If your plans have changed and you need to cancel your ticket, you should not be concerned. You may cancel your Southwest Airlines flight offline or online and receive a refund to your account or loyalty account, depending on your fare type. When it comes to Southwest Airlines cancellation policy, this airline offers one of the greatest cancellation policies among all well-known airlines. Passengers are also familiar with this airline’s customer-friendly cancellation and change procedures.

However, because everyone is aware of the pandemic, numerous other airlines have increased their flexibility in terms of flight modifications. When we compare other companies’ flexibility to Southwest’s, we find that Southwest’s cancellation policy is the most flexible. If you are going to cancel your Southwest flight, we have covered everything you need to know. So stick with us to the end to learn southwest airlines cancellation policy

How to Cancel Your Flight on Southwest Airlines?

You can cancel your ticket either by visiting the official website of Southwest Airlines or by making a call to the Southwest helpline at +1-888-573-3166. We explained all two methods below.

  • Through Website,
  • It is quite simple to cancel your ticket from the official Southwest Airlines websites, or you can do the same using the official Southwest Airlines mobile app.
  • You may finish the Southwest Airlines ticket cancellation procedure by giving your first and last name, as well as your flight confirmation number.
  • If you entered your quick rewards number at the beginning of the reservation, your flight will be displayed on your my account page.
  • If you enter your flight information here, you will be able to check your travel balances or refundable amounts associated with your confirmation number.
  • Simply click the cancel button to cancel your ticket.
  • Through Call 
  • In this method simply you have to make a call to the southwest Airlines reservation department on their contact number.
  • During the call, you are advised to provide the required credential to a reservation department official.
  • They will cancel your ticket in a short period.
Contact Number of Reservation Department 800-435-9792

Have a Glance at Cancellation Policy of Southwest Airlines 

  • It is very easy to understand the southwest Airlines cancellation policy.
  • Southwest Airlines allows you to flights cancellation at all times with no cancellation fee, except ten minutes prior to the flight’s departure time.
  • For passengers who have booked their ticket through Points of Rapid Rewards, Southwest Airlines refunds it into your account of loyalty.
  • If you have deposited your money in cash, it will be reimbursed, and either it will be converted into Southwest travel money or it may be refunded to your original payment method, it depends that which type of southwest Airlines fares you have purchased.
  • If you have a non-refundable reservation and cancel your ticket in less than twenty-four hours, Southwest Airlines will refund you in the original payment method or convert it into travel money.
  • If you obtain your credit in the form of travel funds, you must be informed of the travel funds laws and limits, as well as how to obtain your credit as travel funds.
  • Travel funds from Southwest Airlines may only be utilized by the original passengers and cannot be transferred to another carrier.
  • You must also utilize your travel funds before they expire; normally, Southwest Airlines specifies an expiry period of one year from the date of purchase.
  • Be we researched the policy, we discovered that it is extremely simple to grasp and is also referred to as passenger-centric. As a consequence, if the plan changes or the price reduces, you can cancel your Southwest Airlines ticket.
  • You should rebook your tickets using cash, travel money, or points.

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Rebook or Change Your Flight on Southwest Airlines 

  • Southwest Airlines provides you a no change fee through which can change your flights as many as times you want.
  • But there is the requirement to pay the difference if your new flight costs more than your previous flight.
  • If you want to change your southwest flights then you just have to make a call to the southwest Airlines reservation department or you can visit the official website, mobile app of Southwest Airlines or dial +1-888-573-3166.
  • If you are chosen the option of online then there will be a requirement for passengers’ information and confirmation number of the previously booked ticket.

Get Your Money Refunded to Your Account

Getting your money back depends not only on which type of ticket you have booked but also on how you paid your ticket cost whether it is rapid rewards or cash. As we Early bird boardings are nonrefundable. 

If you cancel a flight on which you booked Early Bird boarding, you will not be refunded the money you paid for that add-on.

  • For Flights Booked With Cash
  • When it comes to Wanna Get Away tickets, it is usually the cheapest option. And, as we all know, these tickets are non-refundable.
  • However, the monetary value of these tickets is reusable. As a result, if you want to buy plane tickets, you won’t be able to receive your money back in its original form.
  • If you want your return in its original form, you must buy a Southwest Airlines Anytime or Business Select ticket.
  • When you cancel your Business or Anytime tickets, you may specify the payment method for your return. It might be travel funds or the original payment method.
  • For Flight Booked With Rapid Reward Points 
  • Southwest’s cancellation policy is lenient when it comes to award tickets. If you cancel a Southwest Rapid Rewards flight, your points will be instantly returned.
  • Furthermore, any taxes and fees paid with your points can be converted to travel cash for future travel or reimbursed to the original mode of payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Cancel a Flight on Southwest Airlines?

If you need to cancel your flight, go to Southwest Airlines’ official website and input the name of the passengers and the confirmation number.
Aside from that, if you wish to cancel your ticket, you should contact the southwest Airlines reservation service and cancel your reservation by providing your credentials. Southwest Airlines customer support phone number is 1-800-435-9792

Can You Cancel Southwest Airlines?

Yes, you may cancel your Southwest Airlines reservation using the official website within 24 hours after booking. In this case, you will be refunded in the original mode of payment.
Additionally, Southwest Airlines allows you to cancel your ticket via the Airport counter smartphone app and online.

How Late Can You Cancel The Flights on Southwest Airlines?

You can cancel your Southwest flight at any time, except 10 minutes before its scheduled departure. If you have refundable tickets, then they will be converted into travel funds that you may use to book flights on Southwest Airlines in the Future.

How do You Cancel a Flight?

You may generally cancel your flight online if your ticket is fully refundable. On the Airline website, look for my trips or manage my flights as the name varies per airline. For your ticket cancellation, you can also contact southwest airlines manage booking or dial the helpline at +1-888-573-3166 for help.