Eastern Airways Manage My Booking

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Eastern Airways Manage My Booking

Are you in a situation where after making all the reservations, you need to make changes to your existing tickets?  If yes, Eastern Airways Manage My Booking might be the thing for you.

Therefore, the blog below has all the details regarding ‘Eastern Airways Manage My Booking.’ So go through it briefly and get your queries solved.

Procedure for Eastern Airways Manage Booking 

Manage My Booking is an online feature that is offered by the airline. Through the help of this flexible feature, fliers can make any changes or any errors and incorrect details in their original tickets.

These are changes and errors that can be made with the help of this flexible online feature.

  • Flight date and time.
  • Flight cancelation and rescheduling.
  • Flight refund.
  • Flight Status.
  • Name change.
  • Cabin classes and preferred seats.
  • Flight Internity
  • Passengers details
  • Baggage
  • In-Flight Service.
  • Advance Check-In.
  • Other Services.

Go through the below-given procedure step by step. This will help you to proceed with your ‘Manage My Booking’ feature. 

Online Method

  • Firstly, visit the Eastern Airways official website.
  • Secondly, click on the ‘My Booking’ tab. 
  • Then, please enter your Booking Code and the Passengers Last Name. 
  • Therefore, a new page will display all the details regarding your original tickets. 
  • Afterward, scroll down the page and select the specific option you want to change.
  • Then, follow the steps briefly.
  • Therefore, click on the tab ‘save changes’ after completing the changes. 
  • Then, make the required payment. 
  • Afterward, passengers will receive a confirmation of their Eastern Airways Manage My Booking.
  • Lastly, the flier will receive the E-Tickets on their confirmed mail and screens.

Offline Method 

Although ‘Manage My Booking’ is an online feature. Therefore, passengers can change and modify any mistake or error through the help of the ‘Offline Method.’ 

In case fliers are not able to go through the online method. Airlines provide them with ‘Customer Care Service’ or ‘Helpline Care Center’ 24/7. Through this, the flier can easily contact the airline and ask them to proceed with their ‘Eastern Airways Manage My Booking.’ 

Cabin classes and preferred seats.

What are the Terms & Conditions of Eastern Airways Manage My Booking? 

Flight Change Policy

Suppose passengers are willing to change their flight. They need to know that this policy includes ‘Flight Date Change’ and Flight Time Change’ of your bookings. 

  • Fliers are free to make changes to their original tickets as they desire.  
  • Passengers can change their flight through offline and online methods.
  • A flier can modify their flight date and time for free if done within 24 hours of purchase.
  • However, there are different fees for all the cabins if done after a given period.
  • Passengers with Basic Economy tickets will pay $100 per person, along with fare differences.  
  • Passengers with Economy and Premium Economy tickets will only pay fare differences. 
  • Passengers with Business Tickets don’t need to pay any change fee.
  • As Business Tickets include changing fees into the fare. 
  • Airlines will not accept the changing request if passengers buy tickets from a third party. 

Cancelation Policy.

  • Fliers are allowed to cancel within 24 hours of ticket purchase for free.
  • Airlines don’t accept cancellation requests for tickets purchased from a third party. 
  • Passengers must pay a cancelation fee if the request is made after 24 hours of ticket purchase.
  • This fee starts from $100 to $500. 
  • Fliers can also cancel before 24 hours of flight departure in case of emergency.
  • Therefore, the airline will ask for a cancelation fee with a valid reason.
  • This fee starts from $100 to $400. 
  • Moreover, airlines don’t accept cancelation requests if tickets are purchased from a third party. 

Refund Policy. 

  • To receive their full refund, passengers must make the cancelation request within 24 hours of ticket purchase.
  • The airline will provide you with less refund if made after 24 hours of the valid period.
  • Fliers only receive refunds for refundable tickets.
  • Airlines don’t provide any refund for non-refundable tickets. 
  • Moreover, fliers get vouchers in place of a refund. Therefore, it’s up to the pilots if they can accept these vouchers or can request for refund. 
  • Airlines provide future credits to the flier with Non-Refundable tickets. 
  • Fliers can use these credits for booking their future tickets.
  • Make sure to use these credits within one year of their validity. 
  • Passengers will get a full refund if the flight gets canceled by the airline’s site. 

Rebooking Policy.

There are two situations when fliers need to rebook their original flight.

