How To Change American Airlines AAdvantage Award Flight?

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Passengers with an award flight ticket enjoy many benefits. But when it comes to American Airlines, the stakes get higher. It provides exclusive services, including making changes to the award tickets. Yes, you read it right! American Airlines allow travelers to change their AAdvantage award flight tickets. Travelers can follow the simple steps to rebook their flight to a new date or destination. However, American Airlines has put forward some guidelines, which passengers must know to change American Airlines AAdvantage award flight.

AAdvantage Award Tickets Are Eligible For Free Changes

American Airlines Aadvantage Award Flight Change Process

Earlier American Airlines have a very hectic process to change the flight. However, it allows passengers with AAdvantage Award Tickets to change their flight without paying any change fee. The free American Airlines award flight change is subject to the following conditions:

  • It is applicable to only domestic flights.
  • Also, all the flights should be operated by American Airlines.
  • The award flight tickets must be purchased from the U.S. point of sale.
  • There should be only one passenger in the booking. 
  • Most importantly, only the AAdvantage account holder can make the changes.

If the AAdvantage award booking does not meet the above criteria, travelers can still cancel their bookings and replan their travel.

Fare Difference To Be Paid On AAdvantage Flight Changes

Passengers have to pay the difference amount for new bookings if required. The usage of miles depends upon the date and destination. Flight awards are available for all American Airlines flights, including partner flights. 

  • When changing a flight, the airline will transfer back the miles to the traveler’s account from the original trip.
  • While rebooking to an alternate flight, American Airlines will deduct the reward points from the original AAdvantage account.
  • Passengers have to pay the difference amount and if the price of a new flight is cheaper, the airline will refund back the miles to their account. 

When Changing AAdvantage Award Ticket On Same-Day

American Airlines also offers same-day flight change or standby to its passengers. The facility is available to both common passengers and AAdvantage members. However here are a few criteria, that a passenger must fulfill while choosing their flight. 

  • All the flights should be operated by American Airlines or American Eagle.
  • The flight departure and arrival airports should be the same.
  • The same-day flight change is subject to availability.
  • Moreover, the AAdvantage status members get the benefit of choosing a later flight instead of an earlier one on the same day.

Passengers can change their award flight ticket on the same day by visiting the official website, or app, or visiting the airport counter. Flyers are also recommended to check the American Airlines Flight Change Policy.

Ways To Change Your American Airlines AAdvantage Award Ticket

Passengers with AAdvantage award tickets can change their flight by following the online or offline process. However, the airline allows them to redeem their miles for award travels for all American Airlines and partner alliances through a mobile app.

AAdvantage Award Flight Can Be Changed Online via Manage Booking

To change AAdvantage Award Flight online, you must retrieve your flight using the American Airlines Manage Booking portal. Follow the steps given below:

American Airlines AAdvantage Award Ticket Change Process
  • Visit the official website or log in to the mobile app.
  • Go to the My Trips section. 
  • Now, mention the flight details and passenger information. You can see the flight details on your screen.
  • Choose the “Change Trip” option from the section.
  • Click on the check box to continue with the change process.
  • Enter the new travel date or destination. 
  • After that, AA will show the miles used and taxes paid on the previous flight.
  • Now, select the new desired flight for the destination by comparing.
  • American Airlines will show the price difference (if any). Passengers have to pay the difference amount and taxes if necessary. If the ticket price is lower, the airline will refund back the miles.
  • In the next step, agree to the contract of carriage and other terms and conditions. 
  • Lastly, a confirmation mail will be sent to the mail address.

AAdvantage Ticket Change Can Be Requested via Phone Call Also

  • Passengers can call the reservation department of the American Airlines.
  • The executive will guide the process and inform about the restrictions.
  • After understanding the norms, passengers must mention their flight details and award account number. 
  • The agent will recommend a new flight on an alternate date and time.
  • The traveler should confirm if the flight is suitable.
  • Moreover, passengers will be asked to pay the difference amount if required. 
  • A confirmation will be sent to the mail address at the end. 

Making Changes To American Airlines AAdvantage Upgrades?

If you have upgraded your ticket via mileage reward points, then you are eligible to change it too. You can call the airline reservation department and request the changes accordingly. The airline will redeem the difference amount and also the taxes incurred to change and book the new flight using AAdvantage reward points. 

