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People can enjoy their trip while choosing their favorite seats on the flight, at their convenience. Many airlines allow passengers to select their seats before departure by paying a certain fee. Similarly, Eva Air also offers passengers to select seats according to their requirements. Though, the airline has some guidelines and restrictions that passengers should know while booking seats. Eva Air Seat Selection process is a smooth and comfortable process that passengers can book through the official website or by calling. 

Seat Selection Guidelines Issued By Eva Air

According to Eva Air seat selection, passengers can choose their desired seat until 12 hours before the scheduled departure time while or after booking the flight tickets. However, a certain seat selection fee is applied, depending upon the destination, type of class, and type of seat passengers want. 

EVA Air Seat Selection Rules
  • The seat selection process is available for all seat types. 
  • Eva Air might offer free-of-charge seat selection for a particular class and other fare classes may be chargeable. 
  • The seat selection is only available for international flights operated by Eva Air/UNI Air. 
  • All seats are open for advance reservation 48 hours before departure
  • Passengers can select extra legroom seats at most 12 hours before departure. 
  • Seats are also purchasable at the time of check-in. However, it is subject to availability. 
  • Seat selection on Eva Air flights is not available for group reservations.
  • If passengers do not want to book a seat in advance, the airline will allot a random seat while the check-in process, based on availability. 
  • Due to any operational issue, the airline can change any passenger’s seat for safety purposes. 
  • Passengers who did booking through a third party cannot select a seat through the official channels of Eva Air. 
  • Travelers cannot pay the seat selection fee with Infinity MileageLands miles.
  • Moreover, passengers must check-in at least one hour before departure. Failing to do so will force Eva Air to release the seat and the passenger will not receive any refund.   
  • The seat selection cannot be transferred to another ticket for the same route.
  • Seat selection with a single-seat zone is available on Royal Laurel/Premium Laurel/Business class/ Premium Economy class.
  • Economy passengers with Standard and Up fares can select the seats for free.

Seat Selection Options Offered By Eva Air

Eva Air has various class options that passengers can choose from while booking flight tickets according to their requirements and budget. The price of seats varies per class type of passenger. 

Royal Laurel Class Seats

This is a business-class cabin that offers luxurious and comfortable flatbed seats with direct aisle access, personal entertainment, and complimentary meals. The class comes under elite class seating. The seats come with fixed panels, thus assuring privacy. The benefit of flying on royal laurel business class includes:

  • Access to VIP lounges.
  • Complimentary overnight kits.
  • HD touch screens.
  • Noise-canceling headphones.
  • Complimentary seat selection. 

Whether you purchase Basic, Standard, or Up fare, the pre-seat selection facility is available for all three.

Premium Laurel Class Seats

It is also a business class that provides spacious seats that recline to a fully flatbed,  personal entertainment screens, and meals. The following seats provide all the comfort similar to the royal laurel class. 

Premium Economy Class Seats

The cabin is also popularly known as Eva Air Elite class. This class offers extra legroom and comfortable seats compared to economy class. It provides benefits with personal entertainment screens and a wide range of amenities.

Economy Class Seats

It is a basic class seating option with comfortable seats, a personal entertainment screen, and a variety of snacks and meals. Moreover, Eva Airlines have preferred seats that passengers can buy which provide extra legroom, window, aisle seats, or seats near the front of the cabin. 

Economy class passengers have four fare options: Discount, Basic, Standard, and Up. 

Moreover, there are three seatings available in Economy Class. 

Extra Legroom Seats

The following seats are available near the emergency exit row. Passengers with any family fare can choose the seats. However, the traveler must fulfill the eligibility criteria to sit on the emergency exit seats.  

Preferred Seats

These are the front-row seats in the Economy class. Travelers can purchase the preferred seats 48 hours before departure by paying a small fee. However, flyers with Up fares can book the preferred seat in advance for free.

Standard Seats

The seats remaining after excluding the emergency exit and front-row seats are the standard seats. The seat is complimentary for Up and Standard fares whereas payable for Basic and Discount fare holders.

Seating Layout on Eva Air – A Quick Look

The airline provides a variety of seat configurations according to the aircraft. Eva Air’s seating map might depend on the particular aircraft and on the route it is flying. 

Boeing 787-10

  • The aircraft consists of 342 seats mainly economy class and royal laurel class. 
  • Royal Laurel has 34 seats which offer direct access to each seat.
  • Moreover, economy class has 308 seats with a 3-3-3 configuration. 

Boeing 787-9 (Dreamliner)

  • It has 308 seats in the aircraft, of the economy and royal laurel class.
  • The business class has 26 flat-lie seats with a 1-2-1 configuration. 
  • Economy class has 278 seats with a 3-3-3 configuration. 

Airbus A330-200

  • The Airbus consists of 252 seats in the economy and premium laurel class.
  • There are a total of 8 flat-lie seats with 2-2 configurations in Premium laurel class.
  • The economy class contains 176 seats with 2-3 configurations. 

Airbus A321-200

  • This Airbus has 184 seats in the economy and royal laurel class. 
  • The business class has 24 flat-lie seats with a 2-2-2 configuration.
  • And, economy class has 228 seats with a 2-4-2 layout. 

How To Select Seats For Your Next Eva Air Flight?

Passengers can book their desired seats on Eva Air by two methods, online and offline. Both ways are simple and convenient to use. Let us dig into the steps of each method.

Eva Air Seat Selection Online

Travelers can confirm their seats from the comfort of their homes by choosing the official website. 

