Air Canada Unaccompanied Minor Guidelines – 2024 Guide

Air Canada Unaccompanied Minor Policy

If you are looking for an airline providing the service for unaccompanied minors to fly, you stopped at the right stand. Air Canada allows minors to travel alone and offers the best flying services. The services it provides to the minors on board ensure that the child receives proper care and full-time assistance. Therefore, your child can enjoy their benefits under Air Canada Unaccompanied Minor Policy. The well-trained staff will escort the minor to check in at the airport until the minor reaches the destination. There are around 10,000 plus minor passengers who travel by Air Canada and experience the best services. 

Air Canada Unaccompanied Minor Policy, Fee, and Steps To Book A Flight

Air Canada Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Before planning to send minors alone on Air Canada, it is important to review the policy’s guidelines. Children of age group 8 years and below have to travel with adults. Booking connecting flights for minors is not allowed on Air Canada as it might make the journey chaotic. Here you will learn what points to consider while booking flights for your minors under the Air Canada Unaccompanied Minor Policy. 

  • Children can only travel on direct flights.
  • Parents can stay back at the airport till the flight departs from the airport. 
  • Minors of 8 years or below have to travel with an adult of age 16 and above. 
  • The kids cannot travel with pets if they are traveling alone.  
  • UMNR travels are not allowed on domestic and international Air Canada flights. 
  • Therefore, the flight duration must be of 2 hours, short-haul, and direct. 
  • Hence, children of age group 8 years and below are ineligible to travel on Air Canada airlines under the unaccompanied minor policy. 
  • Also, the kids have to sit in the last three rows of the flight so that they can reach out to the crew member when in need. 

Unaccompanied Minor Age Restrictions

Air Canada’s Unaccompanied Minor policy applies restrictions on various age groups. All you need to do is consider the below key points before booking the flight ticket. 

Age 8 Years & Below

  • Children of age 8 years and below can only travel if accompanied by an adult of 16 and above. 
  • The seat will be allotted next to the adult accompanying. 

Age Between 8 & 11 Years 

  • Kids of the age group between 8 and 11 years are eligible to travel unaccompanied on Air Canada. 

Age Between 12 & 17 Years

  • This service to travel alone is optional for children of age falling between 12 and 17 years. 
  • It is better to go through the Air Canada Unaccompanied Minor Policy to avoid hassle while traveling by Air Canada airline alone.  

Steps To Book Flight Seat For Unaccompanied Minor

You can book flights under Air Canada’s unaccompanied minor policy in two ways. The two ways are online mode which includes booking through a website or application, and offline mode, which includes booking via phone or by visiting the airport. The easiest way to book your flight is through online mode. You can go as per the below-mentioned steps and choose the best suitable mode to book the ticket for your minor. 

Online way

  • Secondly, select the trip type, i.e., round-trip or one-way. 
  • Now enter the number of minors traveling alone with the age specifications. 
Air Canada Unaccompanied Minor Age Requirement
Online Process To Book A Flight for an unaccompanied minor on Air Canada
  • After that, fill in the details related to your trip, which includes departure and arrival cities with respective dates. 
  • Press on the search tab to search out the flights.
  • You will receive a pop-up notification that includes all details regarding the travel. Then press the ‘continue flight results’ tab. 
  • Select the flight of your choice and book the class. 
  • Therefore, click on the ‘checkout’ tab.
  • With this, a price summary will appear that includes unaccompanied minor fees.
  • Now click on the ‘traveler details’ tab.
  • Hence fill in all the details related to the minor, seat choices, and extras. 
  • In the end, proceed with payment and confirm the booking. You will receive the confirmation mail on the registered mail ID. 

If you wish to make further modifications to your unaccompanied minor ticket, you can do so through the Air Canada Manage Booking facility.

