Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking – Modify My Flight, Add Baggage

Ethiopian Manage Booking

Traveling in flight is not always smooth and hassle-free. It becomes more confusing and disturbing if you need to cancel or change your plan. Booking a flight on Ethiopian Airlines is very easy. But what if you want to add more baggage, an extra meal, or pick a favorite seat on the flight? Well, you don’t have to struggle anymore because you can add or modify your flight itinerary with the help of the Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking feature. This tool provides flexibility to the passengers and allows them to add or modify their itinerary online in no time.

However, there are some restrictions to this option as well including:

  • Travelers must make all the alterations in their itinerary through the manage flight option before they check-in.
  • Moreover, to make changes or add extra services to the flight itinerary passengers must purchase their travel ticket from the official website.
  • To use the manage booking feature, passengers must visit the official website and enter their booking reference number along with their name to retrieve their trip details online.
  • There might be some fees to add services which flyers must pay to enjoy the benefits of these services.

Benefits Of Using Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking Feature

Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking Feature & Process

Ethiopian Airlines assists its passengers in the best possible manner. There can be a chance when you forget to add extra services to your flight itinerary. In such situations, the Manage Booking tool of Ethiopian Airlines comes up as a savior. This feature helps the passengers in making various modifications to their itinerary. 

Moreover, with the help of Ethiopian Airlines manage trip tool passengers get complete control on their reservation. All they have to do is add their name and PNR number, and that’s it they’ll get the access to manage their booking effortlessly in just a few clicks. They can do multiple things through the Manage My Trip tool. 

Here is a list of multiple benefits that are offered to the flyers through the Manage Trip option:

  • Change or cancel the flight.
  • Upgrade cabin class.
  • Apply for a refund after cancellation.
  • Add More Baggage 
  • Add Extra Meal
  • Select your preferred meal.
  • Correct Your Contact Details.

How to Access Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking Tool?

Passengers can use the manage booking tool to view or modify their existing bookings with Ethiopian Airlines. Here is the step-by-step procedure to add or modify your reservations without any inconvenience:

Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking Process
  • To begin the process, visit the Ethiopian Airlines website.
  • After that, go to the ‘Manage Booking’ section.
  • Now, enter your booking reference number and your name to sign into your itinerary.
  • Once you enter the following details tap on the ‘Retrieve Booking’ option to get the details of your trip.
  • After clicking on this option you’ll the trip details will appear on the screen.
  • As per the eligibility of fare, the various options will be available under the booking. With the help of this tool, you can-
  • change or cancel the flight.
  • Add meals or baggage.
  • Check Flight State.
  • Easy web check-in.
  • Select the required option and follow the on-screen prompts to modify the reservation. 
  • Lastly, pay the fees (if any) to confirm the changes in your reservation.

Note – Travelers can also download the Ethiopian Airlines mobile app to make alterations to their flight itinerary via their app.

If you still facing any problems making changes in your booking, no worries. You can reach out to Ethiopian Airlines representatives. They’ll assist you in resolving your problem as soon as possible.

Things Flyers Can Do With The Help Of Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking Tool

Flyers can do multiple things through the manage flight tool of Ethiopian Airlines. Here are a bunch of things that can be done with the help of this feature:

Ethiopian Manage Booking Features

Change Or Cancel Your Flight With the Manage Booking Tool 

If you have changed your mind, then you can cancel or change your flight using the Manage My Booking tool of Ethiopian Airlines. This feature provides access to modify your flight itinerary after reservation. You can make alterations to your reservation online by following just a few quick steps. However, you must check your fare type or reward type to check the fees and conditions that will apply to your flight.

Apply For A Refund After Flight Cancellation 

After canceling the flight the very first common question that arises in every flyer’s mind is about the refund. Well, passengers don’t have to worry about losing their money if they cancel their flight with Ethiopian Airlines. The Manage My Trip feature permits travelers to apply for a refund right after canceling their reservation with the airline. They can fill out a refund form through the manage booking section. After making a refund request, the airline will soon transfer their money to their travel account. However, the refund amount depends on the fare type of the passengers.

Add Your Favorite Meal On Flight

Are you someone who is very strict about their diet or very particular about their diet regime? You can use the Manage trip option to add or select your meal as per your choice. You can do it by visiting the official website where you’ll get a separate manage booking section through which you can select your favorite meal online.