EVA Air Seat Selection Process
  • Passengers should visit the official website and log in to their account. Now, navigate to the Eva Air Manage Booking option. 
  • Enter the booking reference number and fill in the first and last name.
  • The flight details will appear on the screen. 
  • Now, click on the seat selection option from the list.
  • Here, check the 3D layout for seats through the seat map.
  • Choose the desired seat for traveling on the flight.
  • Once the passenger selects a seat, click on the continue button.
  • Now, after choosing a seat, pay the seat selection fee, if required. 
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email address.                                                                                

Use the Eva Air Mobile App

  • The airline has a mobile app where passengers can log in to choose a seat. 
  • Choose the Manage Booking option. 
  • Enter the passengers and flight details. 
  • Click on the seat selection option and check the 3D layout for seats.
  • Passengers must choose the desired seat for traveling on the flight.
  • Now, after choosing a seat, pay the seat selection fee, if required. 
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email address. 

Pre-Select Your Seat through a Phone Call 

  • Passengers can contact the reservation department of the airline to speak with a representative.
  • Here, wait for the IVR to respond.
  • Press the required number for the seat selection service.
  • Once the passenger connects to the representative, request seat selection.
  • Provide the remaining details related to the booking to a representative. 
  • After choosing the seat, pay the required seat selection fee.
  • The new booking details will be shared on the provided email address. 

Eva Air Seat Selection Fee

Eva Air charges a certain fee from their passengers for selecting a seat of their choice. 

The fee is charged for each way per passenger. The Eva Air seat selection fee is complimentary for Royal Laurel/ Premium Laurel/ Business class. However, the airline only charges economy class passengers for advance seat selection that depends upon the distance of the flight and the type of seat chosen. Remember that the seat selection fee is non-refundable unless the ticket is refundable. 

Fare FamilyEconomy StandardEconomy PreferredEconomy Extra LegroomPremium Economy 
DiscountShort haul: $20Long haul: $50Short haul: $30Long haul: $70Short haul: $55Long haul: $170NA
BasicShort haul: $20Long haul: $50Short haul: $30Long haul: $70Short haul: $55Long haul: $170Short haul: $25Long haul: $60
StandardFreeShort haul: $25Long haul: $60Short haul: $55Long haul: $170Free
UpFreeComplimentaryShort haul: $55Long haul: $170Free
Seat Selection Charges

How To Do Seat Selection For Free On Eva Air?

Passengers can select their seats for free on Eva Air in two ways:

  • If passengers choose a seat through the online check-in process, 48 hours before departure time, passengers are not liable to pay for the seat. 
  • Passengers can also skip the seat selection step during booking the tickets, and later at the airport, during the check-in process, the flight attendant will assign a random seat for free. 
  • Moreover, if a passenger has booked Royal Laurel, Premium Laurel, or Premium Economy Cabin, then they will get a complimentary fare. 
  • Any passenger with either Diamond, Gold, or Silver status will get a free seat in the eligible seating zones irrespective of the fare class.

Seat Selection Advantages for Eva Air Infinity MileageLands Members

If you hold a privileged status in Infinity MileageLands, then you will have more perks than other passengers on Eva Air. There are basically three tiers:

  • Diamond
  • Gold
  • Silver

So, if a passenger has any of the above statuses, they are eligible for free seats in their designated zones irrespective of the fare class. 

Economy Class

Fare FamilyDiscountBasicStandardUp
Diamond/GoldAll seats are free.All seats are complimentary.All seats are free.All seats are complimentary.
SilverStandard seats are free.Complimentary Standard seatsStandard seats are free.Standard seats are free.
Seat Selection for Infinity MileageLands Members

However, if a traveler holding any of the Infinity MileageLands statuses is flying in Premium Economy or any Business class cabin, then they don’t have to pay for advance seat selection.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I select my seat on Eva Air?

Passengers can select their seats while or after booking a flight by paying a specific fee. The charges may be according to the class type, and type of seat selected. 

Is the seat selection fee refundable?

At Eva Air, the seat selection fee is non-refundable unless the ticket is refundable. The fees are only refundable in case of flight cancellation by EVA Air. 

Can I change my chargeable seat?

You can change your seats chargeable seats on Eva Air. However, you can choose the alternate seat on the same route, or the same seating zone, or the lower class. 

Does EVA Air allow seat selection for group booking?

No, EVA Air does not allow seat selection facilities for passengers traveling in groups.  

Does Eva Air have a business class?

Yes, the airline consists of business class in which there are luxurious flatbed seats that provide direct aisle access, entertainment screen, and meals. 

How to select a seat on Eva Air?

Passengers can select seats by visiting the Eva Air website or by logging into the mobile app and following the steps through the manage my booking option. Passengers can also call the airline toll-free number and request the executive to select their seat accordingly. 

What is the seat selection fee for a preferred seat on Eva Airlines?

Eva Airlines charges a particular fee for selecting a seat from the passengers. Therefore fee for a preferred seat is-

  • Discount/Basic fare – USD 30 for short routes and USD 70 for long routes.
  • Standard fare – $ 25 for short routes and $ 60 for long flights.
  • Up fare – Complimentary.  

What is the phone number for seat selection on Eva Air?

The airline has contact numbers for passengers to connect to the live executive for any service or concern. The phone number for the United States is +1 281-2090-022. 

How to get a free seat on Eva Air?

Passengers can select their seats for free on Eva Air by doing the online check-in 48 hours before departure time. Passengers will get a random seat assignment if they do not choose the seat in advance. 

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