Contact the Airline through a Phone Call

This procedure comes under the offline mode of booking a flight ticket under Air Canada’s Unaccompanied Minor policy. If your child faces a disability and suffers from certain medical issues, then you need to connect to the service providers of Air Canada. Therefore, you can ask them to help via the helpline number on the official website. The service providers will complete all the reservation procedures on your behalf for the minor traveling alone by Air Canada, keeping all the needs in mind. 

Book Seat Directly At The Airport

It is yet another offline procedure that you can go for if feeling uncomfortable with the online procedure. You can book the flight for the minor on Air Canada 2 hours before the domestic flight departure time. For international flights, you can book the flight 3 hours before departure. Parents have to accompany their kids to the boarding gate. You will have to fill out a consent form after completing the reservation process. 

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Air Canada Unaccompanied Minor Fee

Air Canada Unaccompanied Minor Fee
Air Canada Unaccompanied Minor Fee

Passengers have to pay a one-way fare for unaccompanied minors under Air Canada. Here you will learn about the one-way directional fare charged by the airline for unaccompanied minors. 

Age Group EligibilityUnaccompanied Minor Flying Cost
8 years and belowineligible
Between 8 & 11 years 110$ to 118$ per child
Between 12 & 17 years 110$ to 118$ per minor
Unaccompanied Minor Program Fees

It is important to review the rules and regulations before booking a flight ticket for your unaccompanied minor for a hassle-free journey on Air Canada. 

Required Documents To Book A Flight

The parents must accompany their minor till the time of check-in. You must ensure that you carry all the related documents along at the airport. The child will get a LAN ID at the airport for proceeding towards the unaccompanied minor travel on Air Canada. The well-trained staff will assist the child at the time of departure till the destination. The documents you must carry are:

  • Guardian or parent picking up and dropping off contact details must be handy. 
  • The age and address proof must be valid for the minor, and the age should match the eligibility criteria as defined by Air Canada. 
  • Original photo ID proof of parents and guardians 
  • Photocopies of unaccompanied minor forms. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a minor fly alone on Air Canada?

Yes, minors can fly alone on Air Canada with full safety and assistance. Therefore, the airline will provide world-class service to minors with full assistance. 

What is the age eligibility to fly with Air Canada unaccompanied minors?

A child of age lying between 8 and 17 years can travel alone on Air Canada. However, the service is optional for children belonging to the age group 12 and 17 years. 

What should the minor carry on Air Canada flights?

Minors can carry video games, storybooks, snacks, and other entertainment sources. The documents the minors must carry are an ID card and carry-on bags.  

Can I accompany my child to the Air Canada flight?

You can accompany your minor to the boarding gate, and then you have to wait at the airport till the flight departs. With this, you have to fill out the passenger escort form with ID proof. 

Can a 14-year-old travel alone on Air Canada?

Yes, a 14-year child can travel alone on an Air Canada flight. You can ask for the service from Air Canada for your minor as per their requirements. 

What is an unaccompanied minor service on Air Canada?

Minors traveling without any guardian or parent accompanying them on Air Canada flight comes under unaccompanied minor service. The airline also provides assistance to the minor until the end of the journey. 

Are there any restrictions for minors traveling by Air Canada under the unaccompanied minor policy?

The two main points you need to consider before traveling by Air Canada are:

  • The minors are eligible to travel by direct flights and not connecting flights.
  • All the respective services are not available on codeshare flights.  

Can a 15-year-old minor travel by Air Canada flight?

For traveling alone, the 15-year-old minor has to provide valid and government-authorized ID proof. But before you have to go through all the rules and regulations offered by Air Canada. 

What are the age groups divided under the unaccompanied minor policy on Air Canada?

  • Age 8 years and below cannot travel alone on Air Canada.
  • Age between 8 and 11 years can travel alone by providing valid ID proof.
  • People between 12 and 17 years have the choices to travel alone or with someone. 

How to add an unaccompanied minor to my flight?

All you need to do is fill out the unaccompanied minor form and all the details related to the departure date. This, too, includes providing necessary documents at the airport. The minor must carry this form. 

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