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Passengers who book tickets for the standard class but later want to convert their booking to the higher class often get confused, will they be allowed or is it possible? Not to worry, almost every airline has an upgrade option. Similarly, Kuwait Airways have started a Just Upgrade service. It allows passengers to upgrade through a bidding system. It helps to get the best prices for upgrading from economy to Business or from business to first-class. Thus, the Kuwait Airways Just Upgrade helps passengers to witness the most luxurious and most comfortable trip. 

Eligibility Criteria and Other ‘Just Upgrade’ Guidelines

Kuwait Airways “Just Upgrade”

Passengers can upgrade their class on Kuwait Airways to avail of benefits, including priority boarding, better comfort, a variety of meals, and access to a lounge. The airlines allow passengers to request upgrades at most 24 hours before scheduled departure time. Also, ensure to have the Oasis number added to the booking number as it helps in better chances to accept the bid by the airline. Remember that even after upgrading to a higher cabin class, the fare conditions of the original tickets will apply to the booking. Here are a few more guidelines:

  • The flight must be operated by Kuwait Airways (no codeshare flights) for accepting a bid for upgrades. 
  • Passengers cannot transfer or assign Just Upgrade service to other flights or passengers. 
  • Therefore, only Kuwait Airways are liable to choose if the ticket is upgraded or not. 
  • Tickets booked through the redemption of Oasis Club are not eligible for upgrades.
  • Passengers can cancel or change their upgrade option through a link on the official website. 
  • Passengers can only submit one offer request for upgrades per flight and the difference amount of class must be paid in advance. 
  • Travelers cannot choose to upgrade for specific passengers under a booking containing multiple passengers. They have to bid for upgrades for all the passengers.
  • For minors under 12 years of age, upgrades can be completed by their parents on their behalf. 
  • When Kuwait Airways accepts the request for upgrades, passengers will receive a confirmation mail. 
  • Passengers are liable to pay fees and taxes for upgrades. 
  • Kuwait Airways is not responsible if the traveler’s offer is not accepted. 
  • In case the ‘Just Upgrade’ option is available only for selected segments, then the upgradation will apply for the same segment in case of multiple itineraries. 
  • There will be no refunds for upgrades. So, once Kuwait Airways accepts the offer and the amount is deducted from credit or debit cards. 

When can you get a Refund On Kuwait Airways Upgrades?

  • If the airline does not approve the offer.
  • When the flight gets canceled on which passengers have requested an upgrade. The airline will assign the next flight but in the original class. 
  • If for any reason passengers are not able to get a seat in the upgraded class, or delay in connecting flight that might cause missing a flight on which passengers have upgraded class. 
  • Moreover, the airline will refund only the upgrade amount and not offer any additional compensation. 

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How To Upgrade Seats On Kuwait Airways?

Passengers can upgrade their lower category tickets to higher class by placing a reasonable bid. The airlines allow you to place a bid for an upgrade up to 24 hours before departure. However, before applying for a bid make sure that the booking is eligible for an upgrade. 

Kuwait Airways Seat Upgrade Process
  • Firstly, ensure to purchase a ticket from the official website of the airline. It could be the official website, mobile app, city office, or call center. 
  • After purchasing the ticket, Kuwait Airlines will send an invitation link to the passengers. It is not necessary that all the passengers will receive the e-mail.
  • Click on the link, and the traveler will be directed to the upgrade page.
  • Here, enter the card details. Also, read the terms and conditions and confirm it.
  • In the next step, palace the bid for an upgrade. 
  • If Kuwait Airlines, confirms the upgrade offer, then it will deduct the amount from the credit card.
  • After confirmation, the airline will send the details of the new itinerary to the registered e-mail address. 

The travelers should respond quickly to the invitation mail as the upgrade offer is real-time and changes very quickly. Further modifications to your booking can be done through the Kuwait Airways Manage Booking online facility.

Deciding Factors For Receiving ‘Just Upgrade’ Invitation Mail?

Kuwait Airways is totally discrete about the Just Upgrade invitation mail. There are no such deciding factors that lead to receiving the mail. If a traveler wants to stand a chance to receive the invitation mail, then they should mention the right e-mail address and book the tickets as early as possible. 

However, there are certain conditions that make the flyer ineligible for an upgrade.

  • If the flight is not operated or ticketed by Kuwait Airways, then it will not send any invitation mail to the passenger.
  • Moreover, bookings with more than nine passengers are not eligible for Just Upgrade.
  • Also, if there is an infant in a booking, then the reservation does not qualify for the upgrade. 

How Much Do Kuwait Airways ‘Just Upgrades’ Cost?

Kuwait Airways Seat Upgrade Cost

There is no fixed cost or price slab for upgrading the cabin class in Kuwait Airways. It is because Kuwait Airways uses the bidding system for upgrades. Thus, the eligible travelers place an offer to Kuwait Airways for upgrading from lower to higher class. The decision to select an offer is totally up to the airline. Also, if your proposal is rejected, the airline is not liable to specify the reason. In case of acceptance, the amount will be deducted from the mentioned card.

