United Airlines Group Travel Booking – Guide To Bid Request [2024]

United Airlines Group Travel

Traveling in a large group is always the best, and the most exciting part is planning a trip and booking a flight with your family, friends, colleagues, etc. So, instead of booking the tickets individually, you can opt for group booking. United Airlines Group Travel offers you special pricing, assistance, and amenities. This group booking also implies to the passengers traveling for business, sports teams, or events. Hence, you can go through this article for complete details to grab the best deal and procedures for your bookings.

United Airlines Group Travel Booking

United Airlines Group Travel – Latest Guidelines

  • To be eligible for a United Airlines Group Travel, then 10 or more passengers must travel together on the same flight.
  • United Airlines provides group booking for family, friends, conferences, meetings, sports teams, students, etc.
  • All travelers traveling in group travel must have the same origin, destination, and exact dates.
  • If you want to be eligible for United Airlines Sports Group Travel, then six or more passengers must travel together on the same flight.
  • The passengers must provide all the necessary travel documents, like government-issued ID proofs.
  • To qualify under wedding groups, you must book at least three tickets for the same destination on the same flight.
  • For Business groups, you must reserve at least 5 tickets on the same flight for the same destination.
  • The group travel bookings with United Airlines must be made seven days before the day of departure.
  • Changes can be made in the name but are subject to the ticketing agreement.
  • Regular flight bookings can be conveniently modified through United Airlines Manage Booking facility, however, to change Group Travel Bookings, you must contact the airline through a phone call.

Advantages Of Opting For Group Travel With United Airlines

Group travel is fun; you can get the best deals and benefits. However, you must take the group travel experience with United Airlines to grab these benefits.

Airport Coordinator

The airlines provide a dedicated airport coordinator for the group who will assist you in the boarding procedure and, if traveling internationally, then the immigration procedure. However, these airport coordinator is only available at some of the airports. So if you need a coordinator, do check before with the airlines.

Group Travel Might Be Cheaper

United provides special discounted pricing and assured fare for all passengers traveling in the group. You can unlock various exclusive deals and make the trip more affordable. Also, you can make bidding requests on the fares to grab the best deal.

Priority Check-In

United Airlines Group Travel check-in is done as a priority. The passengers who reserve a group ticket enjoy a hassle-free special lane for check-in, immigration, boarding, etc.

Name Change On Ticket Without Charges

The airline provides a name change facility for passengers traveling in the group. You can make the change in the name even after reserving the flight. But this flexibility in the name change is subject to the terms of your ticketing agreement.

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Preferred Seating, Customized Meals, And More

United Airlines accepts requests for unique amenities such as preferred seatings, customized meals, etc. Therefore, this request helps to make your travel hassle-free and completely comfortable seatings with your loved ones.

Flexible & Centralized Payments

United offers a flexible deposit and final payment options available for many destinations. Also, you enjoy centralized billings and payments through United Airlines Group Travel, which allows planners to oversee the budget.

Child Assistance

The airlines give benefits to passengers who are flying with children. It permits one adult can company up to 15 children on the aircraft, but the children need to attain the minimum age of 14 or more.

Dedicated Specialists To Assist You

A professional group travel specialist is available to assist with all your booking procedures and to also address all your inquiries. 

Perks Sports Groups Can Enjoy With Group Travel Program

The airline offers some benefits and perks for teams of six or more people traveling on the same flight to the same destination for any sports-related journey. Here are some benefits enlisted for united airlines group travel of sports team. 

  • Assured Fare Booking

The airlines offer an assured base fare for the complete sports team traveling on the same flight.

  • Free Name Change

United provides one free name change per passenger policy. But the free name change policy is only valid till before the day of departure. If the changes are made on the same day of departure, the fee will be $100.

  • Fee Waived Due to Changes 

United gives a fee waived if changes are made in flight for the team during group travel. The airlines emit the charges of a flight change, but the team has to pay for the fare differences, if any.

  • 24-hour Name Confirmation Window 

When traveling in the United, a sports team can apply for group booking. They have a 24-hour window from the time of booking confirmation to provide the names of passengers traveling in groups. But these perks do not imply on Saturday & Sunday.

Note: This benefit does not apply to travel within the United States, to/from Canada, or to/from Puerto Rico on all United flights.

Groups Benefitting The Most From United’s Group Travel Program

United Airlines offers a variety of groups in travel bookings. Some of them are enlisted below.

United Airlines Group Travel Benefits

Family & Friends

United offers a mesmerizing group traveling for family, friends, and all loved ones. To be eligible for family group travel, you must reserve 10 or more tickets on the flight to the same destination. In addition, you will enjoy the benefit of priority boarding, check-in, and unique assistance.

Sport Teams

Booking with United Airlines also benefits Sports teams traveling in groups. To qualify for the sports group travel, ensure to book six or more tickets for the travelers of the exact destination and flight. With this travel, you can access various benefits.

Weddings Groups

Wedding groups do get benefit from the United group travel policy. To be eligible for this, ensure to book tickets for three or more people traveling from the exact origin to the same destination. 

