQs related to Air China Airlines Manage Booking

Q1. What if I fail to purchase the ticket within the specified time frame mentioned by Air China?

Ans.- If you fail to purchase the ticket within the time window specified by Air China, your booking will be canceled.

Q2. I have a “stu” logo after my name on the flight ticket. What does it mean?

Ans.- The “stu” logo after your name on your flight ticket means that you are flying on an Overseas student ticket.

Q3. Can I make a reservation on but make the payment when I reach the airport?

Ans.- No, you are not allowed to dot that. In order to confirm your reservation, you have to make the payments within 20 minutes of selecting your ticket.

Q4. What is 24-hour cancellation policy of Air China?

Ans.- According to this policy, passengers can demand a full refund if the request of cancellation requests are placed within 24 hours after booking the tickets. Please keep in mind that once the cancellation process is completed you will receive your refund only for your eligible ticket.

Q5. Does Air China Airlines Manage Booking work on the app as well?

Ans.- Yes, the app is built to offer you multiple services including modifying your travel itinerary, purchasing your seats and more.

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