Sun Country Baggage Policy – Fees, Carry-On & Checked Bag Size [2024]

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Sun country airlines is an American-based low-cost airline. It works both for passengers and cargo services. Thus, it is also a cargo operator for Amazon Air. The airline hub is at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. Sun Country has a baggage policy that allows carrying baggage under the permitted allowance; one can take it for free. Before traveling with an airline, kindly go through the Sun Country Baggage Policy for a hustle-free trip. 

Sun Country Baggage Policy – Allowance, Weight, Size, Cost

Sun Country Baggage Fee and Restrictions

Passengers can travel with carry-on and checked bags when flying with Sun Country. Since it is a low-cost carrier, it is more restrictive than some other major airlines when it comes to baggage allowance.

Personal Item Restrictions 

Sun Country permits one free personal baggage to all their passengers. Therefore, a specified measurement is set that all passengers have to follow if they do not want to pay an extra fee. This states that the baggage must get fit easily under your seat. One can bring personal items like a handbag, laptop bag, or small bag. 

  • The height of the bag should not be more than 17 inches
  • The width should not exceed 13 inches
  • The depth of a bag should be up to 9 inches.

Baggage Allowance For Sun Country’s Economy Class

There is always a difference between an economy class and a business or first-class. Though sun country airlines’ baggage policy for economy class includes some of the essential items:

  • A personal item 
  • 1 carry-on bag
  • Checked baggage- it includes the standard fee, yet increases the fee as the number increases after 2 bags.
  • Overweight and oversized bags- standard fees are applicable depending upon the weight and size of the bag 
  • Sports equipment could have a specific fee for some items. 

Sports Equipment Charged As Standard Item 

One can replace the sports items with a checked bag. Therefore, no extra fee will be charged, and multiple items will be considered one. The following things are:

  • Bowling equipment
  • Fishing equipment
  • Golf equipment
  • Hockey equipment
  • Skiing and snowboard equipment
  • Sports bag 

Sun Country Baggage Fee – Cost For Carry-On & Checked Bags

Sun Country Baggage Fees can vary depending on many factors, including the time of extra baggage purchase, and the channel used to make the purchase. Here’s all you need to know about carry-on, checked, and extra baggage fees charged by Sun Country Airlines.

Carry-On Baggage Fee

Each airline charges an extra baggage fee, including Delta, United, and American. Sun Country also sets carry-on baggage for each flight you travel. Thus, the fee charged is not refundable. The baggage fees for sun country airlines will increase when the departure date gets near. The airlines allow the passengers to bring one personal bag and one carry-on bag on the flight. Therefore, one can be placed in an overhead bin and under the seat.

Sun Country Baggage Policy

The carry-on baggage fee is as follows:

  • While booking the flight through up to $30 
  • After purchasing and adding baggage through My Trips or online check-in- $38
  • If a booking is made by calling the reservation- $38
  • At the time of arrival at an airport- $45

However, the charges also depend on the distance you are flying. It can take $30 or sometimes charge $26. 

Checked Baggage Fee

The fee charged is for a one-way trip only. Therefore, the baggage weight is up to 62 linear inches and 50 pounds at most. Notably, while booking the flight, it mentions that the baggage fee is “up to.” It means the price may differ according to the location you are flying. If the passenger carries four or more bags, he should call the sun country baggage department or manage airport check-in in advance. One can contact sun country airlines reservations for any assistance.

Sun Country Baggage Fee
1st checked bag2nd checked bag3+ checked bags
From at the time of bookingUp to $30$40$40
From before check-in$40$45$50
Via at the time of check-in$40$45$50
Calling to reservation$40$45$50
At the airport$50$50$60
Sun Country Checked Baggage Fee

Extra Baggage Fee Charged By Sun Country

Unlike every airline, there is a charge for oversized or overweight baggage. Instead, sun country baggage policy has less fee amount as compared to other airlines. 

Overweight Baggage Charges

If the baggage weight exceeds 50 lbs, in this case, one is entitled to pay an extra baggage fee. 

  • If the weight is between 50-60 lbs, the extra fee would be $20.
  • If the weight is between 61-99 lbs, an extra fee would be $60. 

