Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy – Fees, Size & Weight Restrictions (Detailed Guide)

Philippine Airlines Baggage Allowance

Philippine Airlines is a carrier airline of the Philippines that operates domestic and international flights. Thus, the Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy explains all the requirements for baggage that one can take with them during the journey. However, there are specific rules and regulations for passengers’ baggage, which are allowed and prohibited.

What is Philippine Airlines Baggage Policy?

Philippine Airlines Baggage Restrictions

According to the Philippine airline baggage policy, each passenger can carry free baggage entitled to an entire journey over the primary ticket, not for the connecting flights. The airline has introduced a new variety of fare families and branded fares. It offers free baggage till a specific baggage weight. Though, for excess baggage, passengers have to pay an additional fee. 

Carry-On Baggage Policy

Philippine Airline Baggage Policy

All passengers can carry one piece of carry-on baggage with a maximum weight of 7 kg. The dimension of the bag should be at most 56 cm*36 cm* 23 cm. The passenger can carry up to two following items:

  • A handbag
  • An overcoat 
  • A small camera
  • Laptop bag 

Yet, there are some Philippines airline’s baggage restrictions for carry-on baggage 

  • Multiple bags tied together will not be considered as one.
  • Never put carry-on baggage on each other, as the bags can fall when the overhead bin opens.
  • Make sure all the bags are closed properly to avoid falling items. 
  • Try to avoid overweight or oversized carry-on baggage as it can damage the overhead bin or its lock mechanism. 

Checked Baggage Policy

In Philippine baggage policy, checked baggage with a weight of a piece of baggage should be up to 35 kg on domestic flights, and for international flights, a maximum weight of two pieces of the bag should not be more than 35 kg. 

Philippine Airlines Baggage Restrictions

Some of the points to remember

  1. For economy class, the weight should not exceed 25 kg within Asia (except Korea)
  2. The weight should be at most 30 kg in Asia (except Korea) for the premium class.
  3. For business class, the weight should be a most 35 kg within Asia (except Korea). 
  4. A certain fee is charged per bag if you have excess baggage. International passengers would be charged $100; for domestic, the excess baggage charge is PHP 224.

Baggage Allowance For Domestic Philippine Airlines Flights

The total weight of the check-in baggage is free of charge, and checked baggage on a domestic flight should be at most 32 kg. If it is within the weight, the baggage will be repacked or will not be accepted. For check-in baggage, an extra fee will be charged if the dimensions exceed the mentioned size. The minimum free baggage allowance for Basco is 10 kg. The charge for overweight baggage would be PHP 350 (all-inclusive). 

Free baggage allowanceFare benefit
Economy saver valueNo bags
Economy saver10 kg
Economy value20 kg (Basco 10 kg)
Economy flex20 kg (Basco 10 kg)
Premium economy25 kg
Business value30 kg
Business flex35 kg
Baggage Allowance On Domestic Flights

Baggage Allowance For International Philippine Airlines Flights

If the passenger travels on a direct flight, no baggage fee will be charged for weight not exceeding 35 kg. A certain fee will be charged if the passenger has a connecting flight. The free baggage allowance for international flights is listed in the following table:

Cabin ClassKoreaAsia PacificJapan, the Middle East, the US, Canada, Europe
Economy class20 kg30 kg2 pieces up to 23 kg
Premium class25 kg35 kg2 pieces up to 25 kg
Business class35 kg 40 kg2 pieces up to 32 kg
Baggage Allowance On International Flight

Connecting Flights Baggage Policy

In the case of connecting flights, passengers might have to again go through the security check with the baggage upon arrival. As the facility at terminals is limited, baggage tagging for the direct trip is prohibited. Some countries that include baggage check-in on arrival at Manila again are the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Guidelines to know:

  • The connecting flight will be within 24 hours of arrival.
  • Passengers can leave the airport and enter the Philippines. Thus, returning, they must follow all safety protocols and Philippines travel requirements. 
  • There is no need to show additional travel requirements if the passenger does not leave the airport.
  • If the connecting flight is from a Philippine airline, shuttle services will be provided between the terminals. Although, if the ticket for the second destination is from another airline, the transport services between terminals would be borne by you. 

Baggage Policy For Infants

Philippines airline offers free infant baggage (without seats), paying 10% of the adult fare. The size of the infant bag should be at most 62 inches. It might be allowed to carry one fully foldable stroller or infant’s car seat. 

