Etihad Airways Change Flight – Policy, Fee, Same-Day Changes [2024]

Etihad Airways Change Flight Policy

Etihad Airways understands the situations in which travelers must change their travel plans. This guide will help you change your flight as per Etihad Airways Change Flight Policy. For modifications, each passenger may be subjected to additional charges. Here, review the Terms and Conditions issued by Etihad Airways before proceeding with the change flight process. 

The kind of flight ticket you have purchased will let you know whether you are eligible or not for flight change and the change fee. If a ticket is booked by a partner airline, it is a must to contact the airline directly. 

Etihad Airways Change Flight Policy – Guidelines For Date & Destination Changes

Etihad Airways Date Change Fee and Policy

Here is the Etihad Airways Change Flight Policy that is must know for each passenger looking to change flights at Etihad Airways:

  • The ticket must be unused.
  • A refundable flight ticket holder is eligible to change a flight. 
  • Unused and Refundable flight tickets require no change fee on changing in a risk-free time period.
  • There must be a minimum gap of 5 days between the ticket purchase date and departure date.
  • Passengers may require to pay additional charges for the banking process. 
  • Global Service Fee and Ancillaries Fee are not reversible. 
  • Passengers can make modifications to their flight details only for a single time.
  • You can request for flight change with the name or documents you used to book a flight. 
  • Only the flight ticket booked through the official channels can be changed directly from the Etihad Airways website. 
  • For flight change, the airline will ask for a copy of your passport along with several other required documents. 
  • If you booked your flight ticket with a third-party agent, you must contact them to change your flight. 
  • Passengers must contact the airline directly if the ticket number does not contain 607 in the beginning. 
  • Eligibility for flight change varies for each fare type. Refer to the table below:
Fare TypeEligibility
Ticket with extra luggageYes
Guest Seat of Reward FaresNo
Open Seat of Reward FaresYes
Ticket with more legroomYes
Multi-city faresNo
Ticket with Travel InsuranceNo
Ticket with no extra service and feeYes
Flight Change Eligibility By Fare Type

Passengers who don’t find a suitable flight to get rescheduled can opt to cancel their booking altogether. Further details are provided in the Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy.

Same-Day Change Flight Policy

Etihad Airways Same Day Change Flight Policy
  • International flight ticket holders are eligible for the same-day flight change.
  • Passengers can get a seat on a new flight only if an extra seat is available. 
  • Same Day flight changes can be made in advance via online and offline ways.
  • Passengers will be charged $200 per international flight ticket on Economy Value and Economy Saver fares. 
  • Economy Freedom fare is a little expensive but requires no change fee.

Etihad Change Flight Fee – How Much Does Flight Change Cost?

  • Modifications to flights depend on the routes and the fares you have purchased. 
  • On purchasing multiple fares, passengers will need to face several restrictive rules. 
  • Changing a flight ticket 96hrs before the departure requires 10% of the actual price of your fare as additional charges. 
  • In case of the death of a ticket holder or any of their family member, the airline will not ask for any change flight fee. 
  • If you are a travel insurance holder, then you will still require to pay the Global Service Fee. To make any changes to your travel insurance, contact the Travel Guard. 

Etihad Airways Service Charges 

If you are a non-refundable flight ticket holder and must change your flight, the airline will charge you $30 as a service fee. The service fee for changing a flight is required for children and infants. 

Etihad Airways Date Change Fee

  • Changing a flight date by the airline will cost you $20.
  • Passengers must pay 10% of the total charge for changing a flight 4 days before the departure. 
  • The fare difference of one-way for value fares requires $35, $60 for value-to-choice fare and $85 for the choice-to-choice plus fare. 
  • The fare difference of round-trip for value fares requires $70, $120 for value-to-choice fares, and $170 for choice-to-choice plus fares. 

Etihad Airways Flight Change Compensation – Refunds For Disrupted Flights

Suppose there is disruption due to some reasons such as medical or technical issues and the flight schedule changes by one day. In that case, Etihad Airways will allow you to re-book for free through Etihad Guest Control. If the airline changes the flight due to unforeseen circumstances, you can ask the airline to provide you with a refund or transfer you to the other flight on the same day. To get the other flight on the same day, you will need to wait by standing among the standby passengers at the airport. Until you get the flight, you can enjoy some complimentary amenities at the airport offered by Etihad Airways. 