Business & Corporate 

For the meetings and conferences held overseas, all businesses & corporate can enjoy the benefit of group booking from United Airlines. You must book tickets for five or more passengers traveling together to get the perks of group travel.

How To Book A United Airlines Group Travel Ticket?

Traveling in a group always benefits you. But wondering how to book the group tickets when traveling on United Airlines? So by following the procedure, you can quickly secure the entire group ticket Online or Offline.

Online Form for Bidding Requests

To get the best quote for your group travel, fill in the online form to grab the best deal for your group.

United Airlines Online Bidding Request Procedure
  • Visit the United Groups’ online bid request page.
  • Now you need to fill in the traveler’s contact information and the details of the group, etc.
  • Fill in the destination and the number of passengers traveling in the form.
  • If you have a flexible date and time, then choose this option.
  • Also, you can mention the requested price, special baggage assistance, etc.
  • Click on submit. Make the necessary payment if asked.
  • Lastly, within two business days, the airline will send the complete detail of your booking.

Group Booking via a Call to live Representative

Apart from the online method, you can also make the United Airlines group booking on a call. Passengers can easily make the reservation by calling their passenger helpline number and speaking to the live representative.

  • Call the official number of United Airlines, i.e., 1-800-426-1122. You can call from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Central time.
  • You need to follow their IVR instructions on the call to acquire assistance.
  • Tap on 3 on your phone to connect to the representative at United Airlines.
  • Once you connect with the live representative, you must provide all the group booking details.
  • The representative will complete the group reservation on your behalf on the call by taking all the necessary information.
  • Lastly, you will receive a confirmation mail regarding the ticket confirmation. 

Always note that if you are making the United Airlines Group Booking, you need to pay extra charges for using the helpline service. Also, to navigate their United Airlines Group Travel Number, you can visit their official website.

Ways to get Discounts on United Airlines Group Travel

United Airlines group booking can make your travel comfortable and cost-effective. Therefore, to grab the best discounts on your flight bookings, here are some tips & techniques that you can imply.

  • If you book a ticket for 10 or more passengers, then try to book in the group, as it will give you special pricing for all your tickets.
  • Try to book the tickets at least 30 to 60 days before the departure date because this trick will give the best fare price.
  • Passengers traveling with family or friends can choose flexible dates and times to get the best affordable price. 
  • Usually, weekday flights, early morning or late nights, are always pretty cheap.
  • Group discounts also vary on the size of the group. The greater the group, the greater the discount.
  • United Airlines also frequently offers various deals on their flash sale for group travel.
  • If you can grab the deal from the flash sale, then you can get a maximum discount of up to 70% on the bookings.

How To Contact United Airlines Group Travel?

You can easily connect to United Airlines in various modes for all your feedback or queries related to group travel. Furthermore, you can quickly look at the detail mentioned to communicate with them.

  • Via Phone: United Airlines Group Travel Number is 1-800-426-1122. This phone line is available Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Central time.
  • Via Postal Mail: The address for the postal mail in the United is,
    • United Airlines, Inc.
    • United Group Department
    • 900 Grand Plaza Dr.
    • Houston, TX 77067
  • Via Email: Visit United Airlines’ official website and fill in the group travel form for online bidding requests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get a group discount when traveling on United Airlines?

Yes, United Airlines offers various perks & discounts when traveling in a group under its United Group Travel Program.

How many passengers are required to travel in Group on United Airlines?

To be eligible for group travel on United Airlines, you must travel in a group of 10 or more passengers. The airlines also offer a unique benefit to the sports team if traveling in groups of six or more passengers. 

What are the perks of United Airlines Group Booking?

The Perks of United Airlines Group Travel include discounted prices, priority check-in, special assistance, centralized billings and payments, special baggage request, flexible dates, guaranteed fares for the whole group, etc.

How many passengers are needed when goings on a group sports-related travel?

The United Airlines Group Travel for sports teams needs six or more passengers. Then only you can enjoy the perks of traveling in a sports group. 

Does United Airlines offer group traveling vacation packages?

No, United Airlines does not offer any group vacation packages, but it provides various perks and discounts on family group booking for all national and international routes.

Which places do not come under United Airlines Group Sports Travel?

Some places that do not imply Sports Group travel in all United Operated flights are within the United States, to/from Canada, and to/from Puerto Rico.

What are the policies for United Airlines Group Booking?

The United policy for group booking has various restrictions and requirements that must be fulfilled. Some are minimum passengers required for group travel eligibility, payments, reservation date, travel document, etc.

Can the name of United group travel be changed?

Yes, modifying the name in United Airlines group travel is possible. You can easily contact the airlines or travel agents for the modifications.

How to contact United Airlines for group bookings by calling?

The United group travel number is 1-800-426-1122. You can call from Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Central time.

Does booking a ticket in a group benefit us?

Yes, you get benefits while booking in the group compared to a single booking. United Airlines provides various discounts and perks when passengers book tickets for 10 or more passengers. 

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