  • Kuwait Airways accepts only Mastercard and Visa credit cards only. Depending on the card, it may be extra taxes while the transaction. 
  • Also, travelers have to pay the entire bid amount through one card only. They cannot split the amount into different cards. 
  • The airline suggests making an offer at least 24 hours before departure because Kuwait Airways accepts the bid 24 hours before departure. 
  • After entering the amount, the airline will show the final amount offered including all the taxes on the confirmation screen. 

Moreover, when the airline accepts the bid of the passenger and debits the amount from their credit card, then this amount is non-refundable in case of voluntary cancellation. The airline will not refund back the bid amount irrespective of the fare terms and conditions. 

Upgrade To First Class On Kuwait Airways

The first class is also known as the royal class and as per the name, it offers a premium level of service. On Kuwait Airways, first class is only available on B777 aircraft, which offers complete privacy and personal touch during the flight. Passengers are offered coffee and dates while they are welcome on board. Later, passengers can choose from a variety of international cuisine, and for entertainment, the flight has options for passengers to delight in. 

Is It Worth It To Upgrade To First Class On Kuwait Airways?

The following benefits make upgrading to First Class on Kuwait Airways worth it:

  • Passengers get access to a lounge where they can enjoy their waiting time and have a variety of meals and drinks for free.  
  • The airline offers limousine services to its first-class passengers.
  • Passengers can pass their time by reading newspapers and magazines.  
  • The airline allows more Baggage Allowance for free. 
  • Also, passengers receive blankets, pillows, and other amenities. 
  • Priority airport services, like check-in, boarding, and security checks. 
  • Seats in first class are more comfortable and can recline to fully flat beds. 
  • Also, passengers receive complimentary food and drinks during the journey. 

Upgrade To Business Class On Kuwait Airways

Business class has its style and comfort that provides passengers with a feeling of freshness and boosted energy. Passengers get comfortable space and seats, complimentary meals with a variety of drinks, and in-flight entertainment.

What Makes Business Class Upgrade Worth It?

  • Passengers get access to a lounge where they can enjoy their waiting time and have a variety of meals and drinks for free.  
  • Also, priority airport services, like check-in, boarding, and security checks.
  • Baggage allowance.  
  • Passengers receive toys and items for infants in business class. 
  • The airline provides blankets and other amenities to the passengers. 
  • Moreover, seats are more comfortable provide extra legroom, and can recline. 
  • Passengers receive complimentary food and drinks during the journey. 

What Happens to ‘Just Upgrade’ During Rebooking?

Under rare circumstances, someone will like to miss their upgraded flight booking. However, if Kuwait Airways has accepted your proposal for “Just Upgrade, ” and you are still bound to change your flight, then you have to forfeit your claim. 

The “Just Upgrade” offer is absolutely for the original flight and the passenger. If you are changing your flight, then the upgrade does not apply to your alternate flight. On top of that, you will not receive a refund of your bid amount. You will be eligible to rebook according to the original applicable fare rules. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Kuwait Airways Upgrade Worth It?

Yes, an upgrade on Kuwait Airways is not only having a flat-lie bed. It includes exceptional facilities like priority check-in and boarding, lounge access, complimentary meals, and drinks. Moreover, the seats are spacious and comfortable, with remarkable service by the cabin crew during the flight. 

What is Kuwait Airways’ new Just Upgrade service? 

The service helps passengers to upgrade their class on Kuwait Airways to avail of benefits, including priority boarding, better comfort, a variety of meals, and access to a lounge. The airlines allow passengers to request upgrades at most 24 hours before scheduled departure time.

How to upgrade on Kuwait Airways?

Travelers will receive an invitation mail for an upgrade. After opening the link, they have to place an offer for the upgrade. It is totally up to the airline to choose or reject their proposal. 

Can a passenger withdraw their Just Upgrade bid?

YES. The airline allows passengers to withdraw or cancel their offer of Just Upgrade at any time before the acceptance of the proposal. 

Can I get a refund for an upgrade on Kuwait Airways?

The airline does not allow refunds to passengers against any upgrades. However, in some conditions, the airline is obliged to provide a refund, like 

  • If a passenger does not get to sit in the upgraded seat for any reason.
  • When the flight gets canceled on which passengers have purchased an upgrade. The airline will assign the next flight but in the original class. 

Does Kuwait Airways allow redemption of Oasis Club member miles for Just Upgrade?

Unfortunately, Kuwait Airways does not let passengers pay for Just Upgrade using their Oasis Club member miles. 

Can I transfer an upgrade to Kuwait Airways? 

No, Kuwait Airways doe not allow passengers to transfer their upgrades to any other flight or other passengers. 

Can a single traveler choose to upgrade if the booking contains multiple travelers?

No, all the travelers in the booking have to pay for Just Upgrade. In case a single passenger wants to apply for Just Upgrade, then they can call the executive and split their booking with a new PNR.   

What is the minimum age for Just Upgrade eligibility?

The minimum age for Kuwait Airways Just Upgrade eligibility is twelve years. The airline considers passengers 12 years of age to be eligible to enter into the binding contracts. 

Does Economy Saver Fare are eligible for Just Upgrade?

Yes, Economy Save fare holders are eligible for making a bid for Just Upgrade. However, any eligible passenger has up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure 

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