The official website of Air France Additional Baggage Policy explains its baggage-related rules after categorizing baggage into two categories, namely, Checked Baggage and Hand Baggage. Checked baggage is the one that is sent to an airline for transportation in the safe custody of an aircraft so that the baggage can reach its targeted destination; apart from that, Hand Baggage is the one that a passenger can carry onto an airplane with themselves. By the way, such a classification makes Air France’s rules regarding baggage even more accessible for travelers to follow because the rules are made as specific as possible, keeping in mind the baggage type. 

Rules regarding adding extra baggage are even easier than rules for baggage in general for travelers to follow. In this text, one will get informed about everything they need to know regarding the following concerns; namely,

How much does Air France charge for an extra baggage option?

Air France offers three types of baggage-option facilities to its customers to make their lives a bit more comfortable and stress-free. These facilities are available to flyers in any of the following two situations; one can benefit from these baggage options, either if one wants to carry additional baggage or has an oversized or overweight baggage item.

These three Baggage Options are technically known as follows:

– Additional Baggage Option

– Oversize Baggage Option

– Overweight Baggage Option

Now, the question is how to purchase any of the Baggage Options that Air France offers at the time of need. Without knowing this practically, every information regarding baggage options is a waste of time. Thus, to make you wise and prepared well in advance, the information regarding the same question is given below; and now, it becomes your duty to make yourself educated on the point by going through the information thoroughly.

How Do I Purchase An Additional Baggage Option?

I suppose one wants to carry additional baggage items, Air France offers an Additional Baggage Option to make it possible for a flyer to travel with all of their essential things to leave nothing important.

One can easily purchase an additional baggage option when needed in both ways, namely, online and offline; one can also pay in both ways online and offline: at the airport. The official website of Air France Additional Baggage Policy says that one can buy two or more additional baggage options without any problem. 

One can purchase an additional baggage option in the following ways:

– First, one can purchase this option at the time of buying a ticket online; Additional baggage charges are shown on the screen of one’s device when one purchases the ticket.

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Special Benefit: By purchasing the additional baggage option using the online mode of payment, one can take advantage of a discount of 20% off the price one needs to pay at the airport; however, in the case of 1st baggage item added on flights that operate between Europe and North America for passengers traveling with Light fare tickets, the online charge for the additional baggage item will be the same as current airport prices.

– Second, one can purchase this option after buying flight tickets by visiting the “Review / Modify your bookings” area of the website. However, here applies the time limit; one can only purchase this option well within thirty (30) hours before the departure of the concerned flight; 

– Third, one can also purchase this option during online check-in;

– Fourth, if someone has already booked their ticket(s), they have the option to purchase an additional baggage option in the My Bookings section of the website.

– Fifth, one can also use miles earned while being a part of Air France’s frequent-flyer program, which is popularly known as Flying Blue, to allow themselves to add some more baggage to their journey while doing air travel. Moreover, as per the official website, if one is an Explorer under Flying Blue, they can save a maximum of 10 euros when adding an extra baggage item for the first time.

Attention Required:

● Before purchasing an additional baggage option, never miss going through the general conditions that apply to the choice of the purchase of additional baggage.

How much is Air France’s additional baggage weight allowed?

During online check-in, one can only purchase another baggage option if departures happen from certain airports; additionally, this option mode is only available for flights provided by Air France Additional Baggage Policy.  

● During the online check-in process, the official website requires that the size and weight of baggage items be under these limits, 158 cm, and 23 kg respectively. 

How to measure baggage item size well before the check-in process? 

● That is how one can calculate their baggage item’s size. The procedure is simple and easy. A baggage item is a 3 dimension thing; it has length, breadth, and width. To know the size of your baggage item, you need first to know the measurements of the length, breadth, and width of your baggage item, and then add them up to arrive at a number. If that number is above 158 cm, one has reached the baggage size’s allowed limit for the online check-in process.

● There may be certain limits on the number of additional baggage items allowed depending on the size of the aircraft. 

How Much Does Air France Charge for Additional Baggage?

Additional Baggages Fees: Air France additional baggage policy and cost/charges.

The following data is from the official website of Air France.


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Additional Baggage Charges for an additional baggage item.

  With France

Standard Class Fare: 70 Euros 

Mini or Basic or Light Class Fare: 35 Euros

  With Europe (including Armenia, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine)

Standard Fare: 70 Euros

Mini or Basic or Fare: 1st 40 Euros 

  Between Europe and North Africa

(Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, or Israel)

Standard Class Fare: 70 Euros 

Mini or Basic or Light Fare: 40s Euro 

For more information, one can contact us. However, at the time of booking tickets, one is given personalized information about Air France additional baggage policy cost/charges. call the air france helpline at +1-888-573-3166 for help.


Q1. Can I pay for extra luggage when I am at the airport?

Ans. Yes, of course.

Q2. How much does it cost to add a bag to an Air France flight?

Ans. It depends on the type of additional baggage item you want to transport apart from other factors. So, one can get personalized information about it when booking their tickets and at the time of purchasing an additional baggage option.

 Q3. How many kilos does Air France allow? 

 Ans. For checked baggage items, Air France allows up to 23 kg in the economy and premium economy cabins, and in the business and premium cabins, it allows 32 kg for checked baggage items.

Q4.Can I pay for extra baggage online?

Ans. Yes, you can.