Air China Baggage Policy – Fee, Carry-On Rules, Checked Bag Allowance [2023]

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Air China Baggage Allowance

Air China is among one of the big three mainland Chinese airlines. It has carried around 102 million passengers, including both domestic and international, as per 2017 data. The airline has a hub in Beijing’s capital international airport. It often en-routes to North America, Europe, South America, Australia, and Africa. Being one of the top airlines, they provide a satisfactory service to their passengers. Thus, the airline has various policies, including the Air China Baggage Policy, to help with non-disturbance flights. 

Air China Baggage Policy – Guidelines For Carry-On & Checked Luggage

Air travel baggage can be classified into two categories – Carry On, and Checked Baggage. The Air China Baggage Allowance can vary depending on the fare type you have purchased. Here’s everything you need to know about Carry On & Checked Baggage rules.

Basic Packaging Requirements For Checked Baggage

However, to ensure that the checked baggage is delivered safely, each checked Baggage should be packed adequately, locked, and cautiously tied, which can hold moderate pressure. Some of the key points are:

  • The checked baggage must be locked properly.
  • No extra belongings must be attached to the outside of the baggage. 
  • Two pieces of baggage should not be tied together; they would not be counted as one.
  • While packing baggage, do not use bamboo, string bags, straw rope, or plastic bags. 
  • However, baggage should have your basic personal information like name and contact number, so one can contact you if required. 

Checked Baggage Allowance

On Domestic Flights 

The Economic class passengers are allowed to carry baggage that should be at most 20kgs. Although, in business class, the passengers are permitted to carry checked baggage that weighs up to 30kgs. Whereas for first-class passengers, the allowance for checked baggage is up to 40kgs. The checked baggage for infants is 10 kg. 

On International Flights

The passengers in economy class are obliged to carry one checked baggage that should be at most 23 kgs. Therefore, first and business-class passengers can carry checked baggage weighing up to 32 kg. 

Weight And Size Restrictions On Checked Baggage

Air China Baggage Policy
Air China Checked Baggage Restrictions
  1. The weight and size of the baggage for domestic flights, the sum of the length, width, and height of each piece of luggage, must not be more than 60 cm or 24 inches
  2. The dimension must be at most 158 cm or 62 inches for international flights. 
  3. Some of the essential check-in baggage weight needs- all pieces of checked baggage weight should be at least 2 kg or more than 32 kg.
  4. Baggage that exceeds the size must be checked separately. 
  5. Checked baggage. It can only carry as checked baggage if it is within the weight. Either you need to unpack things or will ship via cargo services. 

Pet As Checked Baggage 

Domestic cats and dogs are allowed as checked baggage, yet if the nature of the pet is aggressive, can harm people, and have breathing issues are not permitted for carriage. However, you must submit an application while you reserve your ticket for carrying your pet as baggage. 

Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Air China Carry-on Baggage Restrictions
Air China Carry-on Baggage Restrictions

The carry-on baggage depends upon the type of class you are traveling to on China Airlines. For economy class passengers, only one carry-on baggage is allowed. Hence, the weight should not exceed 5 kg with the dimensions of 55cm*40cm*20cm. 

The passengers traveling in business and first-class have the allowance to carry two carry-on baggage that should be at most 8 kg with dimensions of 55cm*40cm*20cm. Instead, any baggage found exceeding the weight or size must pay an extra amount. 

If you need any other assistance reading the baggage policy, you can directly contact the airline executive at 95583-1-6.

Air China Checked and Carry-on Baggage Requirements

Air China Baggage Allowance By Cabin Classes

Passenger typeAdult/childinfantsAdditional pieces of standard baggage allowance 
classesFirst classBusiness classPremium economy classEconomy classAny booking classPhoenix miles lifetime platinum/platinum member Phoenix Miles gold/silver membersStar Alliance members 
Weight conceptDomestic routes within mainland China40 kg30 kg20 kg20 kg10 kg (A foldable baby cradle or baby car seat will be free of charge)30kg20 kg20 kg
PiecesConceptRoutes between Hawaii and the Americas, Europe, Africa, the middle east, and Asia (except Pakistan, Japan, and Kazakhstan), other unspecified routes of Asia (excluding the middle east and southwest pacific) 2 pieces, 32 kg 2 pieces 23 kg 1 piece 23 kg1 piece 23 kgFirst class/ business class 1 additional piece of free baggage of 32 kg Premium economy class/economy class 1 extra piece of free baggage of 23 kg  1 additional piece of free baggage of 23 kg
Routes between the Americas, Europe, the middle east, Africa, southwest Pacific. Routes between Japan, Singapore, Kazakhstan.2 pieces 23 kg 
Air China Baggage Allowance

Air China Baggage Policy For Special Items

Traveling With Sports Equipements

Sports equipment includes golf, kayaks, surfboards, bowling, archery, hockey, ice skating, and tennis. 

  • Air China might deny carrying items that are unsuitable for aircraft.
  • Need to submit an application while reserving your bookings if the length is more significant than the mentioned length. 
  • Before traveling, pack the items adequately, either in their original form or pack in such a way that Air China must approve them.  
  • One must personally inspect their equipment at the airport 120 minutes before departure on the day of the flight. 

