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United Business Class

Are you looking for a luxurious trip without smashing your budget? Then, without giving a single thought, fly United business class. United Airlines is known for its extensive international and domestic route network across the U.S. and 6 inhabited continents. On the other hand, United also offers numerous amenities under United Business Class that are not provided under economy tickets. 

Therefore, to know more carefully, read the business class United Airlines blog. 

United Airlines Business Class Guide

United Business Class – Overview 

The most premium class of all, which is available on flights between Latin America, the Caribbean, and the U.S. It also provides its customers wider seats and better leg space than the basic economy and economy plus.  

Almost every flyer wants to travel with business class United Airlines to avail of all the amenities, which are to claim baggage to get express check-in. But on the other hand, United has different expressions to define what the business cabin class offers. 

What to Expect In United Airlines Business Class? 

United Airlines provides multiple features and amenities to its customers in business class. You can Book your flight ticket via the United Airlines Official site, Mobile, App, or directly through the Live representative on call. To know in detail about the services of United Airlines Business Class, read the briefs given below. 

United Airlines Business Class Seats Dimension 

The seat dimensions of business class on United Airlines depend entirely on the aircraft the passenger is traveling in. Because every Aircraft number has a different number of seats and seat pitch and width, to know more carefully, read the table below. 

Business Class

Aircraft Seat Type Seat Pitch Seat Width 
United 767-300 Business Class (76A) Flatbed 75 24.0 
United 767 Business Class (76C) Flatbed 75 21 
United 777-200 Business Class(772) Flatbed 76 20 
United 777 Business Class(772) Flatbed 76 19.0 
United 787-9 Business Class (Layout1) Flatbed 78 22 
United 787 10 Business Class Open Suite 78 20.6 

United Polaris Business Class

Aircraft Seat Type Seat Pitch Seat Width 
United 777 200 Business Class Flatbed 198cm 22 
United 787-9 Polaris Business Class  Open Suite 198cm 20.5 
United 767-300 Polaris Business Class (Layout2 & 5) Flatbed 190cm 20.6 
United Dreamliner Business Class 787-10  Open Suite 198cm 20.5 

Difference between United Business and United Polaris Business Class.  

United Airlines offers two classes under business class- Business and Polaris class. United Airlines business class seats are generally offered on short-haul transcontinental or international flights. 

On the other hand, United Airlines international business class, also known as United Polaris class, is the business class product carrier for international long-haul flights. In Polaris, you will get more spacious seats in an open suite with a separate cabin and many other things. 

United Business Class Baggage Allowance 

Carry-On Bag & Personal Item 

United Airlines Carry-on and Personal Item Size Requirement
  • Passengers can bring one carry-on bag on the aircraft for free, which should fit in the overhead compartment. The dimensions should be 9X14X22 inches, including the wheels and handle.  
  • You can also carry one personal item for free of cost, such as a handbag or laptop bag whose dimensions should be 9X10X17 inches. 

Checked-In Baggage 

United Airlines Checked Baggage Requirement
  • Passengers traveling on United Airlines can carry 2 checked-in bags of 32kgs each at no cost with dimensions 157 millimeters in length. 

If you want to add more bags to your current reservation online then you have to navigate to the United Airlines Manage Booking option.

Airport Experience 

United Airlines is known for its business-class airport experience because it offers its passengers multiple facilities, such as premier access to security lanes and check-in at New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago airports. At the same time, they also offer access to Polaris premier lounge if the flyer travels from the airports mentioned above.  

Except for the premier access, the passenger with the business class also gets complimentary drinks, buffet stations, and private sleeping space with a blanket and eye mask. On the other hand, passengers with Polaris business class can only get access to Polaris premier if they are members of Star Alliance. Therefore, United operates fifty of its lounges at different airports. 

What Services United Airlines Provide After Boarding the Flight? 

Passengers traveling in business class can expect a convenient and comfortable flying experience. One can expect a comfortable and spacious reclined seat with amenity kits and in-flight meals. Therefore, to know more, read the brief given below. 

In-Flight Entertainment 

You will get a private screen with hundreds of Tv shows, movies, and music. On the other hand, passengers with business class have access to DirectTV, with hundreds of live TV channels. Therefore, not only the private screen, but you will also get access to free wifi, complimentary magazines, and many more. 

Meals and Beverages  

Customers traveling with business class get access to buffet stations at the airport and experience in-flight dining, from snacks to dessert, with various complimentary beverages. You can also pre-order or pre-book your meal so that while traveling, who doesn’t have to face any kind of issue. 

Amenity Kit 

United also provides its passenger with amenity kits that include a blanket, pillow, eye mask, high-end toiletries, pajamas, and many other things. 

A General Procedure to Book United Airlines Business Class 

  • First, go to the airline’s official site. 
  • Then, log in to your United account. 
  • Afterward, insert the data into the given fields such as trip type, flying from and to, date of traveling, number of passengers, and many more. 
  • Don’t forget to select the type of class. 
  • Then, click on find flight. 

Is United Airlines Business Class Worth it?  

The business class of United Airlines is entirely worth it if you want to experience the luxury. It is a bit expensive, but you can access premier security, check-in, complimentary drinks, and many more.  

Meanwhile, the cost of business class is a bit high, but you can upgrade your seat using the miles and have a luxurious traveling experience. 


What do you get flying business class on united? 

You will get exclusive access, including express security, priority boarding, and check-in. On the other hand, you can carry 2 checked bags, access the Polaris lounge, premium inflight services, and many more. 

Does United Airlines have flatbeds business class? 

According to United Airlines, you will get flatbeds in business class, which means the seat will be converted into a  fully flatbed with 6 feet of sleeping space. 

How many bags can I take on the United Business class? 

United Airlines allows passengers to carry bags with them when flying business class. On business class United you can carry 2 free checked-in bags to all your destinations. 

What is a business class on United like? 

United on business class offers a more relaxed flying experience from baggage claim to check-in. At the same time, it also provides premier access to the lounges with premier security lanes, check-in counters, and priority boarding so you can have a smooth journey. 

What is the difference between business and first class on United international flights? 

The vast difference you will find between business class and first class on United is the availability. The first-class seats of United are on flights within Canada and the U.S. In contrast, the business class seats are on flights between Latin America, the U.S., the Caribbean, and transcontinental flights. 

What are the benefits of flying business class on United?

When you choose United Business, your entire travel experience, from check-in to baggage claim will be more relaxed. With specialized Premier Access check-in counters, security lanes, and priority boarding, Premier Access premium travel services provide a seamless start to your journey.

Does United business class get you into the United Club?

You can use United Club lounges at the departing airport if you’re flying United Polaris or business class on international flights, United business class on transcontinental flights, or business class on a Star Alliance carrier. No guests are allowed.

Is United premium plus the same as a business class?

United Airlines Premium Plus lies between business class and regular economy. Although it provides spacious seats, complimentary drinks, better meals, and free checked luggage, using miles to pay for it may result in an additional cost.

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