Starting its operations in 1941, Philippine Airlines (PAL) is the flag carrier of its home country. In addition to PAL express, it has been offered a lot more services to over 53 destinations around the globe, with a fleet of 61 aircraft. With Philippines Airlines Manage Booking always offered its passengers a luxurious flight experience & makes changes and modifies their flight itinerary.

PAL offers its customers the ability to interact with their reservations. That is to say, services like changing flights, meal services, fare upgrades, etc. Thus, today we’ll talk about the Philippines Airlines Manage Booking section used to avail of these services.

What’s Philippines Airlines Manage Booking?

The Philippines Airlines Manage Booking is the best tool provided by Philippine Airlines on their website. In addition to viewing your bookings, it also allows passengers to avail of additional services and makes changes to their flights. Want to know more about services and features that provide the Philippines Airlines Manage Booking is the best option to make cancel or change your flight procedure with ease.

How to Access the Philippines Airlines Manage Booking?

In order to get access to the Manage Booking section of Philippine Airlines,

  • Firstly, visit the official website for Philippine Airlines
  • Secondly, click on Manage Booking or dial +1-888-573-3166.
  • Thirdly, enter your reservation details.
    • Booking Reference
    • Last Name of the Passenger
  • Then click on Proceed.

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What are the Features of Philippines Airlines Manage Booking?

View Philippine Airlines (PAL) & PALexpress Bookings.

Philippine Airlines passengers can look up their flight bookings through the manage booking section on the Philippine Airlines official website.

Rebook Flights

In case your plans change, you can change your flight’s destination or date. Also, you can simply cancel your flight and book another one at no charge at all. However, this is dictated by specific guidelines.

Change Contact Information.

That is to say; passengers can access their reservations through the Philippines Airlines Manage Booking section. In order to change their contact information (phone number, email, etc.) in that booking. However, you need to put in your reference number & last name to access it.

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Select PAL Travel Extras.

Moreover, passengers can also get access to additional travel services:

  • Flight Upgrades – Passengers have the option of upgrading a previously booked flight to a higher class. In short, there are two ways of upgrading flights.
    • Bidding – On one hand, passengers can bid on the class of fare they want to upgrade to, and the highest bid wins the upgrade.
    • Purchasing – On the other hand, they can just pay to purchase the upgrade upfront. However, this method is more expensive than bidding but quicker and certain.
  • Extra Baggage – At times, passenger’s baggage weighs more than their fare allows. In that case, passengers have the option of purchasing an additional baggage allowance. Also, Extra Baggage purchased pre-flight is cheaper. The passengers can access these through the Philippines Airlines Manage Booking. However, the Extra Baggage price depends on how long before the flight you buy it.
Allowance (Kilograms)Rate while Booking the Flight (USD)Manage Booking Rate (USD)
More than 14 days from the Flight14 or Fewer Days from the Flight
  • Preferred Seats – The Philippines Airlines Manage Booking section allows passengers to reserve their preferred seats well in advance. In addition, passengers can pay for seats with extra legroom or seats in the front compartment for fast disembarkation.
Forward Section Seats$50
Extra Legroom$120
Advanced Aisle Seat Selection$20
  • Neighbor Free Seats – We are all justifiably scared of sitting close to people in these times. After all, no one wants to get COVID. Thus, Philippine Airlines allows passengers to purchase their neighboring seats. In order to buy Neighbor Free Seats:
    • Firstly, click on this link.
    • Secondly, enter your booking details to check if your fare is eligible for this service.
      • Booking Reference
      • Last Name of the Passenger

*If you are eligible for this service, proceed to the next step.

  • Thirdly, select the number of seats you want neighbor free.
    • Fourthly, proceed with the payment.
    • Lastly, open your email to see the confirmation mail from PAL.
  • Special Meal Select (myPAL Flavors) – In case there’s a passenger with special dietary needs or just a passion for food. Philippine Airlines offers the opportunity to upgrade their meal for a small fee. However, there are specific terms & conditions for myPAL Flavors. Passengers can avail this service through the Philippines Airlines Manage Booking or dial +1-888-573-3166 for help.
  • MyPAL Roam – For passengers needing internet connection in a foreign country. Philippine Airlines provides the myPAL Roam service. In short, it is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot with a built-in power bank. However, the rates of this service depend upon the location of travel & renting period.
Destination3 Days5 Days 10 Days15 Days20 Days30 Days

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Fare Upgradation Charges

Economy to Business Class
OriginDestinationUpgradation Fee (One-Way)
Los Angles/San FranciscoManila$1,300
New York$1,300
Premium Economy Class to Business Class
OriginDestinationUpgradation Fee (One-Way)
Los Angles/San FranciscoManila$650
New York$700
Economy Supersaver/Saver/Value/Flex Class to Premium Economy Class
Origin Upgradation Fee (One-Way)
Los Angles/San FranciscoManila$550
New York$600

Terms & Conditions

  1. Passengers can only rebook a group booking if the group has nine or fewer passengers. That is to say, you cannot rebook a group booking with ten or more passengers.
  2. Certain types of fares will not be eligible for flight upgradation. For instance:
    1. Frequent Flyer Programs Award Tickets.
    1. ID/AD tickets.
    1. Fares accommodating unaccompanied minors
    1. Group bookings with ten or more passengers
    1. MEDA
    1. Reservations with infants
    1. Codeshare flights that aren’t not operated by Philippine Airlines.
    1. Charter flights
  3. In case a passenger cancels their flight, PAL will not refund the seat selection amount. Also, Advanced Seat Selection is only valid for the purchased fare. That is the say, any changes in flight will cancel the service.
  4. Neighbor Free Seats cannot be rebooked, transferred, or endorsed. However, passengers can refund their amount in case of cancelation.
  5. In the case of special meals, passengers have to request the service at least 72 hours before the departure time. Also, meal upgrades are non-refundable.
  6. Passengers who get a fare upgrade cannot request a refund on their meal request.
  7. Also, special meals are only available on select flights.
  8. Passengers using the myRoam service have a determined bandwidth & data amount. That is to say:
BandwidthData Limit (12:00 AM – 11:59 PM per day)
150 Mbps1 GB
3 MbpsExceeding 1 GB Data
  • Also, passengers can connect up to five devices to the myRoam portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Contact Information

Reservation HotlinePhone No: 1-800-435-9725
Mabuhay MilesPhone No: 1-800-435-9725 Email
People with Disability ProgramPhone No: 1-800-435-9725

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. How do I check my flight booking?

In order to check your flight booking:
·       Firstly, visit the official website of your airlines.
·       Secondly, look for & click on Manage/Manage Bookings.
·       Thirdly, enter your booking details, and click on Retrieve Booking/Search
o   Booking Reference/Reference Number/Ticket Number.
o   Last Name of the Passenger.
·       Lastly, select the reservation you want to check.

Q2. What is manage booking?

Manage Booking is a tool provided by airlines on their websites. In short, this tool offers passengers more interaction with their bookings & airline services. For instance, allowing passengers to alter their flight plans, add extra services, edit their information, etc.

Q3. How can I check my booking status in Philippine Airlines?

In order to check your booking status in Philippine Airlines.
·       Firstly, visit the official website for Philippine Airlines or dial +1-888-573-3166.
·       Secondly, select Flight Status.
·       Thirdly, select the method of search.
o   Search by Flight Number.
·       Fourthly, input the details of your booking.
o   Date of Departure
o   Flight Number
o   Origin
o   Destination
·       Then click on Check Status.

Q4. Can I add baggage after booking?

Mostly, airlines allow their passengers to request extra baggage services at any time. However, it is advised to request this service in advance through the website to get the best price.