Hence, for some of the locations, extra baggage is not permitted. For flights to/from Jamaica and Puerto Rico, if your checked baggage weighs 70 pounds, it Won’t be allowed. Moreover, checked baggage weighing over 100 pounds is prohibited in sun country airlines for any location. 

For example, If the weight of the bag is 61 lbs, the charge one paid is $60 on the above checking fee paid for the check-in bag. So, the amount is paid twice. However, there is only one option if you have travel credit on your credit card. 

Oversized Baggage Charges

The bag size is up to 62 linear inches; if the size exceeds the baggage fee will be charged above the regular baggage fee.

  • If the bag exceeds size 63 or above linear inches, you will be charged $100. 

You can easily add more baggage to your reservation using the Sun Country Manage Booking facility.

Is Your Baggage Delayed Or Damaged By Sun Country?

While traveling, everyone loves their outfits or personal items; suppose if that gets delayed or damaged, how irritating it would feel. As soon as you check that you haven’t received your baggage or some of the things are damaged, contact the sun country baggage department. The executive will give you a delayed baggage report, which will be helpful for future reference. 

One needs to keep copies of some documents 

  • Ticket
  • Bag claim check
  • Receipts of expenses that you sustained related to the claim. 
                                        Baggage issueThe cut-off time to report(Domestic flight)The cut-off time to report(International flight)                        Report online
                        Delayed baggage                            4 hours                                21 days                                Delayed bag form
                      Damaged baggage                                        4 hours                                          7 days                                  Damaged bag form
                          Missing baggage                                      24 hours                                            7 days                                    Missing item form
Cut Off Time For Delayed, Damaged, Or Missing Baggage

Sun Country’s Military Baggage Allowance 

The soldiers who are from the military and show their ID cards or are on official travel orders will be granted free baggage allowance. The airlines allow US soldiers to travel with three bags for free. This includes one carry-on bag and 2 checked bags Wherein the airline does not even charge them for any oversized or overweight bag fee for free checked bags. Although, the weight of the free checked-in bag should not be more than 50 pounds. More details on Military Baggage Allowance are available on the Sun Country website.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is sun country’s carry-on baggage fee?

Sun Country baggage fee can be up to $45 for carry-on baggage and less than $30, depending on when you add the bags and the location you are flying. 

Can I avoid sun country airline baggage fee?

Indeed, it can be avoided in many ways. 

  • Sun Country rewards 
  • Credit card
  • Sun country airlines visa signature card 
  • Chase Sapphire reserve 

Will a bag pack count as a personal item? 

Yes, it can be counted if the bag can adjust under the seat and covers all the required sizes mentioned by the airline.  

When can check-in be done on sun country airlines?

Sun country airlines check-in depends on the departure location. 

What is sun country’s oversized baggage fee? 

If the bag size exceeds 60 lbs, the extra oversized baggage fee will be charged to $100. 

What is Sun Country checked baggage fee?

The airline’s charge checked baggage fees for weight up to 50 lbs and 62 inches or less are $30-$40. 

What if someone lost their baggage on sun country airlines?

If something happens, kindly contact the sun country executive at the airport. They would go to the aircraft to check for your lost item. 

What is the charge for sports equipment if counted as an extra bag?

If the equipment is under excess baggage, one would be charged $100. 

The equipment includes;

  • Scuba-diving equipment
  • Surfboards
  • Bicycles
  • Antlers
  • Trailer hitches

Which items are prohibited for carry-on baggage?

  • Firearms and weapons
  • Explosive and flammable items
  • Liquid and gel
  • Sharp objects. 

What are all documents required in case of damaged items?

Keeping copies of your ticket, identification card, and bag claim form. 

How can one avoid baggage from being delayed?

Most of the time, it is not anybody’s fault, or no one does it purposely. But if the baggage is delayed, contact the ground staff of sun country airlines for further help. On your end, you can also do some measures like;

  • Pack wisely
  • Label your baggage
  • Secure your bag
  • Buy travel insurance. 

How to pack musical instruments?

Packaging the instrument properly is better to avoid any damage while traveling. The airlines suggest using a hard cover for packing, preferably the cover designed for the instrument. Sun Country Airlines do not allow soft covers.

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