Do you wish to make any modifications to your Allegiant Airlines flight? A considerable number of people choose this airline for air travel. But when an emergency arises, one has to make changes to their flight. Furthermore, in such a situation, most travelers get worried. However, with allegiant change flight policy and procedure, the situation becomes more effortless. 

The Flyers who wish to change their flight booked with the allegiant airline need to have some information. Once an individual goes through the information below, they will find everything they need to know if they want to change their flight. First and foremost, it is essential to have detailed information on the allegiant change flight policy. So let us start by knowing about this policy. 

About Allegiant change flight policy- 

Allegiant airlines made some changes to the change flight policy during the pandemic. Furthermore, when Flyers have information on the policy, they can complete the whole procedure of flight change without any difficulties. Go through the points given below and find out about this policy in detail or call customer service at +1-202-982-2463 for help.

  • Flight change policy for standard tickets (without trip flex) 
  • Firstly, individuals who bought standard tickets on or before 30th April 2021 can change them without paying any fee. Furthermore, if any flyer does not know their traveling dates, they can ask for a credit voucher and use it later. 
  • Secondly, any individual who buys standard tickets on or after 1st May 2021 is eligible for changing once by paying $25 per person. 
  • Flight change policy for trip flex tickets 
  • If an individual by a ticket that has trip flex, they are eligible to change their flight, flight date, and final destination without paying any fee. 
  • Furthermore, an individual can postpone their flight without paying any fee up to 730 days from the date of booking. But remember, this rule is applicable when new book your tickets after 10th April 2020. 
  • Moreover, an individual can change their flight cost-free for up to 365 days from the date of booking. But they should have bought the tickets before 10th April 2020. 

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Allegiant change flight procedure- 

Once an individual knows all about the Allegiant change flight policy, the next thing that needs to know is its procedure. Most of the Flyers do not know the procedure. When one wishes to change their flight with allegiant airlines, they can do it hassle-free. Furthermore, to make the whole process straightforward for its Flyers, this airline has set up online and offline ways. So, this means it is entirely up to the flyer to use the option they find best for themselves. 

Firstly, let us look at the online method of flight change. 

  • Online method

The online method of flight change includes following some steps infix order. By following these steps, an individual will complete the flight change procedure. Go through the steps given below and follow them and find out how you can complete the flight change procedure. 

  • Open your web browser and then visit the official website of allegiant airlines. Or enter
  • Furthermore, you need to enter the booking confirmation code with the passenger’s last name in this step. 
  • Once the site’s Home page opens up, you need to select the “manage travel” option. 
  • Now, find a flight you want to make changes to and select it. 
  • Moreover, you need to choose a new flight according to your travel plans in this step. 
  • Here you will find some onscreen instructions. So, follow those steps for completing the flight change procedure. 
  • In this step, a flyer needs to pay flight change charges in addition to the fare difference between your previous and new flight. One has to pay this only if any of this is applicable. 
  • Once you follow all these steps, allegiant air manage booking and will send you the confirmation for your new flight via phone at +1-202-982-2463 or email. 
  • Offline method

The offline method of allegiant change flight includes contacting travel representatives:

  • An individual needs to find the phone number by visiting the official website.
  • Once you have the number with you, you need to contact the travel expert and ask them to complete the flight change procedure.
  • Make sure you have your booking confirmation code and last name.

The airline needs this information to complete the flight change procedure. 

Allegiant change flight fee structure- 

Now comes the most asked question by the Flyers of allegiant airlines. What charges does an individual need to pay if they wish to change their flight? Naturally, budget plays a significant role, and thus, allegiant airlines have set up fees that all kinds of passengers can afford. 

Read the points given below if you wish to know about the allegiant change flight fee structure. Once an individual goes through the points below, they will get to know all about the fee structure set by allegiant airline for flight change- 

  • Firstly, passengers are not eligible for future travel credit if they request a flight change within seven days of departure time. 
  • Furthermore, if one buys a trip flex fare, they are eligible to make modifications to their reservation. 
  • Moreover, if an individual decides to complete the flight change, they need to pay $75. On the contrary, the individuals who have trip flex fares do not have to pay any fee. 
  • Also, individuals who have trip flex fare tickets need to make modifications to their reservation at least 72 hours prior to the departure time. 
  • Lastly, remember that changes are possible depending on availability. 

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Am I eligible for an allegiant change flight? 

Yes, an individual can either use the online or offline method of flight change. Furthermore, you can visit the official website or use the phone number to complete the flight procedure. 
For how much time is the allegiant airline voucher valid? 
For individuals who bought their ticket before 10th April 2020, the voucher is valid for one year from purchase. On the contrary, for the individuals who bought did they get after 10th April 2022, the voucher is valid for two years from the date of purchase. 

How much fee do I need to pay for completing a legend chain flight procedure? 

Allegiant Airlines has reduced its flight change charges. So, at present, an individual needs to pay $25 per flyer if they wish to change their flight. 
This was a detailed guide on allegiant changed flight procedure. In addition to knowing about the process, passengers will learn about the ways and fee structure. So, if you are a flyer who wants to change your flight or dial +1-202-982-2463, you can rely on the information above and complete the procedure in no time.