Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy means different things to different people.

  • If you purchased the facility of Trip Flex at the time of making purchases with Allegiant, it is going to be different for you;
  • If you are the one who did not buy Trip Flex at the time of booking your flight, it is going to sound altogether different to you; or,
  • Finally, if you do not know what Trip Flex is, Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy is going to be a new revelation to you.

Thus, for understanding Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy as clearly as possible, the samecan be best divided into the following two categories:

  1. Cancellation when not having Trip Flex
  • Cancellation when having Trip Flex

  The facility of Trip Flex 

  • Cancellation policy when you don’t show up
  • Policy due to Covid-19 situation. Call the allegiant helpline at +1-888-573-3166 for help.
SituationsCancellation Policy
Canceling your flight reservation before it has been 24 hours of booking:You can cancel free for a full refund; Provided that you booked your flight at least a week before your departure, and you purchased only a flight, not any package including other items i.e, hotels, cars, etc too.
Canceling your flight after 24 hours of booking without Trip Flex: read 2.1 belowYou can cancel with a cancellation fee for a credit voucher but not a refund; Provided that there are still 7 days left before departure.
Canceling your flight after 24 hours of booking with Trip Flex:You can cancel without a cancellation fee even before one hour of departure for a credit voucher but not a refund.

For a detailed explanation, you are advised to go through the text below.

Cancellation when not having Trip Flex

If you don’t have Trip Flex because you did not purchase that at the time of booking your flights, and you want to cancel your reservations with Allegiant, you are to look at the following rules of Allegiant Airlines Cancellation regarding cancellation:

  • You can cancel your reservation after booking your flight if there still has not passed 24 hours since you reserved your flight, and having canceled your flight before the time of 24 hours has elapsed , you can get a full refund without paying a cancellation fee. However, you can do it only if your flight reservation with Allegiant satisfies the following two conditions, first, you have booked your flight with Allegiant at least a week before your departure day, and second, this flight reservation is a single purchase in itself; in other words, it means this flight reservation is not a part of any package including flight reservations along with reservations of any other sorts i.e., hotels, rental cars, etc.
  • If the flexibility of 24 hours have passed, and now it comes to you that you need to cancel your fight you reserved with Allegiant, you can still cancel your flight reservation though that you have to do under the following limitations: first, you have to cancel your flight reservation with Allegiant through a cancellation fee, which has been temporarily reduced to $25 dollars recently due to the Covid-19 situation (it is mentioned under Allegiant’s Covid-19 cancellation policy), and second, you cannot get a refund after cancellation, and instead of a refund, all Allegiant does after you cancel your flight through a cancellation fee, is that you are issued a credit voucher after deducting the cancellation fee out of the amount of the money you paid for booking your flight you are cancelling, and you can use this voucher of non-refundable and non-transferable nature for purchasing your next flight with Allegiant in the future. However, you are supposed to use this credit voucher for making purchases with Allegiant before the passage of one year counted from the date when you first made the reservation for which, at the time of cancellation, you were given a credit voucher.
  • However, you cannot cancel your flight even after paying a cancellation fee, if there are only seven days left before your scheduled departure with Allegiant Airlines Cancellation. It means you can only cancel your flight with Allegiant even with the option of paying a cancellation fee if you are doing it before seven days of your departure; however, the facility of Trip Flex removes this limitation: see 2.1.
  • Any of such credit vouchers cannot be made valid beyond their expiration dates through any means; Credit or Credit Funds or Credit Vouchers mean ono-refundable and non-transferable credit vouchers that you can use, if you have any, for making purchases in the nearest future with Allegiant.
  • If you are canceling your reservation with Allegiant that does not only include air transportation or a flight reservation but also other items too. i.e., hotels, cars, or other related services, and you are doing it after 24 hours of booking here, you have to pay other fees too along with a cancellation fee before canceling your package. (after 24 hours have passed).

Check Also; Allegiant Airlines Manage Booking or dial +1-888-573-3166 for help.