RouteChecked baggageCarry-on baggage
domesticNot applicableNot applicable
International1 piece at most 10 kgNot applicable
North America, Japan, Canada1 piece at most 23 kgNot applicable
Philippine Airlines Infant Baggage Allowance

How To Add Baggage On Philippine Airlines Bookings?

Passengers can add baggage at the time of check-in online or can add baggage before 4 hours of departure. It helps in smooth check-in, gets discounts, and gives you get an extra allowance. To add baggage during booking, visit the PAL website or mobile app. Later, after the booking, baggage can be added using the Philippine Airlines Manage Booking facility. One can purchase anytime from PAL Ticket offices and contact centers and easily with many travel agencies to select before 4 hours of departure. If you want to upgrade the booked baggage, you can upgrade it through PAL ticket offices and the contact center. 

Philippine Airlines Baggage Fee

At the airport, the passenger would be charged PHP2000 for 20 kg. The online charges: 

From the middle east to Area 1USD 115
Between the middle east and Area 3USD 115
Between Japan and Area 2USD 115
From Japan and Area 3USD 100
From Guan and Area 3USD 130
From Vancouver and Area 3USD 165
Philippine Airlines Baggage Fee Online

Restricted Items

The Philippine airline does not allow inflight travel accessories like comfort devices, travel gadgets, infight beds, cubes, and knee defenders. As it can cause disturbance to other passengers or can block access to seats or rows. 

Allowed Special items

  • Batteries
  • Bulky/ fragile baggage
  • Cabin baggage
  • Human remains
  • Musical instrument
  • Pets
  • Plants
  • Perishable foods
  • Sports equipment 
  • Medical oxygen or a wheelchair 

What To Do If Your Baggage Is Missing Or Damaged By Philippine Airlines?

If your baggage is missing or has been delayed, the airline shall make sure to baggage issue is rectified. Read further for details on what to do if your baggage is delayed or missing.

Missing Baggage

Upon arriving at the airport, once you find the baggage is missing, visit the baggage counter for help. One of the executives will assist you with filling out the report for missing baggage. They will provide you with a reference number to enquire about your baggage. Once the airline searches your baggage, they will contact you for verification. If the baggage is not found within 7 days, the passenger can request a claim by submitting a claim form. 

Damaged Baggage

If passengers find the baggage damaged on arrival, they can contact the baggage counter executive directly for further help and file a report. However, normal tears and scratches will not be acceptable. Anything damaged due to improper packing or some dents and cuts will not be considered damaged. Security personnel and the airline will approve the damages once appropriately checked, and later one can ask for a claim for the damages done. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Philippine airline baggage price for excess baggage?

Excess baggage costs $100 per bag, depending on the location. 

How many bags can I carry on a Philippine airline?

While flying on this airline, passengers can carry one carry-on bag and one personal item. However, two pieces of checked baggage weighing 23 kg are allowed. Exceeding this weight will charge you an additional fee. 

What is the Philippine baggage policy?

According to the Philippine airline baggage policy, each passenger can carry free baggage entitled to an entire journey over the primary ticket, not for the connecting flights. 

What is the baggage allowance for codeshare flights to the Philippines?

Economy class flights from Philippine routes to/from Bahrain, Tokyo, and Brunei baggage allowance is 23 kg. 

How much weight is allowed to carry for domestic flights?

The carry-on weight allowed on domestic flights is 7 kg; a bag weight should be 32 kg for most baggage.  

What should be the Philippine baggage airline dimension for carry-on baggage? 

The size should not exceed 56 cm* 36cm *23 cm in dimension. 

What is the infant baggage policy?

Philippines airline offers free infant baggage (without seats), paying 10% of the adult fare. The size of the infant bag should be at most 62 inches. It might be allowed to carry one fully foldable stroller or infant’s car seat. 

How to know the most significant carrier (MSC)? 

The first carrier that crosses one IATA area to another is the MSC. 

What are IATA areas? 

  • Area 1- North America, Central and South America, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico.
  • Area 2- Europe, Middle East, Africa.
  • Area 3- Asia, Southwest Pacific, Japan, Korea, Southwest Asia. 

How much weight of checked baggage is allowed for business class?

The checked baggage weight on domestic flights is up to 35 kg. Therefore, two pieces of baggage weighing 32 kg on an international flight are allowed.

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