If you want to reschedule your Delta flight because of some reason, the entire process of doing so is well explained below.

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How do I reschedule my delta flight? – Prerequisites

Before you reschedule your delta flight, you must have any one of these numbers at your disposal:

  • Confirmation Number
  • Credit/Debit Card Number
  • Ticket Number

These numbers, namely, Confirmation Number, Credit/Debit Number, and Ticket Number are prerequisites for rescheduling your Delta flight because you cannot reschedule without them.

This is so because you have to do the following things before you actually reschedule your Delta flight:

  • Secondly, after finding the itinerary, you can reschedule it as per your requirements.

Thus before rescheduling your itinerary, you have to do the search as mentioned above. And the main point is that you cannot do it if you do not have any one of the numbers.


Expanding on the same— For those who want to reschedule or change their flights on Delta.com, Delta has a search engine on its website.

You have to enter any one of the numbers into this search engine first if you want to reschedule your itinerary.

Once you have entered the number, it is used by the search engine to retrieve the information related to your itinerary you want to reschedule out of its large database where Delta stores all of its recent reservations.

Hence without the number, you cannot make use of the search engine at all — that means, no rescheduling at all.

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Delta Airlines Reschedule Flight Process

If you want to reschedule your delta airlines, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, go to Delta.com or dial +1-888-573-3166 for help.
  • Second, find out My Trips at the topof the website.
  • Once you click on it, a search engine will appear just below the same.
  • Here, in order to search your flight, you need to have any of the following three things,
  • Confirmation Number
  • Credit/Debit Card Number
  • Ticket Number
  • Let us suppose, you are using the confirmation number to find your itinerary.
  • Thus once you have your confirmation number, you can use it to find your Delta airlines that you want to reschedule.
  • Enter the number into the search engine that appears after clicking on My Trips
  • And,  that is all, after it, the engine will retrieve your itinerary; afterward, through clicking on Modify Flight, you can reschedule it as per your requirements.

How do I reschedule my delta flight? – How to find my confirmation code

What is the Confirmation number? And, How do I get it?

Each time you purchase a Delta flight, you get a confirmation receipt on the Email address you provide while making your reservation. And, This is (the confirmation receipt) where you find the confirmation code for the flight you have just booked.

Thus if you did not notice that before — at the time of making your flight —, and now you need the confirmation code to reschedule the flight you previously made, you have to first retrieve the confirmation receipt, and then locate the confirmation no. before you finally do your rescheduling business.

Hint: On such a receipt, the confirmation code for a flight will be right below the Delta logo and your name. In other words, it will be somewhere on top of the receipt.   The standard position of the confirmation code of a flight booked with Delta is as given — the section that is highlighted in yellow below.

How do I reschedule my delta flight? – Where do I find the ticket number?

You also find your ticket number on the same receipt where you find your confirmation number.

As mentioned above, after purchasing your Delta flight ticket, you get the transaction receipt, which is also known as the confirmation receipt, and on it, both the confirmation code and ticket number will be given.

An example of the standard ticket number is 0056773489664. The point is that there will be 13 digits in your ticket number. Or, in other words, your ticket number is a 13-digit number.

How do I reschedule my delta flight? — Change fees policy

  • There are no change fees for rescheduling Delta flights originating from North America to any destination in the world.
  • Although Basic Economy tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable, you can still change or reschedule your basic economy tickets if they hold the following characteristics.
Departure LocationTicketed Date On/BeforeImpacted Travel DateTicket Reissued On/Before
Europe, Africa, Middle East, and IndiaJan 31, 2022Jan 1, 2022, to Jan 31, 2022,Jan 31, 2022
  • Rescheduling a Non-Refundable Ticket: if your ticket is of non-refundable nature, and there applies no change-fee waiver to your ticket type, you might be charged a sum of $500 maximally for rescheduling — because how much you pay as a change fee depends on your travel route, cabin class, etc.

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How do I reschedule my delta flight? – If my new flight is more expensive, then?

Then you have to pay the difference to reschedule.

If it happens that your rescheduled flight costs you more than the one before rescheduling, you have to pay the difference.

The difference means the sum of money that you get after deducting the price of your original flight from that of your new price.

For example, if your original fight costs you $68, and your new flight after rescheduling costs you $108, hence in this case, the difference between your new and original fight is $40.

Thus to reschedule your $68 flight, and purchase the one priced at $108, first, you have to pay the difference, that is, $40.

Delta Airlines Reschedule Flight – If my new flight is less expensive, then?

Here, you receive a Delta eCredit.

If your new flight is less expensive than the old one, Delta first calculates the sum that you have paid extra while making your old or original flight, and then, gives you a Delta eCredit of the same value.

You can use this eCredit for purchasing a flight with Delta in the future.

Delta Airlines Reschedule Flight — Same-day flight rescheduling
  • The same-day-flight rescheduling means rescheduling a flight 24 hours before you are finally scheduled to depart as per your original ticket.
  • Your same-day rescheduled flight must fly within the following areas:

The United States

Puerto Rico

The U.S. Virgin Islands

  • If you are having a basic economy ticket, you cannot reschedule it within 24 hours of the original departure.
  • You can reschedule your flight within 24 hours of the originally scheduled departure online, during check-in, or on the Delta app, too.
  • However, the entire rescheduling of your flight depends on the availability of seats at the time when you require them.
  • This same-day rescheduling may cost you maximally $75.

Need more information then contact delta airlines manage booking or dial +1-888-573-3166 for help.