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Whether you are going for a short or long trip, United First Class is the best thing virtually. Why? Well! There is so much about United First Class that no one can describe in a single line. So, if you are going on a trip and want a memorable in-flight experience, you should go with United Airlines first class this year.  

As we all know, United Airlines has three different cabin classes: United Airlines Economy Class, United Airlines Business Class, and United Airlines First Class. Almost every customer wants to avail of United Airlines First Class because this cabin class has loads of premium amenities compared to the Business and Economy Class. Check out this whole guide and know everything about First Class United Airlines, Step-by-Step To Book A Flight Ticket for United First Class, and much more.  

Things To Know About The United First Class Domestic 

  • United First Class is just available in the region of the United States and Canada. 
  • Hawaii & Alaska are the main points in which you will see a large number of passengers who mostly travel by United Airlines First Class.  
  • There are two different types of a flight, First is United Business and the second is United Polaris. First Class United is Completely different from them.  
  • However, United Airlines First Class is not available for long-haul trips. You can use United Business Class instead of First Class which travels between Latin America and the United States or is also available for long-haul international trips. 
  • As mentioned, United First Class is just available for short trips, you will not be able to avail of lie-flat united airlines first class seats. 

Amenities That You Can Expect When Travelling in United First Class 

United Premier Access 

In United Airlines First Class, United Premier Access is the first and the main service that can impress you while entering the airport. In United Premier Access, you will get assistance at the airport on a priority basis. 

The assistance covered under United Airlines Premier Access 

  • Priority Baggage Handling 
  • Priority Boarding 
  • Priority Check-in 
  • Access to Special Security Lane 

Eligibility Conditions To Avail Yourself of United Premier Access 

  • You need to be a part of Star Alliance Gold. 
  • Passengers traveling in United Airlines First Class, Polaris Business Class, or United Business Class can avail of United Premier Access. 
  • Members of MileagePlus Premier can avail of this amenity. 
  • Holders of Presidential Plus credit cards and MileagePlus Club members will get access. 
  • Passengers can purchase United Premier Access.  

United First Class Baggage Allowance 

You can travel in United First with up to two standard bags at no additional cost. Your bags will be handled first when you land, and they should be among the initials to appear on the baggage carousel. While customers of the basic economy must pay an additional fee to bring a carry-on, consumers of the economy must pay an additional $30 to check a bag. 

Passengers can also get additional baggage allowance using the United Airlines Mange Booking tool.

United Airlines Priority Boarding 

You’ll immediately be assigned a Group 1 departure place when you arrive at the airport with a United Premier ticket. People who are permitted to preboard, such as travelers with impairments and active military personnel, are the only passengers who board before Group 1. 

United Airlines First Class Seats 

United Airlines has bigger seats so that you can stretch your body easily. Additionally, you will get a power plug, along with a table on which you can work or eat your meal without any issues. Along with this, the passenger will also get the Wi-fi service but you need to pay extra for it. 

Meals & Beverages in United First Class 

The variety of food and drink options on United First is one of its strongest features in comparison to the economy. In the first class, the alcoholic beverages that are paid for in coach are free. Additionally, many airlines offer complimentary luxury dinner service. 

Step-by-Step Guide To Book Seats in United First Class 

Booking a first class ticket is almost the same as the United Reservations method for any other fare class. So, let’s discuss it.

  1. To Book Seats in United First Class, open the United Airlines Official Site on your device. 
  1. Then, log in to your United Airlines account. 
  1. On the homepage, you will see some text fields in which you must enter all the required details, like the passenger’s preferred travel dates from departure to return, along with the routes.  
  1. Remember to choose your trip type. 
  1. Hit on the search button then you have to select the flight that you want to book. 
  1. Make payment by linking your online mobile banking app if you prefer cash.  
  1. As you complete the payment process, the airline will send you the confirmation mail to the mail ID you provided while filling out the booking form. 

Step-by-Step Guide To Book United Airlines First Class Seats by using Airlines Miles 

  1. Search for United Airlines Official Site and launch it on your screen. 
  1. By using your login credentials, sign in to your account. 
  1. Here, you need to search for award travel. 
  1. Fill up the required details, such as the dates of departure and return, along with the routes.  
  1. Select your cabin class as per your choice. 
  1. Click any of the United Airlines Flights of your choice. 
  1. Review all the details you’ve provided and then make the payment. 
  1. At last, Click on the confirm button to make your booking with miles on United Airlines successfully.

Boarding Groups of Different Types In United Airlines First Class 


Members of Premier 1K, United Global Services, families traveling with children under the age of 2, unaccompanied juveniles, serving members of the armed forces, and disabled customers make up this category. 

Boarding In Group 1 

Customers traveling in first-class cabins, United Business, Star Alliance Gold, United First, Premier Gold, United Polaris, and Premier Platinum members are included in this category of passengers.  

Boarding in Group 2 

A passenger who got premier Access, Presidential Plus membership, Access to priority boarding, and Star Alliance Silver membership is categorized in group 2.  

Tips To Book United Airlines First Class Flight Tickets 

Book United Airlines First Class Seats By Cash 

By using the available methods to Book A Flight in United Airlines First Class, you can use cash to make the payment. Cash can be utilized at the airport counter directly, or if you are booking your tickets online, you can make payment through online mobile banking apps.  

Miles Can Help You in Purchasing United Domestic First Class Seats  

Miles is also known as United Airlines Rewards. If you want to obtain the United Airlines Miles, you will have to cover the required miles by traveling with United Airlines. Then, when you hit the target, the airlines will credit some miles to your account that you can use to make payments for purchasing flight tickets, extra amenities, hotels, rental cars, etc.  

Upgradation to First Class from Economy To Business  

Upgradation is also the best method to book United Airlines First Class Seats. You must be a part of the United Economy Class or United Business Class. Contact the Live Person at United Airlines and ask them for an upgradation. You will have to pay some charges that you can pay in cash, or you can also use miles.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What comes with first class on United? 

  • Seat with Extra space 
  • Checked baggage service 
  • Boarding on the priority basis 
  • Priority Security lane 
  • Complimentary beverages 
  • Special united first class meals 

Q2. Is United First same as business class? 

The United First Class is available in the United States and Canada. On the other hand, you can use United Airlines Business Class to travel internationally. 

Q3. Do you get free drinks in United first class? 

Varieties of complimentary beverages are available in United Airlines First Class. 

Q4. Is flying first class really worth it? 

Flying with First Class is significant because you can enjoy many premiums for free throughout your journey.