Delta Airlines Pet Policy – Pet Travel Rules (2024)

Delta Airlines Pet Policy

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If you and your family decide to plan a family vacation but are worried about the pets back home, then you should set aside your worries. You can undoubtedly go for Delta Airlines—the policy it offers covers all your requirements and needs. On Delta Airlines, you can take your pet as a carry-on and checked baggage, concerning the Delta Airlines Pet Policy offers. The passengers on Delta have a few options that depend on the pet’s size, type of species, and destination. 

If your pet is too large for the space under the front seat, there is an alternative to it that you can count your pet in cargo. So before heading to book a flight ticket, you and your pet must learn about the various aspects the policy offers. 

Delta Airlines Pet Policy – Is Your Pet Eligible For Travel?

With Delta Airlines, you can travel with your pet. The pet’s travel class depends on its size, whether it will be in a cabin or shipped as cargo. But the airline doesn’t accept the pet in the checked baggage section. Pets have permission to travel in all classes on domestic flights, but on international flights, the pets cannot travel in business class. Below are some points from the Delta Pet Policy that will help analyze the policy more effectively.  

  • Small cats, dogs, and birds can travel in the passenger cabin on domestic flights, and you need to ensure that your pet comfortably fits under the front seat. 
  • The pets are not accepted as checked baggage except for active-duty military personnel and State Department Foreign Service Officers.  
  • On international flights, only cats and dogs are permitted in the cabin. 
  • The size of the pet carrier depends on the travel route, but ensure that the pet fits in comfortably. 
  • Therefore, the service dogs can travel for free in a cabin with the owner. 
  • You cannot carry emotional support animals for free on Delta flights.
  • Delta Airlines doesn’t allow snub-nosed cats and dogs as cargo baggage. 
  • Large pets on Delta flights can be shipped as cargo, but the airline doesn’t guarantee that the pet will be booked for the same flight. 
  • Booking a flight ticket for your pet in advance is important because it serves on a first-come, first-served for pets. 
  • The number of pets acceptable on Delta flights is 2 in First class, 2 in Business class, and 4 in the Main Cabin. 
  • For pets traveling on domestic flights carrying a health certificate isn’t mandatory. But for the pets shipped as cargo needs to provide a health certificate. It should be issued within 10 days of travel under the permission of a licensed veterinarian. 
  • On international flights, the pets must fulfill all the international destination’s health and document requirements.     

No Maximum Age Limit For Pet Travel On Delta Flights

No maximum age limitations exist for your pet to travel on Delta flights. Therefore, diseases like impaired vision or hearing, heart, liver, kidney, cancer, arthritis, senility, and diabetes can affect older animals. Make sure you discuss traveling impact on the pet with the veterinarian as per the pet’s age. 

Certain Breeds Of Cats and Dogs Aren’t Permitted By Delta

Brachycephalic cats and dogs are not permitted to travel by Delta Airlines. It includes the mix breeds as well. You must go through the list of pets allowed on cargo shipping on the official website of Delta Airlines. The learning will help you clear your thoughts about whether your pet can travel by Delta or not. 

Pets Can Fly In-Cabin Or As Checked Baggage

Travel with your pet is safe and easy with Delta Airlines, and pets have permission to travel in all cabins (from First class to Economy class), including Basic Economy. According to the Delta Pet Policy, you have the liability for booking a separate seat for the pet or can ship in cargo, depending on the pet’s size. Here you will learn more about the Delta Pet Carrier Dimension policy it offers for Carry-on and Check-in baggage. 

Pet In-Cabin Guidelines On Delta Airlines

  • Ensure the pet carrier fits in the space available under the front seat. 
  • Both gentle and hard pet carriers should be leak-proof and have proper ventilation channels on both sides.
  • The carry-on carrier measurement depends on the policy requirements. You must go through the policy and Delta Airlines’ official website for the exact carrier size.  
  • All pets need to be confined in the kennels for safety and security purposes at the airport except during the screening process, in flight, and while traveling. 
  • Therefore, the pet carrier will be counted as a carry-on item; you can carry one more personal item as carry-on baggage. 

Pet Travel As Checked Baggage Item

  • It is a different booking apart from the regular flight booking itineraries. There will apply extra charges accordingly. 
  • You are ineligible to book domestic pet travel via Delta Pet Cargo before 14 days of departure. 
  • The airline doesn’t give you the guarantee to send the pet to the same destination airport. 
  • For cargo travel, you need to drop your pet at the Delta Cargo place at least 3 hours before the departure. The pickup point will also be Delta Cargo Place. 
  • But Delta Cargo only accepts Global Pet Shipments from famous transportation companies. 