Flight Cancellation when having Trip Flex

  • Before everything, please note that you can cancel all sorts of reservations within 24 hours of making them with Allegiant.
  • If you purchased Trip Flex at the time of booking your flight, you can cancel your flight reservation without paying a cancellation fee.
  • With the flexibility of the Trip Flex option, you can cancel your flight reservation even one hour before your departure. If you cancel just a flight out of the entire purchase of a package item, the money you spent on the rest of the items shall be forfeited by Allegiant. 
  • However, you don’t get any money back at the time of cancellation with Trip Flex any money back that you might have spent as carrier charges, trip flex, and related booking fees.
  • If you purchased a full package item like a vacation package itinerary, you have to cancel your reservation at least 3 days before your scheduled departure with the facility of Trip Flex.
  • However, even with Trip Flex, if you are canceling your reservations with Allegiant after 24 hours of making them, you cannot get a refund but a credit voucher.
  • What you can do with these credit vouchers is explained above under the preceding heading.

The facility of Trip Flex 

These are the advantages that you get if you purchase Trip Flex:

  • You can make changes to or cancel your flight reservations with Allegiant without any change and cancellation fees if you purchase TripFlex™ at the time of booking.
  • With Trip Flex, you can modify your flight tickets till 1 hour before departure in the case of flight purchases whereas in the case of package purchases with Allegiant Airlines Cancellation like air/hotel package.
  • If you feel that you do not need Trip Flex, there is also the option where you can cancel the Trip Flex you purchased at the time of booking your flights and thereby become eligible for a full refund.

–  However, this option of canceling Trip Flex comes with the following  

    serious limitations, namely, first, you can only cancel within 24

    hours of purchasing this facility; second, after purchasing this

             option, you have not made any modifications to your reservations  

             (or itinerary); and, third, you get a full refund only if you cancel  

             through customer care service, and you get only a credit voucher     

             that is going to be non-refundable and non-transferable, which you 

             are supposed to use for future travel.

Limitations to TripFlex option

  • The option of TripFlex can only be purchased at the time of booking your flight with Allegiant Airlines Cancellation;
  • It costs you somewhere around $8-20 dollars;
  • It is for sure that with the facility of TripFlex, you can make changes or cancel your tickets without any fees neither change fees nor cancellation ones though changes in prices of flights and other things you have to deal with alone and you will not be refunded but given in the form of non-refundable and non-transferable credit vouchers, which you can use for making future purchases with Allegiant Airlines Cancellation.
  • You can only make the desired changes to your reservations once irrespective of the fact whether the change is with respect to date, flight, or destination.

Cancellation policy when you don’t show up

  • If you don’t show up at the time of boarding your plane, your failure to board shall be considered your initiating the cancellation process, and as a result of it, any return flights, if you have in the case of round-trip tickets, shall also be cancelled automatically forfeiting all the funds. 

Cancellation due to Covid-19 situation

  • Due to the Covid-19 situation, Allegiant has reduced its cancellation fee to $ 25 per person, per flight segment; a segment means one takeoff and one landing.
  • Most cancellations due to the Covid-19 situation are taking place through visiting Manage Travel online directly.

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how to cancel a flight on allegiant air?

  • First, you need to go to the official website of Allegiant or dial +1-888-573-3166, and get to the option of “Manage Travel”;
  • Afterwards, select your reservations and cancel them through selecting “Cancel Booking”; and,
  • Finally, Allegiant will ask you to confirm and following it, they will finalise your cancellation giving you either a full refund or a credit voucher as per the situation and the concerned cancellation policy.

Can I cancel my Allegiant flight for free?         

  • Yes this can happen only either if you cancel your reservation within a day of booking your flight, or you have purchased the facility of Trip Flex at the time of making reservations.

How much does it cost to cancel a flight with Allegiant?

  • It depends on the situation you are in. The following are the three situations in which you most probably can be:
  • If you cancel your flight reservation within a day of booking your flight, it costs you nothing as you can cancel without paying any cancellation fees.
  • After 24 hours of booking a flight, if you cancel, you can do so through making a cancellation fee of $25.
  • If you have purchased the facility of Trip Flex during the purchase of flights with Allegiant, you do not have to pay any cancellation fee for cancellation.

Can I cancel Allegiant flight within 24 hours? 

  • Yes, you can do that.