Flydubai Manage Booking, Check Ticket, Add Baggage, and More

Flydubai Manage Booking

After booking the tickets, we often want to add or change services regarding our flight but are afraid to do so, because we might lose the booking or have to visit the airline counter. Hence, that involves a lot of hassle. Not anymore! With Flydubai Manage My Booking, one can add, remove or even change any services with a few clicks from a mobile or laptop. 

  • Tickets that are purchased from Flydubai are eligible to make changes through the Manage Booking. 
  • Also, not every flight is allowed for changes and it depends on the departure city and fare type. 

However, there are some conditions under which passengers cannot use the Flydubai Manage Trip option. 

  • For adjustments in group bookings, travelers cannot use the Flydubai Manage My Trip feature. Therefore, passengers must call Flydubai for the amendments in their group reservation.
  • In case, all the flights are canceled on the passenger’s booking, they cannot use the manage my booking feature. 
  • Once the flight departs, travelers cannot access the Manage Booking tool on Flydubai. 

How Flydubai Manage My Booking Makes Changes Convenient

Flydubai Manage Booking – Reservation Process
  • Passengers get the advantage of making changes to their flight bookings from any part of the world.
  • Flyers can change their travel dates through My Trips.
  • Moreover, the feature allows travelers to upgrade to Business Class. 
  • Through the Manage My Booking tool passengers can check the status of their upcoming flight booking. 
  • Flydubai’s Manage My Booking feature helps travelers select their seats in advance.
  • Travelers can add extra baggage to their booking and pay for it in advance.
  • Also, with the manage my booking feature, travelers will not be liable to pay service fees charged at the airports. 
  • Another advantage of Flydubai Manage My Trip is that passengers can do web check-in and thus at the airport, they have to submit the bags at the baggage counter and proceed to the security check.

Steps To Access Flydubai Manage My Booking Feature

Flydubai provides access to the Manage My Booking section to passengers through the official website or mobile app. Passengers can follow these simple steps to operate the Manage Flight feature. 

Flydubai Manage Booking Process
  • Firstly, travelers must visit the Flydubai website.
  • On the top menu, click on the “Book and Manage” option. 
  • Next, go to the manage my booking tool.
  • Then, log in to the account either using the booking number or last name. The earliest trip will be reflected on the top in the Manage My Booking section of the Flydubai website. 
  • After logging in, select the flight from the booking section to which passengers want to make modifications.
  • Herein, passengers can choose the service that they want to avail. Some of the services are:
    • Flight status
    • Seat selection
    • Add passenger
    • Add baggage
    • Check-in
    • Seat Upgrade
    • Flight change or cancelation
    • Apply for priority check-in
    • Add a meal
  • According to the fare eligibility and availability, one can make the modifications. 
  • Later, passengers have to pay for the add-ons, or in case of change or cancelation, pay the charges if required. 
  • Once the transaction is successful, passengers will receive the confirmation of their updated booking at the email address. 

Changes You Can Make via Flydubai Manage My Trip

With the Manage My Trip feature, you have the flexibility to modify your itinerary in advance before reaching the airport. Some add-ons are complimentary whereas others are chargeable. 

Flydubai Manage Booking features

Add Baggage Before Arriving at the Airport 

Flydubai allows you to add their baggage online by using the Manage Booking option. However, baggage must be within the weight and size restrictions, according to their class type. If the baggage weight or size exceeds, they must pay the extra baggage fee.

Passengers can add their baggage at least 24 hours before departure. 

Remove/Add Passenger to the Flydubai Booking

With Flydubai Manage My Booking tool flyers can add more passenger to their booking. If a passenger is unable to travel, then through the tool travelers can also remove that passenger. Thus, travelers can handle the booking on their own which prevents them from reaching out to the Flydubai executive for assistance.

Book a Seat In Advance through My Trips

For instance, if passengers did not select their seat during booking the flight, they can do it later through the Manage Trip tool. Passengers can choose their preferred seat as per their requirements. 

After accessing the trip details through Flydubai Booking they can choose the “Seat Assignment” option. The available seats on the aircraft will appear on the seat map. Flyers can select the seat and confirm the allotment by paying additional charges. 

Track Your Flight Before Arriving at the Airport

The most important use of Manage Booking is that passengers can check the status of their flight. Moreover, travelers can check real-time information on their flights regarding cancelation, route changes, and delays. The airline allows to simply access the Manage My Booking feature and click on the flight status to keep track of their flight. If the flight is delayed or on time all the details of the flight will be mentioned. Passengers can reach the airport accordingly which saves their time. 