Pet Carrier Dimension Requirements On Delta Airlines 

The carrier’s size varies depending on the size of the pet. For in-cabin travel and cargo, the norms are as follows:

Carrier Size For In-Cabin Travel Of Pets

The pet carrier’s size on Delta Airlines will depend on the type of plane. For Delta Pet In Cabin, you have to call and confirm the size of the pet carrier, or you can simply go for the Delta Airline-approved pet carrier available at the airport. If you cancel your flight, the pet cannot travel alone by Delta Airlines. 

Pet Carrier Size For Cargo Travel

All size types for pets traveling in cargo are good; just make sure that the pet can sit and stand comfortably in it. The list of carrier dimensions from which you can choose one as per the size of your pet, i.e., 

Delta Airlines Pet Carrier Dimensions
  • 27” x 20” x 19”, which is (68 x 50 x 48)cm; 
  • 32” x 22” x 23” which is (81 x 55 x 58)cm; 
  • 36” x 24” x 26” which is (91 x 61 x 66)cm; 
  • 40” x 27” x 30” which is (101 x 68 x 76)cm; 
  • 48” x 32” x 35” which is (122 x 81 x 89)cm

Consult A Veterinarian If Air Travel Is Safe For The Pet

Shipping the pet as cargo might be stressful for the animals. Exposure to an unfamiliar environment can make the pet feel dizzy and annoyed. It might impact the movement and pose a risk of getting ill, injury, death, or escape on the pet. At the time of obtaining a health certificate, it is a must to consult the veterinarian regarding the risk of air travel. You need to consider all the medical issues that your pet is facing, which can be exacerbated at the time of travel. 

Veterinarian’s Consent Also Required For Using Tranquilizers 

It is very unpredictable to use tranquilizers at high altitudes. Just in case you plan to sedate your pet, you must get consent from the veterinarian. The respective information must be attached to the crate. You cannot sedate household cats and dogs. There is no medication administrator on Delta flights for your pets. 

Health Certificates Are Mandatory For Pet Travel

A health certificate is a must to provide to make your pet travel by cargo on Delta Airlines. All the pets are considered checked baggage, like the animals traveling with US Military or US Department Foreign Service Office Members. The veterinarian will provide you with more information regarding your pet’s condition. The health certificate must include the below-mentioned points and should be issued within 10 days of the departure date by a licensed veterinarian.   

  • The name and address of the shipper must be there on the certificate.
  • All the tag numbers and other identification tattoos assigned to the animal must be on the certificate.  
  • Age criteria as per the regulations offered by USDA, the animal should be 8 weeks old. It must be at least 16 weeks old before traveling to the US and must be of 15 weeks old for traveling toward Europe. 
  • If the animal is pregnant, then it should be mentioned on the certificate for the staff members to take care of it accordingly.  
  • There should be a list of administrated inoculations whenever it is applicable. 
  • The veterinarian should properly sign the certificate at the time of travel. 
  • And there should be the issuance date of the certificate. 

How To Add Pet To Your Next Delta Airlines Flight?

If you want to fly with your pet by Delta Airlines, you must provide the airline with pet details. All the details must be mentioned on the flight ticket. For this, you have to follow a few simple steps mentioned below:

  • Try to contact Delta Airlines directly if you want to proceed with a pet reservation. You can connect through its official website and via the toll-free helpline number mentioned on the website. 
  • Going through the Delta pet policy before proceeding with the reservation procedure is very important. It is to ensure that the dog fulfills all the criteria like size, breed restrictions, and health documentation. 
  • Before moving ahead to book a flight ticket, check for the availability of pet-friendly seats or cargo space. Delta allows a limited number of pets on board, so you have to check the availability in advance and proceed accordingly. 
  • You must keep the required information handy, like your reservation details, information regarding the dog, and kennel requirements to book a flight for your pet.
  • After confirming everything as asked, proceed with payment. Check the fee required to book a flight ticket along with your pet on Delta Airline’s official website. 
  • By providing the necessary documentation, confirm the reservation. You will receive a confirmation mail on the registered mail ID.   

To modify your pet travel bookings, use the Delta Airlines Manage Booking facility.

Pet’s Feeding Instructions Must Be Communicated At Check-In

You must provide a live animal checklist whenever you check in on your pet. The moment you sign the checklist, you ask Delta Airlines staff members to provide your pet with food and water within 4 hours of checking in. You must make sure that you provide the feeding and watering instructions for complete 24 hours to the pet. In the case of in-transit feeding, you must give the pet a proper meal. This is according to the Delta Pet Policy. 

Delta Airlines Will Charge You Fees For Pet Travel

The Delta Pet Policy’s fee structure varies for both cabin and checked Cargo travels. Let’s see how the fee structure varies for both cases here. 

Pet In-Cabin Fees

The Delta fee per way for the pet traveling in the cabin is (it is payable at the time of check-in)

  • On flights to/from the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, the fee will be $125. 
  • On flights to & from the US and Virgin Islands internationally, the charges will be $200.
  • On flights to & from Brazil, the fee will be $75. 

