Frontier Unaccompanied Minor – Check The Fee, Policy & Age Limit

Frontier Unaccompanied Minor

We know that an adult can protect themselves on their own, but when it comes to child safety, we can’t take risks. For children, we have to take care of many things, from their safety to their convenience. If your child is traveling alone with Frontier Airlines under the Frontier Unaccompanied Minor Policy, then you don’t need to worry. Frontier Airlines takes care of every safety measure for your child from the departure location to the airport of the final destination. If your child has never traveled alone with Frontier Airlines before, you can read all of the information below, which lets you know each unaccompanied minor policy with required fees.

Frontier Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy & Fee

Frontier Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy & Fee

  • You will need to pay $110 for an unaccompanied minor as Frontier Unaccompanied Minor Fee.
  • Online methods are available for making reservations for minors.
  • As per Frontier Airlines Unaccompanied Minor policy, children of ages 5 to 14 are considered minors.
  • On Frontier Airlines Connecting Flights, minors are not allowed.
  • For the convenience of parents picking up their kids at the airport, Frontier Airlines will provide gate passes.
  • Frontier Airlines also has special seats for minors.
  • Minors can take place in row 25 of E190s and row 32 of A321s.
  • Frontier Airlines offers free drinks and snacks to all minor passengers.
  • When children aged 5 to 14 travel alone, they must be accompanied by an adult aged at least 15 years old. 
  • Minors under 5 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Minor can travel alone if they are between the ages of 13 and 17. 

Frontier Airlines Rules For Lap Infants

If you have a lap infant and you are going to travel with frontier airlines then you must be aware of the terms. Below is the policy for Frontier Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Lap Infants. 

Frontier Airlines Lap Infant Policy
  • A paid seat is required for minors under the age of two.
  • You must pay the seat price if a child under the age of two travels on a seat.
  • On Frontier Airlines, passengers can carry one infant only throughout the journey.
  • For the second lap infant, you have to book the next seat by paying the required charges. 
  • When flying on Frontier Airlines with a lap infant, you are required to utilize a car seat or harness that has been certified by the FAA.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy for Lap Infants

As we know that if we are traveling with children then their luggage will definitely be there. To make it easy for you, we are providing you the Frontier Baggage Policy for lap infants below. 

  • One small bag to carry diapers is allowed.
  • One infant restraint system must be carried by the parent.
  • Additionally, you are permitted to bring one stroller, which you must leave at the terminal once you get to the airport.

Step-by-Step Guide To Book A Flight For Unaccompanied Minor

Online Method

To book a flight for an unaccompanied minor without any hassle, you will need to follow the instructions given below. 

  1. To proceed with the steps, you will need to reach out to Frontier Airlines official site first.
  2. Login into the site by using your login credentials.
  3. After getting into the site, you have to click on the Advance Option.
  4. Navigate to the special assistance option.
  5. Here, you need to fill in the location where you are going with your child (Infant).
  6. Now you have to select the flight according to your comfort & budget.
  7. After selecting the flight, the form will require some details about an adult & their infant.
  8. Provide the necessary legal and valid documents.
  9. At last, you just need to review your booking and complete the payment process.

After booking, if you forget to add the other additional service that is very important then you can do this in minutes by using Frontier Airlines Manage Booking option.

Offline Method

  1. Dial Toll-free number to connect with the Live person at Frontier. 
  2. Listen carefully to the IVR voice main menu.
  3. As per the IVR menu, you have to click on the correct key.
  4. Pressing the correct button will allow you to connect with the Live Representative who is available round the clock.
  5. Provide them with your and your infant’s documents then pay the required charges.

How Much is Unaccompanied Minor on Frontier?

To travel with an infant, you must have to pay $110 each way. Before traveling, you need to remember that your journey completely depends on the distance from your departure location to the final location, Fares type, cabin class, etc. While filling out the booking form, you will get to know the charges that are required for your booking. Additionally, if you have two infants, then the charges for the other seat will include in your booking charges as an additional service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Frontier allow unaccompanied minors?

Children from 5 to 14 years old are considered minors at Frontier Airlines. According to Frontier Airlines unaccompanied minor policy, children under the age of four and those over the age of eighteen are not considered minors. The Frontier Unaccompanied Minor Service is optional for children from 15 to 17 years of age. You can apply for Frontier Unaccompanied Minor Service online via the official website or mobile app, or by speaking with a live Frontier Airlines representative.

Can a 12 year old fly alone on Frontier Airlines?

Yes! Children from 5 to 17 years of age are considered minors at Frontier Airlines. The unaccompanied minor service will be optional if your child is over 15 but less than or exactly 17 years old. Children under 14 are not allowed to travel alone, and unaccompanied minor service is compulsory for them.

Does Frontier Airlines require birth certificate for minors?

To make a reservation for an unaccompanied minor with Frontier Airlines, the passport of a child is enough. If you do not have a passport, you can use their birth certificate. Apart from these, you don’t need to have any sort of document.

Can you fly alone at 17 on Frontier?

If you are 17 then you can pick the unaccompanied minor service if you want as the Frontier unaccompanied minor service is optional for children from 14 to 17 years of age. This service is required for children under the age of 13 years. Also, children from 14 to 17 can carry a minor with them during the journey.

How much is Frontier Airlines unaccompanied minor fee?

A one-way trip with Frontier Airlines, will cost you around $110. However, your price can be reduced or increased depending on the distance between your departure and arrival locations, the fare type, and the cabin class that you choose.

How do I book an unaccompanied minor on Frontier?

You can make a reservation for an unaccompanied minor at Frontier Airlines via Special assistance that you will see on Frontier Airlines official site. Instead of an online method, you can dial toll-free number to make a reservation by talking to a live representative directly. Both methods mentioned are reliable.

How old do you have to be to fly unaccompanied on Frontier?

  • An unaccompanied minor service is mandatory for children from ages 4 to 13.
  • Above 14 and under 17 years of age, a child can pick up the unaccompanied minor service if they want; otherwise, it is not mandatory for them.
  • Children under 4 years of age are restricted from traveling alone on Frontier Airlines.
  • A child under the age of four should be accompanied by an adult. 

What does Frontier Airlines require ID for minors?

Whether a minor is travelling alone, with one parent, or with both parents, a minor’s passport can be used to make a reservation. If you do not have a child’s passport, you can use the child’s birth certificate instead. When you arrive at the airport, you will be required to show the adult’s required documents as well as the child’s passport or birth certificate before you can proceed. 

Can you fly at 17 without parents?

Yes! from the age of 04 and till the age of 17 years of a child can travel without an adult as per the unaccompanied minor policy. If you are letting your child travel alone, you have to apply for the unaccompanied minor service by filling out the unaccompanied minor form. You can get the unaccompanied minor form through the official site or at the airport help desk.

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