Small Electrical Appliances 

The electrical appliances include rice cookers, electric toilet seats, desktop computers, photography/videography equipment, and small sound control. If you want to get it, check-in, pack the item correctly and lock it carefully. 

Aquatic Products 

These products are only allowed on domestic flights. When the items have to ship, the size and weight should be the same as general baggage. Any use of ice is not allowed for any purpose inside the packaging. 

Air China Baggage Fee – Extra, Overweight, Oversized Bag Charges

An extra fee will be charged if the checked baggage is overweight, oversized, or exceeds the mentioned weight. 

Baggage Fee On Domestic Flights

In the case of domestic, 1.5% of the economy ticket for a direct on-way trip will be chargeable for every kilogram extra. The calculation for excess baggage is done in RMB and rounded up or down to the whole number. 

Baggage Fee On International Flights

  1. The amount will be collected in the same currency as check-in baggage for the calculation of the cost of the journey. 
  2. If the departure is from mainland China, the Chinese currency will be used for check-in baggage. 
  3. While departing from Euro-zone, Euros will be collected as a baggage check-in fee.
  4. Canadian dollars will be collected as currency in the baggage check-in fee if departure is from Canada. 
  5. Therefore, US dollars will be collected as baggage check-in fees if the departure place is in America. 
  6. There is no limitation on the quantity of baggage. 
  7. Passengers must inform the ticket office for delivery of any additional piece of baggage that is more than the free allowance baggage or Phoenix miles allowance. Extra baggage will only be allowed if there is a place in the aircraft. Hence, air China does not commit to taking the baggage on the same carrier as the traveler.  Meanwhile, the same has been instructed to the ticket office executive to inform the passengers. 

How To Add More Baggage On Your Air China Bookings?

There are two ways to add a piece of extra baggage to your reservation. To add baggage online, you must visit the Air China Manage Booking facility. Alternatively, you can call a live person at Air China and get baggage added over a phone call.

  1. Online process
  • Through an online process, you can do it anytime, 24/7, with a few clicks.
  •  Go to the Air China website and mention your reservation number and last name.
  •  Later, you will see many options, choose baggage and enter the desired quantity you want to add.
  •  Hence, if required, you must pay an extra fee.  
  1. Offline process- You can add the baggage by calling the airport’s Air China executive. You have to give your details like name or reservation number. They will add the quantity, which you will ask them to increase. Therefore, if required, will inform the same for the payment amount. 

What To Do If Air China Delayed Or Damaged Your Baggage?

If you encounter any baggage irregularities, kindly inform the Air China baggage counter or any baggage service counter handling Air China at ground level. You will be assigned an executive to help in filling the record of baggage transport irregularities. 

Kindly provide them with your basic information. 

  1. Valid identity documents 
  2. Baggage tags
  3. Boarding pass for your flight
  4. Copy of excess baggage ticket
  5. Duplicate flight ticket

Handling Of Baggage Transport

If the baggage has to come on the same flight, the authorities will update you with the latest progress of your baggage if the baggage does not receive within 72 hours of making a report. The management will contact you and conduct the following procedures for lost baggage. 

In case of damaged baggage, a member of the Airline will contact you after making a report and bear the losses of your damaged belongings. 

When Is Air China Liable For Baggage Issues?

  • Air China is liable if the baggage is destroyed, damaged, or lost between the time of board till the time it is under the supervision of Air China. 
  • At the time of interchanging flights, if your baggage gets lost or damaged in any of the flight segments. Air China gives you full authority to contact and file a report to the airline. 
  • In natural calamity, the airline will not be responsible for your loss.
  • If the damage occurred because of your baggage, the airline will not be liable for the loss.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much baggage can I carry on Air China for an international trip?

The passengers in economy class are obliged to carry one checked baggage that should be at most 23 kgs. Therefore, first and business-class passengers can carry checked baggage weighing up to 32 kg. 

How to claim compensation for damaged baggage?

For any damaged baggage, passengers can claim compensation by writing to Air China Airlines within 7 days of the day you get a receipt of the checked baggage. 

Is Air China liable for baggage delay?

No, the airline will not be liable for any baggage delay.

How to avoid baggage fees?

You can avoid the fee by calculating the weight of your baggage; if it exceeds, try to put fewer things in just one baggage.

What is Air China’s check-in baggage policy?

The Economic class passengers are allowed to carry baggage that should be at most 20kgs. Although, in business class, the passengers are permitted to carry checked baggage that weighs up to 30kgs. Whereas for first-class passengers, the allowance for checked baggage is up to 40kgs.

How much checked baggage is allowed on domestic flights? 

Only one is allowed; that also should be at most 20 kg.

How can I pay my baggage fee on Air China?

Passengers can pay through online and offline processes.

What baggage allowance are infants entitled to?

Infants can avail of checked baggage of up to 10 kg.  

Does Air China pay for damaged baggage?

Air China is responsible for all the losses incurred because of them. Therefore, you will get compensation once the calculation is done for your baggage value. 

What is the contact number for baggage in Air China?

The contact details of baggage service in Air China – 95583-1-6.

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