Add Extra Bagagge On Flight

Everyone tries to pack their baggage as per the baggage guidelines set by the airlines. However, sometimes the baggage limit is exceeded. In such cases Ethiopian Manage My Trip tool helps a lot. This feature permits travelers to purchase extra baggage while traveling. However, they must pay the excess baggage fee for adding extra baggage. Thus, this is an amazing feature for passengers traveling with extra baggage because by paying a small amount you get permission to travel with more baggage.

Easy Web Check-in Through The Manage Flight Feature

If you want to skip the check-in queue part at the airport, then use the manage trip tool. This feature permits you to check in online and saves you time by allowing to to avoid standing in long queues. Online check-in is available for passengers from 72 to 2 hours before the departure of the scheduled departure of your flight. You can also get your boarding pass in advance.

Check Your Flight Status Via Manage Flight Tool

If you want to get all the updates on your Ethiopian Airlines flight, then you must use the manage flight tool. This feature helps you to get all the updates regarding your flight status. You can check the Manage My Trip section to see if your flight is delayed or on time. Not only this, but this tool also shows the flight cancellation status as well.

Upgrade Your Cabin Class Using The Manage My Trip Option

Upgrading your cabin class is also an amazing benefit of using the Manage My Trip tool. So, whether you have an economy or business class seat, you can upgrade your cabin class from economy to business class and business to first class. You can upgrade your cabin class directly by visiting the official website.

Select Your Desired Seat

Do You Love looking outside view right from the window seat of your flight? Or prefer sitting right next to your loved one? If yes, then you must use the manage my booking option to select your desired seat on Ethiopian Airlines. You can select your favorite seat directly from the seat map of the flight. However, sometimes you might not get the seat of your choice due to the unavailability of the seats.

Make Correction In Your Personal Details

If you are worrying about entering your personal details such as your name, address, and contact details incorrectly, then worry not. The Manage Flight tool permits you to make modifications to your personal details as well. So, if you made mistakes in filling out your details, modify them by retrieving the trip through manage booking. 

Purchase Wi-Fi Via Manage Trip Tool

Having a good internet connection has become a necessary thing for us. Ethiopian Airlines understands this, Therefore, they allow the passengers to purchase Wi-Fi on board your flight. You can use the manage my booking option to add this option to your itinerary. However, you have to pay a small amount as a fee for availing of this facility. Also, Wi-Fi fees are non-refundable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking feature?

Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking feature is an online tool that offers multiple facilities in one place. Passengers can use this option to add or change their flight itinerary.

What is the perk of using the Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking tool?

There are various perks of using the manage booking tool of Ethiopian Airlines. This feature allows the passengers to make various alterations to their flight itinerary online which helps them in saving their time a lot. Moreover, they can modify their itinerary anywhere through the official website or via an online app.

Can I change the flight date with Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, You can change your flight date with Ethiopian Airlines. You can use the manage trip tool to change the date online. For this, you need to visit the official website and, then go to the manage booking section. Now follow the on-screen steps to change the flight date.

How can I add extra baggage on my Ethiopian Airlines flight?

If you are traveling with Ethiopian Airlines, then you can use the manage trip tool to add more baggage to your itinerary. However, you have to pay an excess baggage fee for adding excess baggage to your flight.

Can I change my seat on Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, you can change your seat on Ethiopian Airlines. If you have picked your seat earlier then you can use the manage my trip tool to reselect it. After fetching the trip through the My Trip tool, pick the Seat Selection option. Now, from the available seats pick the desired one. 

Does the Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking feature offer the facility to check flight status?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines Manage booking feature offers the facility to its passengers that they can check the current flight status of their booked flight. This feature shows the exact status of their flight whether it’s delayed or on time.

How can I cancel my Ethiopian Airlines flight using the manage my trip option?

If you have changed your mind and want to cancel your flight with Ethiopian Airlines, then you should use the manage my trip option for canceling your flight online. For this, visit the official website or go to your online mobile app and just follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your flight without any assistance.

How to add a meal on an Ethiopian Airlines flight using the manage trip tool?

You can add your favorite meal in advance with the help of the Ethiopian Airlines manage trip tool. This tool provides you the option to select the food of your choice which you can enjoy while traveling on the flight.

Can I correct my personal details via the Manage Trip feature?

Yes, you can correct your contact details via the Manage Trip feature. This tool allows you to update your name, address, and contact details as well. So, if you filled out any of these details incorrectly at the time of booking, you can correct it online with this option.

Does the Ethiopian Airlines Manage Flight option allow passengers to check in online?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines Manage flight option allows flyers to check in online. The online check-in facility is offered to the passengers from 72 to 2 hours before their flight departs. Not only this, passengers can get their boarding passes online as well.

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