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    Air Canada is one of the largest and most well-known airlines in the world. It offers luxurious services in both passengers & cargo platforms to over 207 destinations. Air Canada Airlines Manage Booking operates both domestic & international flights. It’s renowned for being the seventh-largest flight across the world in terms of fleet size. 

    Know Your Airline

    The experience with the airlines is always pleasant & comfortable that it continues to linger in the memories. The staff and crew are skilled & well-mannered. Air Canada airlines have now introduced Air Canada Airlines Manage Booking facility, to bring more convenience to the flying experience. You can also download Air Canada’s App from the Google Store for Android users & from the App store for that of Apple users.

    How is Air Canada Airlines Manage Booking Done through the official website?

    All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below and do Air Canada Airlines Manage Booking-

    1. Visit Air Canada’s Official website,, or download the app on your smartphone.
    2. If you are an Aeroplan member, then you can log into your Air Canada account with your personal information.
    3. Click on ‘Booking’ or just scroll down the window & you will find one booking option there.
    4. Enter all necessary details, such as the booking number and your last name in the spaces provided.
    5. Click on the ‘Search’ option & select the booking you wish to make modifications in, such as, changing flight date or changing the seat.
    6. If you changed your flight, you might have to pay the fare difference.
    7. Click on ‘Confirm change’ to submit your changes.
    8. You will receive a confirmation e-mail sent to you by Air Canada to your registered e-mail along with your updated booking information.

    Furthermore, if you face any issue in Air Canada Airlines Manage Booking, then feel free to reach out to the airlines and get help instantly by calling the helpline at +1-805-270-2709.

    Do not waste your time and just fill out the air canada form to know your flight status.

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      Manage flight booking

      What does Air Canada Airlines Manage Booking Tab Offers?

      Flight change

      You can only make changes to those flights that are purchased on You make changes in your flight within 24 hours of the original booking then you do not have to pay for any flight changes. However, you need to some flight changes fee if you are doing beyond the 24-hours grace period. You need to pay the $60 for the flight change fee. 

      You need to follow these steps to make changes to your flight:

      1. Firstly, visit the official website of Air Canada or make a call at +1-805-270-2709.
      2. Now, go to the manage my booking tab to make changes to your flights.
      3. Provide your surname and registration number to fetch your booking details.
      4. After that, tap on the flight that you need to make changes.
      5. Then save your changes after fixing the spelling errors.
      6. In the end, Air Canada will inform you of updated information in your mail regarding your changes.

      Name Change

      According to the Air Canada Name Change Policy, You can only correct your name up to some characters. You can only change your name under some legal conditions.

      Follow the given steps to change your name:

      • Firstly, visit the official website of Air Canada.
      • After this, visit the manage my booking section to make changes.
      • Provide your surname and registration number.
      • Now, select the flight that you need to change.
      • Then save your changes after fixing the spelling errors.
      • In the end, Air Canada will send updated information regarding your changes.

      Easy Refunds and Cancelations

      You will be delighted to know that Air Canada has a flexible approach to cancellations policy and refunds. Moreover, if you wish to ask for a refund, then visit and submit the Ticket Refund Application Form. And also you can find the form easily on the website.

      If you want to ask for a refund on an unused ticket then locate and click on the Cancel your booking online’ tab on the website. Please note that you can only get refunds on eligible tickets booked directly through the airlines.

      Moreover, if you have made your bookings with a third party or a travel agency then please contact them directly.

      Rebooking/Miss Flight Policy

      Have you missed your flight? Do not worry; Air Canada allows passengers to rebook their flight at no extra cost. However, you need to pay some fee for rebooking your flight. In addition, you also need to pay the fare difference if there is any. And if you have missed your flight because of the airline’s fault, then it is their responsibility to rebook you on another flight at no extra cost. They will also provide you with accommodation and meal services if your flight is scheduled for another day.

      Reserve or add a seat through Air Canada Airlines Manage Booking

      If you want to change your seat on the plane or add a seat then you can do that on It’s a part of Air Canada Airlines Manage Booking. Moreover, Air Canada also allows passengers to select their seats in advance without paying any extra fee. Here are the steps to change or reserve your seat,

      1. Firstly, log in with your ticket confirmation number and last name on
      2. You can find the confirmation number in your email.
      3. Check your flight seat map and confirm your selection.
      4. Lastly, if you come across any kind of trouble regarding seat selection, you can reach customer support for any disruptions, upgrades, or anything.

      The team is determined to help you with any issues that you may have. Contact our air canada team at +1-805-270-2709

      Add Extra Baggage Through Air Canada Airlines Manage Booking

      Please note that as per Air Canada’s baggage policy you are allowed to bring one standard article and one personal item in the cabin for no additional fee. Moreover, make sure your item does not exceed the size dimensions of 33*16*43cm. The size dimensions for the standard article are 55*23*40cm. These dimensions include the size of wheels and handles.

      Air Canada does not have a set weight limit for carry-on baggage. But we will advise you to pack light as it will be more convenient for your fellow passengers as well. If you still face any issues, do not hesitate to contact the airline on its registered number.

      How to add extra baggage through the official website?

      1. Firstly, go to the website,, and locate My Trip on the homepage.
      • If you are an Aeroplan member you have to log in to your account using your credentials.
      • Select the option “Change” on the top toolbar. Add your baggage and confirm your selection.
      • In addition, you can also purchase the baggage online. It is a great tool to save time at the airport.
      • To learn about restricted and prohibited items, please go through the list, available on
      Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Air Canada Airlines Manage Booking

      Have you done booking your flight tickets in advance with Air Canada Airlines & got a few questions related to your Air Canada Airlines Manage Booking? Here are answers to some of the very common FAQs, which may help you.

      Q1. Which travel documents are needed for traveling by Air Canada?

      Ans.- The mentioned travel documents are the documents you will need for traveling by Air Canada
      1.    Government-issued Identity proof
      2.    One Valid passport that is updated
      3.    One Valid Visa(for destinations that do require it)
      Furthermore, you can also visit the travel documents page on Air Canada’s official website,, and learn more about it.

      Q2. How Does Code Sharing influence my Air Canada to travel?

      Ans.- With code sharing, you will be able to relish your flight’s services together with the other airlines, Air Canada Airlines has partnered it.

      Q3. How do choose seats on Air Canada’s flights?

      Ans.- You can easily choose your preferred seats when you use the Air Canada Airlines Manage Booking option in the below-given ways.
      1.    When you book your flight tickets
      2.    After the booking of your flight’s tickets
      However, please note that you will need to get your seat selection done within 24 hours before your scheduled flight’s departure because the selection of seats is purely subject to availability.

      Q4. Are early-bird check-ins important on Air Canada Airlines?

      Ans.- Yes, like other airlines, early-bird check-in is very important for the passengers who are traveling by Air Canada Airlines. However, passengers are required to check-in within 24 hours till 12 hours before their scheduled flight departure. It is a great step to bring convenience to your Air Canada Airlines Manage Booking process.

      Q5. What is the process of dealing with flight delays for Air Canada?

      Ans.- In the cases when your flight gets delayed, then Air Canada Airlines will let you know about it through your provided phone number +1-805-270-2709. However, Air Canada will also re-book you to the earliest flight to compensate for the flight delay.
      Hence, the above-mentioned FAQs are the main ones that may help you in your Air Canada Airlines Manage Booking, However, if you’re searching for more information, you can reach out to the airlines and get more detailed insight.

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