What Experts are Saying about British Airways Extra Baggage Cost?

British Airlines is one of the prominent Airlines that connects several continents globally. Moreover, this airline connects maximum direct routes to London and other destinations.

Furthermore, British Airways has received four-star ratings for its onboard product and services. You can travel with British Airways with one carry-on and one personal bag. 

Apart from that, there are also provisions if you carry luggage more than the allowed limits. However, it might be tough to understand British Airways’ additional bag fee structure. That is why we wrote this article. Through this article, we want our viewers to understand things easily. Call the British customer service at +1-202-982-2463

 Meanwhile, we have also discussed how passengers can avoid additional baggage fees. Furthermore, we have also explained if you are about to travel with your musical instrument and sports equipment.

So, be with us and read the blog till the end. As soon as you complete reading this blog, you will know about British Airways Baggages Prices.

British Airways Extra Baggage Cost

British Airways allows passengers that they can travel with extra baggage as checked baggage. In other words, you can go with additional baggage except for two standard-size baggage.

However, If you decide to travel with additional baggage, you need to pay the fee for extra checked baggage. Most importantly, this fee will depend on your journey ticket and route. As mentioned above, you can not go with bags weighing more than 23 kg.

BaggageAirport Price Online Price
Bags on Connecting Flights $45-$73$73
First Bag $45-$73$22-$45
Each Additional Bag$45-$73$45-73

British Airways Checked Baggage

British Airways also limits the quantity of checked baggage. As a result, the number of checked baggage for each customer depends on their ticket type, route, fare, and booking.

Furthermore, passengers checked bags should not be more than the dimension of 90cm x 75cm x 43cm, including wheels and handles.

Moreover, the checked bag should not be more than 32 kg or 23 kg, depending on your ticket type. For example, we have mentioned a table below to understand checked baggage allowance through which the passengers will understand.

As a   result, checked baggage varies as per the passenger’s ticket type in this table. Moreover, This checked baggage rule applies to/from all the flights except Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Brazil, and connecting journeys between  USA/Bermuda/Canada and India.

Type of TicketBaggage Allowance 
Business(First Club World Biz Bed)Weight-32 kg each, No. of bags-3
Business(Club Europ)Weight-32 kg each, No. of bags-2
Premium Economy(World Traveller Plus)Weight-23 kg each, No. of bags-2
Full Fare Economy(World Traveller Y Class)Weight-23 kg each, No. of bags-2
Economy(World Traveller Euro Traveller Domestic)Weight-23 kg each, No. of bags-1

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British Airways Baggage Prices

British Airways allows customers to board with one carry-on and one personal bag. Generally, people consider the personal bag as a laptop bag.

 Furthermore, British Airways gave the Definition of maximum allowed limits. As a result, personal bags should not be more than the dimension of 40cm×30cm×15cm.

 British Airways also defined the limit of carry-on bags that it should not being more than the dimension of  56cm×45cm×25cm. Moreover, the weight should not be more than 23 kg each. Moreover, Passengers who board with more than the defined limits.

Consequently, Airport members add your baggage as a checked baggage allowance. As a result, the passengers will have to pay the extra charges as excess baggage fees.

Type of BaggageMaximum Weight AllowedBag Size RestrictionsBaggage FeesAdditional Baggages Fee
Checked Baggage23kg to 32kg  Depending on ticket type and route90cm×75cm×43cm$22-$73 Depending on ticket type and route We have discussed in the excess bag section.
Cabin Baggage23 kg56cm×45cm×25cmNo feeIf your bag is oversize and overweight, then Airport imposes a charge.
Additional Baggage32 kg90cm×75cm×43cm$73 per bagN/A

How to Add Extra Baggage to British Airways

British Airways allows each passenger to check-in ten pieces of bags per flight. Furthermore, this also includes your checked baggage allowances.

 In other words, you board with nine more checked bags with one of your free checked baggage. The extra checked baggage prices range from  $40 to $135.

Meanwhile, this checked baggage fare is for when you book your ticket online. Furthermore, $45 to $158 for when you book your ticket from the Airport.

Also, if your bag is overweight, you will have to pay the overweight charge of up to $73. This charge will be applied when your bag is more than 32 kg.

However, If you have more heavy things, they will consider it shipped with cargo. If you want more information, refer to the table mentioned above.

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British Airways, Sporting & Musical Instruments

Most Importantly, British Airways consider Sporting equipment and Instruments as checked baggage. In other words, you can also say extra purchased checked baggage.

British Airways might carry items of dimensions up to 190cm x 75cm x 65cm and weight up to 45 kg. However, as we know, bags over 23 kg incur an extra charge.

If you need more help then contact British airways manage booking or dial +1-202-982-2463 for help.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I Add Baggage after Check-in at British Airways?

It will be chargeable if you add extra baggage. Furthermore, You need to buy an extra allowance online in advance to save a checked baggage allowance.
If you book your ticket from the Airport, it will be more costly. British Airways also charge if your bag is heavier or larger than the free baggage allowance.

How Much does Extra Baggage Cost per kg?

Firstly, you need to pay attention to your bag’s dimension and weight. If it is more than a free baggage allowance, Airlines charge for this.
Secondly, This charge may be vary depending upon the several states and countries if you want to save your money board with the allowed size and weight.

How big can a carry-on bag be for British Airways?

British Airways gives the permission to board with one carry-on and one personal bag. Meanwhile, Personal bags should not be more than the dimension of 40cm×30cm×15cm.
However, British Airways also defined the limit of carry-on bags that it should not be more than the dimension of 56cm×45cm×25cm.
Furthermore, you also take care of your bag weight. As a result, bag weight should not be more than 23 and 32 kg.
This weight depends on the fare type of your ticket. For example, if you have a ticket for economy class, you can board not more than 23 kg.
However, you are allowed to board with 32 provided that you must have the ticket for business class.