Travel Routes DistanceCompensation
For flights of more than 932 miles$274
For Internal EU flights of 932 miles$438
For Non-internal EU flights$438 
For Non-internal EU flights of more than 2174$658
Etihad Airways Change Flight Compensation

Reasons Why Etihad Airways Might Change Your Flight

It is known as uncontrolled disruption if the airline changes the flight schedule within 72 hours before the departure. Here are some reasons why airline often changes their flight:

  • Bad weather condition
  • Floods
  • Cyclones
  • volcanic eruptions
  • Political Strikes

How To Change Etihad Airways Flight Online or Offline?

A Flight ticket that is booked by the airline via the official site, call, or directly at the airport is only eligible for change via the official channels. If you booked your flight ticket via the travel agent, you must contact them because the airline doesn’t allow you to make modifications via officials for tickets booked by travel agents. Here are the convenient ways, along with easy steps you can follow to change your flight. 

Change Flight through Manage Booking

Etihad Airways Change Flight Process

1. Open the Etihad Airways Official Website on your device.

2. From the options located at the top of the homepage, choose Etihad Airways Manage Booking option. 

3. Click on the view or change booking option.

4. Enter your booking reference or E-ticket number and your last name. 

5. Please tap on the Find My Booking button. 

6. Choose a reservation and click on change this flight option. 

7. Choose the new date and destination. 

8. At last, pay the change flight fee and fare difference if applicable. 

Contact An Etihad Airways Representative

  • To connect with the live person at Etihad Airways, dial toll-free number.
  • After dialing the given contact number, the IVR automated instruction will start.
  • To select the desired language, dial the correct key as per the IVR instructions.
  • After that, dial the correct key to connect with the live person. 
  • Fill up your flight booking details along with the new dates and destinations. 
  • Now you will get to know the Etihad change flight fee and the fare difference if applicable.
  • Provide the payment details and complete the payment process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my flight date for free?

You can change your flight date by using both online and offline way. For online, visit the official site. For offline, dial the contact number of the Airline or visit the Airport helpdesk directly. Also, you should remember that the Airline will only be responsible for the fares purchased by the officials. If the travel agent booked the ticket, contact them to change your flight. 

Can I change my Etihad flight date?

Sure, you can change your flight date, but it may require charges. The charges to change flight dates depend on the time of change, fares, and destinations. To change the flight date, visit the manage booking tab and select a reservation on which you want to change the date. After that, choose a new date and proceed with the further on-screen instructions. 

What is the best way to change a plane ticket?

Changing a flight online via the manage booking tab is the best way because you will be able to save much. The online method will require no service charge. If you change your flight offline with the help of a live person, you will require to pay for the service fee. 

Can I give my flight ticket to someone else?

If you are a transferable flight ticket holder, you can transfer your flight to the other person if you are not willing to go to your destination. Also, domestic or low-cost fares offer transferable flight tickets. 

Can I change a flight I already booked?

Yes. If you made a reservation, then you can still change your flight. To make free modifications, you must fall under the risk-free time period. Changing a flight within 24 hours of the ticket purchase or 4 days prior to the departure requires no change in flight charges. To make changes, you have to use the same method you used to book a flight. 

How much time can I change my flight?

Even 10 minutes prior to the departure, you can change your flight by paying the change flight charges. If you changed your flight 24 hours prior to the departure, make sure to check in on a new flight.  

What happens if the airline changes flights?

If the airline changes the flight, the passengers will have the right to request a complete refund or re-booking without any additional charges. If you change the location far from the previous destination, you will need to pay the fare difference. 

Can I get a refund if the airline changed my flight?

If you are not comfortable with the new flight schedule changed by the airline, you can cancel your flight and ask the airline for a full refund. Also, you can rebook your ticket for the other available flight operated by Etihad Airways. 

What causes flight changes?

The airline often changes the flight schedule for several reasons, such as Air Traffic control, Bad weather, Airport operations, Air carriers, large traffic volume, etc. The airline often changes your flight in such cases, but you will get compensation. 

How much compensation do you get for flight rescheduling?

If a flight is more than 932 miles, the airline will provide you with $274. For Internal EU flights, the airline will give you $438. For Non-internal EU flights, you will get €400. And, for Non-internal EU flights of more than 2174, you will get more than $658. 

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