How Much Will AAdvantage Award Flight Change Cost?

AAdvantage Award Flight Change Cost

American Airlines offers many services to passengers holding award tickets. However, passengers have to earn points that state their AAdvantage status and accordingly, the benefits are provided. For making any changes to the AAdvantage award flight tickets, the airline does not charge any change fee for domestic award flights, but passengers have to pay the fare difference and taxes. They can pay the fare difference through miles or cash.

Executive Platinum and Platinum Pro AAdvantage members can make a complimentary same-day flight change or same-day standby. On the other hand, Platinum and Gold members can request same-day standby for free. 

Different Tiers of AAdvantage Programs on American Airlines 

There are various types of tiers that American Airlines offers to their passengers. Basically, it is a frequent flyer program of the airline and it offers many benefits while traveling, like priority airport services, complimentary meals, and many more. All the services depend upon which AAdvantage program the passenger has. 

AAdvantage Gold

  • It provides a complimentary upgrade to North America with American Airlines.
  • Free one checked baggage. 
  • Passengers can choose their preferred seats for free.
  • The airline offers a 40% of mileage bonus. 

AAdvantage Platinum

  • All the benefits of gold are included and also:
  • Complimentary seats in the main cabin.
  • Two checked baggage. 
  • The airline offers a 60% of mileage bonus. 
  • It provides a complimentary upgrade within North America, higher than Gold. 

AAdvantage Platinum Pro 

  • It offers complimentary upgrades on domestic Alaska Airlines flights.
  • Complimentary three checked baggage. 
  • The airline offers an 80% of mileage bonus. 
  • Provides a complimentary upgrade within North America, higher than Platinum. 

AAdvantage Executive Platinum 

  • The airline offers a 120% of mileage bonus.
  • It allows access to first-class lounges with other airlines.
  • Baggage allowances.
  • Complimentary seat selection might also include exit seat rows.
  • Use of business class and first-class check-in for both Sapphire and Emerald members. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I change my award ticket?

Passengers can change their AAdvantage award flight by following some basic steps. They can use the American Airlines website or mobile app. Whereas, passengers can also call the airline and request the executive to make changes on their behalf. 

Can I change my award ticket for an international flight?

Yes, American Airlines allows passengers to make changes in their award tickets for international destinations. However, they have to pay a certain flight change fee. 

Are there any restrictions to change award flight tickets?

American Airlines allows passengers to make changes in their AAdvantage award tickets. Yet it has some restrictions that passengers must follow while making any changes. These restrictions are:

  • Only domestic award flight can change their tickets for free.
  • All flight sections must be on American Airlines.
  • The awards booked should be from the United States point of sale

Can I change my award ticket through the airline mobile app?

Yes, passengers can change the booking by logging in to the mobile app and entering the flight details in the “My Trips” section. They can choose the “flight change” option and enter the desired flight details to book an alternate flight. The earlier redeemed miles will get adjusted and the difference amount will be ap

plied for passengers to pay if required. 

Do I have to pay a flight change fee for award tickets?

American Airlines does not charge any flight change or cancellation fee. It includes all types of tickets including AAdvantage award bookings. However, the airline waive-offs the fee but charges any fare difference amount for the new booking. 

What are the tiers in AAdvantage programs on American Airlines?

There are four AAdvantage tiers under the program. Passengers can earn status by earning more miles. The tiers are Gold, Platinum, Platinum Pro, and Executive Platinum.  

What are the changes I can make to AAdvantage Award flight tickets?

You can change the travel date or destination of your award ticket and book an alternate flight. 

Can I request for changing the mileage upgraded award ticket?

Yes, passengers can call the airline reservation department and request for changing the upgraded mileage award ticket. Travelers have to provide the flight details for a smooth process. 

Will I be able to change award tickets for a group booking?

No, passengers cannot change their award flight tickets for group booking. The changing of American Airlines award flight tickets is available for only normal reservations.

Does American Airlines refund back the AAdvantage miles used in the original booking?

American Airlines will automatically refund back the miles to your account for award tickets used at the time of the original booking. It does not charge any miles restoration fee. 

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