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Are you looking to make changes to your flight? Do not worry! Passengers can manage their flight tickets easily through the Gulf Air Manage Booking option. You can modify your tickets, amend or cancel scheduled flights or dates, and do many other things with Gulf Air Manage Booking and reservations services.

Read this blog thoroughly and get the relevant information on Gulf Air Manage Booking.

How Does Gulf Air Manage Booking Works?

Below is a list of tasks you can complete using the Gulf Air Manage My Booking option.

Select Your Seat: Gulf Air manages the feature that lets you select your seat ahead of time. You can do so from the manage my booking section. All you have to do is visit the manage booking part of the Gulf Air website, input your booking registration number and surname, and then select your seat.

Change Your Contact Information: Using the Gulf Air manage booking feature, you can simply update the contact information. Simply go to the official website, enter your booking registration number and last name, and you’ll be good to go.

Add Your Favourite Food: With Gulf Air’s manage booking tool, you can quickly add your favorite meals.

Change Flight Dates: Due to a hectic schedule, changing your flight dates is a typical practice among travelers. Using the Gulf Air manage booking option, you can easily adjust your flight dates.

How to Book Your Flights Tickets With Gulf Air?

It’s simple to purchase airline tickets through Gulf Air. You can do so online, over the phone by calling their customer service team, or at the airport counter. But the online procedure through the manage booking option is suitable.

Here is the detailed procedure for purchasing a Gulf Air flight ticket.

  1. First, visit Gulf Air’s official website.
  2. Now select “book” to purchase your airline ticket.
  3. Then, enter your information, such as your origin and destination airport, the date of your flight, the type of passenger you are, and the type of flight you want to take, and then select the search option to continue.
  4. Next, Gulf Air will provide all your available flight options after searching.
  5. Lastly, make payment for the flight that best fits you.
  6. Now, download your ticket right now and store it for later use.

Gulf Air Travel Classes

There are two different travel classes offered by Gulf Air: Business Class and Economy Class.

Economy Class: Gulf Air’s Economy class features fantastic, comfortable chairs and the most incredible food and drink. Pastries, tea, coffee, and many other items are served with meals in the economy class.

Business Class: The airline offers top-notch amenities for its business class passengers, including the most excellent in-flight entertainment options, delicious meals, and additional cabin space for relaxation.

Gulf Air Check-in Policy

In addition to the standard airport check-in, Gulf Air offers web check-in, early check-in, and Falcon check-in. Additionally, Falcon Gold customers and Silver and Gold Falcon Flyer members have access to Falcon Check-in, which features luxury check-in lounges.

  • The web check-in feature offered by Gulf Air streamlines the check-in process and reduces time spent at the airport.
  • Between 24 hours and 90 minutes before the departure time of your flight, you can complete a Gulf Air web check-in.
  • Another choice is to utilize early check-in, offered to travelers flying in any class departing Bahrain to any destination served by Gulf Air (excluding London).
  • Early check-in with baggage is available up to 24 hours before the flight departure.

Seat Change Policy

Additionally, travelers can switch seats on Gulf Air by using the Gulf Air manage booking feature. Please consider the following considerations if you need to replace your Gulf Air Seat:

Passengers can make Gulf Air Change Seat requests at any time. However, passengers should pay the additional fare for changing seats. Also, there will be no refund if you select a lower price seat.

In addition, there won’t be any seat transfers to other passengers.

Gulf Air does not guarantee a prepaid seat if the seats need to be moved for operational or safety reasons.

Baggage Policy

  • The baggage allowance for Falcon Gold class passengers is up to 40 kilograms. Additionally, they are eligible to bring up to 9 kilos into the passenger cabin.
  • Passengers in economy class are eligible to check up to 30 kilograms of luggage and up to 6 kg of carry-on luggage inside the cabin.
  • Passengers traveling with infants under two can check an additional 10 kg of luggage, a foldable stroller, a car seat, and up to 3 kilograms of luggage into the passenger cabin.
  • In addition, the airline lets every traveler bring one free extra bag that contains a laptop.
  • All passengers are eligible to bring a personal purse and items from the duty-free shop inside the passenger cabin at no additional cost.

Gulf Air Web Check-in Procedure

The website check-in feature is your best choice if you don’t want to wait in line. You have the option to check in online with Gulf Air.

Follow the following steps to finish the Gulf Air web check-in procedure:

  1. First, go to Gulf Air’s official website.
  2. Then, select the check-in option.
  3. Next, enter your last name, the name of your departure airport, and your booking reference number.
  4. After entering your information, press the confirm button.
  5. Now, you are ready to check in online.
  6. Lastly, enter the necessary information and finish the web check-in procedure.

How to Change the Gulf Air Flights?

The traveler may request a Gulf Air Change Date through the Gulf Air Manage Booking. You can change the travel dates online. Following these guidelines will ensure a smooth Gulf Air Ticket Date Change process for individuals who are unfamiliar with the airline’s ticket change policy:


  1. First, visit Gulf Air’s official website.
  2. Next, sign into your account using your email address and password.
  3. You can find the  “Manage My Booking” option on the site.
  4. Afterward, the screen will show the Gulf Air confirmed flight.
  5. Choose the Gulf Air plane ticket that you want to modify.
  6. Together with the booking reference, provide the passenger’s last name.
  7. To continue, click on the Continue tab.
  8. Next, pay any applicable Gulf Air Travel Change Fees.
  9. After completing the Gulf Air Ticket Change Procedure, you will get a confirmation mail to the email address you provided.
  10. Additionally, Gulf Air’s cancellation policy enables customers to change their trip plans without inconvenience quickly.


Passengers can change their Gulf Air ticket changes by speaking with representatives only. The committed customer support team of Gulf Air helps passengers change their flight’s specifics. To speak with a representative, passengers must call the customer support number. In this regard, the agents will help the customers.

How to Get a Refund Through the Gulf Air Manage Bookings?
  1. First, visit for more information.
  2. Any ticket refund is subject to an administrative fee or equivalent in other currencies.
  3. Fuel surcharges, security fees, and other fees for non-refundable tickets are non-refundable.
  4. The airline will process the refunds within 21 days.
  5. Some nations impose a unique government fee.
  6. Services fees are not refundable on any tickets.


How can I check if my flight ticket is confirmed?

Passengers can check their flight status by visiting the Gulf Air manage booking tab. Then, provide your information to log in and fetch your original booking. Next, you can check if your flight is confirmed or not.
Passengers can also check the confirmed status of their flight in their confirmation mail.

How much is the rebooking fee in Gulf Air?

The rebooking fee of your flight will vary based on your new flight & destination. But if passengers wish to change their dates, they must pay approximately $75 to $200 during modification to your flights. If Gulf Air modifies your flight date, then, in that case, you must not pay any fee or charges.

Can I change my destination with Gulf Air?

Passengers can change their flight destination using the Manage Booking feature on the Gulf official site. Alternatively, the manage booking service is available at the Gulf Air office.

Can passengers change their Gulf tickets?

Passengers are eligible to change their Gulf Tickets. There are two ways through which passengers can change their tickets. Additionally, passengers can go to the Gulf Air official site or talk to airline agents.

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