Fees For Pet Travel In Cargo 

The fee distribution is as per the destination and the travel routes.

  • For flights to & from the US and Canada, the fee will be $125.
  • On flights to & from the Virgin Islands, the fee will be $200.
  • On flights to & from Brazil, the charges will be $75.
  • For flights traveling to & from Puerto Rico, the fee will be $125.
  • The flights traveling outside the US, the charges will be $200. 

Here are a few points to consider before purchasing a ticket on Delta Airlines:

  • The transportation price of the pet is calculated by the arrival and departure plus the weight and size of the pet carrier.  
  • Price reduction is only applicable to air cargo fees. The exporter will take care of all the other charges—for example, vet checks, customs charges, vaccinations, etc. 
  • The Dogs without military backgrounds are not eligible for the army pet price reductions. 

Guidelines For Bringing Emotional Support Animals Onboard

No new bookings will be acceptable for emotional support animals on Delta Airlines. It also complies with US Department of Transportation rules. The Passengers who want to travel with an emotional support animal have to make reservations as per the Delta Pet Policy and not otherwise. You need to go through the pet policy the airline offers before heading to book a fight for an emotional support animal. 

Service Animal Travel Policy & Documentation

Delta Airlines allows traveling with service animals on its flights. But the definition of a service animal has changed for Delta Airlines. It counts only the dogs as service animals. The most important requirement the dog must possess is that it should be trained enough to provide the best service to its disabled master. It should assist the passengers in a proper way. The passenger can travel with only 2 service animals for free in the cabin. 

Required Documents 

  • You need to fill out a US Dot Service Animal Air Travel Form online mode within 48 hours from departure. 
  • If you apply for the form late, you can provide it at the check-in or departure gate. 
  • Also, if your flight exceeds 8 hours, then submit an additional form, i.e., DOT Relief Attestation Form. 

General Conditions

Delta Airlines Pet Requirements
  • The service dog must be of 16 weeks. 
  • It should be able to fit in under the foot space of the passenger. 
  • The pet shouldn’t occupy much space or any seat. 

Behavioral Conditions

  • The service dog should obey the passenger.
  • It must be harnessed while on board and otherwise at the airport.
  • The dog shouldn’t bark or bite, etc. 

Further details on pet travel guidelines can be found on the Delta Airlines website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the acceptable carrier size for in-cabin pets on Delta flights?

The size of the carrier depends on the type of class you are traveling. You must go for a proper inquiry to make reservations on Delta flights. Therefore, generically the carrier size must not exceed the dimensions 18” x 11” x 11”. 

What is the international Delta pet flight fee?

For international Delta flights, the pet ticket fee will be $200, and $75 for flights to & from Brazil. Make sure it is for carry-on pets on Delta Airlines. You must go through the Delta Pet Policy for a thorough understanding. 

Can I pay Delta Airlines International’s pet travel fees online?

Delta Airlines international pet travel fees and also domestic pet travel fees are payable at the airport at the check-in counter on the departure day. There is no option to pay the fees through online mode. 

What is the pet carrier dimension for Cargo pets?

The list of carrier dimensions from which you can choose one as per the size of your pet, i.e., 

27” x 20” x 19”, which is (68 x 50 x 48)cm; 

32” x 22” x 23” which is (81 x 55 x 58)cm; 

36” x 24” x 26” which is (91 x 61 x 66)cm; 

40” x 27” x 30” which is (101 x 68 x 76)cm; 

48” x 32” x 35” which is (122 x 81 x 89)cm.

What is Delta Pet Policy for Hawaii?

On flights traveling to Hawaii, Delta Airlines do not accept pets on board. Therefore, watching dogs will only be accepted under some conditions, subject to reservations and availability. 

What is the fee structure for pet travel on Delta Airlines?

Fees for in-cabin & Cargo pet travelers are:

  • US, Canada, Puerto Rico- $125
  • Virgin Islands- $200
  • Brazil- $75

Can the passenger carry the pet on their lap?

No, pets must be carried in a pet carrier and not on a lap. Make sure that the pet must fit under the front seat space. 

Is the pet policy on Delta Airlines strict?

There are so many flights on Delta Airlines that allow a maximum of four pets in a general cabin, two in first class, and two in business class. Go through the policy on the official website of the airline. 

Does Delta Airlines allow all types of pets?

Pets that are allowed to travel by Delta Airlines are dogs, cats, and birds. It is to make sure that the pet fits in the carrier, and the carrier must fit under the front seat. 

At what age the dog can fly on Delta Airlines?

If your dog is eight weeks old, it is eligible to travel by Delta Airlines. Make sure that the dog has all required vaccinations done. It is important to look for the dog’s health because it doesn’t have any contagious disease. 

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