Do Web Check-in in Advance 

Flydubai allows travelers to check in from 48 hours up to 75 minutes before departure. They can retrieve their booking through the Flydubai Manage Flight feature on the official website or app first. If the check-in window is open for the flight, then the option to do web check-in will be available. However, once, passengers have completed their web check-in, then they cannot change or modify their booking. 

Cancel Your Flight 

With the Flydubai Manage Booking feature, travelers can cancel their booking without any trouble. The risk-free cancellation policy applies to all fares. Travelers must first access their trip using the Manage My Booking. 

  • Under the list of options select the “Cancelation” option.
  • After that, the cancellation policy will pop up on the screen.
  • Check the box properly to confirm it. 
  • Now, passengers can click on the continue button to proceed.

Change the Travel Date

To change the flight date on Flydubai is easy by using the Manage My Trip option. Passengers can check the available flights online on the alternate date through the My Trip option. Hence, they can pick convenient flights for themselves. 

Yet, it also depends upon the passenger’s fare type and class type. Also, there might be charges to pay while making any changes to the booking. 

Upgrade Cabin Class through Manage My Booking

Passenger may have booked a seat in economy class but later wants to upgrade to business class. However, that will be too expensive to cancel the earlier booking and rebook again. So, Flydubai provides the cabin upgrade option. 

Passengers can directly upgrade their cabin class through the Manage Booking feature.

The airline gives an option to price a bid for the business class to Flydubai, and if the traveler’s bid wins, they will travel in business class by giving the price that they quoted to Flydubai. However, passengers must inform the airline at least 10 hours before departure. 

Claim a Refund

In cases, when passengers cancel their flights, or Flydubai cancels the flight, passengers can request a refund. To get a refund, they need to submit a refund form by using the manage my booking option. If passengers are eligible to get a refund, Flydubai will process it after the approval.

Place Order of Your Favorite Meal 

Flydubai allows passengers to add their preferred meal in advance through the manage my booking feature. However, one must check all the food options first and then, they can browse and add their meals up to 24 hours before departure. Meanwhile, travelers can also change their meals or cancel the whole meal before the deadline through the Manage My  Booking feature. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to manage my booking on Flydubai?

By visiting the official website of Flydubai and navigating to the Manage Booking option, you can handle all your upcoming trips with the airline. It is an online self-assistance tool, that passengers can use to modify their itinerary. . 

How to cancel the Flydubai flight?

Travelers can cancel their flights in various ways. However, they can prefer the Flydubai Manage My Flight feature to revoke their booking. The feature is available on the official website and the app. Passengers have to log in to their Flydubai account. After that, they can choose the My Trip option and select the flight to be canceled. Flydubai might charge a fee, depending on the fare type and time of cancellation. 

Why Flydubai’s Manage Booking feature is not working?

Passengers with group booking cannot use the Manage Booking feature. Moreover, if the passenger has purchased the ticket through a travel agent, then they cannot access the tool. 

Can I handle my group booking through the Flydubai Manage My Trip tool?

The Flydubai Manage My Trip option does not work in case of group reservations. It only works for normal reservations. Passengers traveling in the group have to contact the Flydubai for assistance. 

What to do if the Flydubai Manage Trip feature is not working?

When Flydubai’s Manage My Trip feature is not working, then travelers should check the fare terms and conditions to check the eligibility. On the other hand, they can reach out to the airline’s executive via phone call, live chat, or email for further assistance. 

What are the advantages of the Flydubai Manage Booking tool?

Passengers can handle all their reservations on their own from a single place with the help of the Flydubai Manage Booking tool. Hence, travelers can save time and also avoid any administrative charges levied during offline assistance. Moreover, passengers can review the policies, and fare rules, and track the booking from the comfort of their homes.

What changes can I make with the Flydubai My Trip feature?

You can make the following changes through the Flydubai My Trip feature.

  • Add passenger
  • Purchase more baggage
  • Add meals
  • Change flight date
  • Cancel the booking
  • Select seat
  • Upgrade to business class

How can I reschedule my flight with Flydubai?

You can reschedule your flight with Flydubai online through the My Trips tool. You can access your trip details via the My Trips and choose the “Change Flight” option if your fare allows you to do so. After that, you can enter the alternate date of travel and select the flight. Now, continue on the My Trips tool and pay for any fare difference to confirm your rescheduling. 

Modify My Trips/Reservations

Enter Your Information To Look Up a Trip. After that you can Modify your reservations. In order to book a flight or make reservations, call on our Number.

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