Know About Southwest Add Extra Baggage and It’s Policies

Southwest Airlines is one of the top-notch airlines providing luxurious services to its passengers. Apart from the exceptional flight experience, it caters to fulfill the necessary requirements of the passengers by providing the service of Southwest Add Extra Baggage.

Southwest airlines, being a prominent air carrier is providing the single most clear-cut baggage policy of any airline. Your first two baggage allowances are free and the extra baggage charges starting from $75. Southwest is one budget airline through which won’t let you pay any baggage fees.

How Much Does Southwest Add Extra Baggage Cost?    

Your standard allowance luggage depends on your class of travel, route, fare type, and Southwest membership tier for miles. You can go for extra baggage online and you will pay less money at the airport for the extra baggage. However, in many cases, you can pay the amount for extra luggage allowance at the check-in desk or through the local Southwest office at current exchange rates.

You can buy extra luggage allowance on child and adult tickets but not on your infant tickets. All the tickets must be issued by Southwest Airlines. All your flights are operated by Southwest Airlines. To know about the terms and conditions of Southwest’s Airlines extra baggage policy, go to the official site of Southwest Airlines or dial the helpline number at +1-202-982-2463. You can get reliable information for Southwest Add Extra Baggage according to your requirements.

Know About Southwest Carry-On Allowance | Southwest Add Extra Baggage

According to the Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy, you’re free to carry the baggage according to your requirements. Check the following baggage requirements:

One Bag is allowed as your personal item

One standard bag is allowed for your carry-on bag

Size Restrictions

Personal: 18.5 x 13.5 x 8.5 inches (47 x 34.3 x 22 cm)

Standard: 24 x 16 x 10 inches (60 x 40.6 x 25.4 cm)

Personal item restrictions

For your flights, the following items won’t be considered in your journey as one-bag plus one personal-type item:

  • Umbrellas or walking canes
  • A child restraint device with a reserved seat for a ticketed child
  • Other wearable articles for clothing or outer garments
  • Mobility/Assistive devices for individuals with a disability. A passenger can carry a number of mobility/assistive devices while onboarding the aircraft
  • Food for consumption during your flight

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Know about Lap Infant Carry-On Policy

Lap infants are not eligible to carry on baggage items. For more genuine information refer to the internet and find the reliable information.

Stroller Check Policy

Southwest airlines allow the car seats and strollers to be checked at the ticket counter, curb or gate free charge.

How to avoid Southwest baggage fees?

When you trust the services of Southwest Airlines, you get worthwhile services to experience. Southwest Airlines allows you to avoid the hassle of checking your baggage on all your flights. You can learn more about how, you’ll get the baggage at the lowest costs:

  • Southwest Airlines Checked Baggage fees

Southwest airlines won’t charge anything on your first two bags which must equal to 50lbs.

  • Southwest Airlines excess baggage fees

Southwest Airlines costs $75 for every single bag according to your checking excess baggage.

  • Southwest Airlines overweight baggage fees

If any bag that you’re taking is more than 50 lbs then it’ll be count as overweight baggage. The fees for overweight luggage on southwest airlines is charged in addition to any excess baggage charges. For additional baggage for any item will be between 51-100 pounds which is equal to $75. Any baggage if exceed more than $100 won’t be count as checked baggage.

  • Southwest Airlines oversized baggage fees

How to know if your baggage is coming into an oversized category? When you calculate the total sum including length, width and height then, make sure it doesn’t exceed 62 inches. If any bag which is measuring a total of 63″-80″ may have to pay an additional charge of $75. Baggage if exceed 80’ cannot be count as your checked baggage.

How Do I Carry Medication on A Plane?       

Medication is totally fine if you’re talking to your flight as your carry-on or checked baggage in any form. You can carry your medication in any form including injectables, pills, homeopathic and other supplies including pre-loaded syringes, sharps disposal containers, syringes, infusers, pens, jet injectors, etc. You can carry all these medications to your flights hassle-free through the security checkpoint.

Moreover, you can carry Atropens, an auto injection that can help to treat emergency conditions. Passengers may come across in a situation of breathing issues, low heart rate, nerve gas, excess saliva, and others. There is no requirement to label your medications.

What Do You Have to Take Out of Your Bag at Airport Security?

Well, If you’re taking liquids and electronics with you, you’ll have to remove them and place them in separate bins before you go through security. Moreover, the airlines will ask you to remove your items such as leather jacket, shoes, jewelry, and laptop bags. Check, what airlines accept and whatnot, once you connect with the travel specialists through Southwest Airlines. Moreover, you can go to the official site of Southwest Airlines and get the information for your flights. need to know about baggage policy dial the helpline number at +1-202-982-2463

Southwest Add Extra Baggage | Is There a Weight Limit for Carry-on Luggage?     

Southwest Airlines is always known for providing generous services including checked baggage allowance service and more. There are some carry-on restrictions that are similar to other airlines which include one carry-on per passenger and one personal item.

Following is the information you must read related to Carry-on baggage:

  • Carry-on baggage measurements must not exceed 16 inches wide, 24 inches long, and 20 inches high
  • The personal items are limited to 8.5 inches wide, 18.5 inches long, and 13.5 inches high
  • Southwest Airlines doesn’t list any kind of weight restrictions for carry-on baggage items.