  • If the flight got canceled by the airline. 

There are a lot of chances when airlines need to cancel or delay the original flight schedule. Therefore, in such circumstances, airlines take the initiative to rebook the flier on other flights same as your original destination. Accordingly, airlines don’t charge any rebooking charges from passengers in such situations.

Well, if fliers are not satisfied with the arrangements of airlines. Then, they are free to cancel the bookings and, after receiving the refund, rebook their flight as they want. 

  • If fliers cancel their flight. 

There are several situations where sudden changes in fliers’ schedules lead them to cancel their planned trip. Therefore, in such cases, passengers opt for the rebooking option.

Passengers must cancel their original tickets within 24 hours and request rebooking after receiving the refund.

Airlines don’t charge any rebooking fee if done within 24 hours of ticket purchase. 

Fliers need to pay a rebooking fee if made after 24 hours of ticket purchase. 

The Eastern rebooking fee is different for all the tickets fare. 

Name Change Policy.

Passengers are provided with two types of name change

(Legal Name Change and Minor Name Change) 

  • Airlines don’t accept Name Changes if the reservation is made through a third party.
  • Fliers can correct up to 4 letters in full name without paying any fee. 
  • They must request within 24 hours of ticket purchase to avoid the change fee. 
  • Airlines will ask for extra fees. In case fliers are willing to change or modify their full name.
  • Fliers are not allowed to delete any of the names on tickets.
  • Airlines don’t allow passengers to change any prefix title on the tickets.
  • Passengers must submit government legal documents in case of a legal name change.
  • Airlines will not proceed with any name change requests if done on the day of flight departure. 

Baggage Policy 

  1. Check-in Baggage 

Airlines only allow one piece per passenger to the flight 

Maximum DimensionMaximum Weight
Economy Class62 Inches23 kg
Business Class62 Inches32kg
  1. Carry-on Baggage
  • Passengers are allowed to carry two pieces of baggage.
  • The standard size dimension is 9x22x22 inches.
  • Airlines allow fliers to carry one personal bag.
  • The standard size of a dimension is 9x10x17 inches. 

Therefore, airlines will charge an extra fee if the passengers exceed the baggage limit.

Seat Selection Policy / Cabin Class.

Eastern Airways offer two Cabin Class to its flier. 

(Economy Class and Business Class)

  • Airlines allow flier to select their seat while making reservations. 
  • Passengers can make changes to their seat arrangements even after all the reservations.
  • Free changes are done within 24 hours of ticket purchase.
  • After the risk-free period, fliers must pay the airline a seat change fee.
  •  Moreover, this fee is different for all the cabin classes. 
  • In case higher class passengers need to pay an extra fee.
  • In the case of the lower class, passengers will get the existing refund. 

Check-in Policy.

Eastern Airways offer several Check-in options to its customer.

  • Web Check-in. 

Fliers can do a web check-in 24 hours before the flight departure—all they need to do is visit the airline’s official website and enter the details. 

Moreover, this facility allows passengers to select their preferred seat in case they miss the chance while making the reservations.

  • Mobile App.

Passengers can download the official app for the respective airline. Therefore, login to the app by entering the required details. 

Moreover, passengers can check in before 24 hours of flight departure. Make sure to download your boarding pass.

  • Airport Kiosk.

Several significant airlines provide Kiosk systems to their passengers. Through this facility, fliers can do their check-in by themself. 

For proceeding with this facility, passengers only need PNR numbers and a printout of their original boarding pass along with a reference number. Moreover, drop your luggage on the desk.

  • Airport Desk Check-in.

Passengers can directly visit the airline’s assigned desk counter at the airport. Therefore, proceed with the usual check-in process. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can Eastern Airways Manage My Booking proceed via phone call?

As I have noted, if passengers are not aware of the online methods or cannot proceed via the website. Therefore, passengers can visit the official website of the airline. First, search for the helpline number and contact the airline. Next, ask them to proceed with your changes.

Q. Can passengers transfer their tickets to another person? 

No, passengers can’t transfer their tickets to someone else. There is no such policy that allows fliers to make their tickets transferable.

Q. What is Eastern Airways’ pet policy?

Suppose passengers are willing to bring their pets to the flight cabin. First, they should go through the respective airlines’ pet policy by visiting the airline’s official website. 

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