Flair Airlines Baggage Policy – Carry-On Allowance, Checked Bag Fees [2024]

Flair Airlines Baggage Allowance

Flair Airlines is a Canadian ultra-low-budget airline that operates for passengers and chartered services. The Flair Airlines Baggage Policy offers passengers a set of rules and regulations so they do not find any difficulty during travel. On their official website, each procedure is defined and updated for travelers, or one can directly call the flair airline baggage department for any assistance. 

Flair Airlines Baggage Policy – How Much Baggage Can You Fly With?

Flair Airlines Checked and Carry-on Baggage Restrictions

The airlines have a baggage policy allowing travelers to travel with their baggage for the journey. One should know about the details related to the baggage allowance of Flair Airlines. 

Carry-On Baggage Allowance – Personal Item & Carry-On Bag

Flair Airlines Baggage Allowance

In flair airline baggage policy, one can carry one personal item without any charge, like a handbag, laptop bag, or small bag. The dimensions of the personal bag should be 15 cm * 33 cm *43 cm, and it should weigh up to 7 kg. The bag having more weight would be charged an additional fee. 

The passengers who carry a small bag they do not wish to submit for checked baggage can have it on the aircraft. Carry-on baggage costs $29 to $49(online check-in) and $79 (check-in at the airport). However, depending upon the weight and location where they are flying. The size of the bag should be at most 23 cm* 40cm* 55 cm. 

Checked Baggage Allowance – First and Second Bags

Flair Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

The airline suggests that passengers bring at least one checked bag at a time. The dimension of the bag should be at most 23kg. Though. the charges through online check-in would be $49 TO $69, excluding taxes. If check-in is done at the airport, the costs will be $79, excluding taxes.

Third Checked Bag Onwards Is Counted As Additional Baggage

Passengers carrying more than two bags must pay an additional amount to the airlines. However, the weight of bags should be at most 23 kg with dimensions of 158 cm. Passengers can pay online $79, and at the airport, the price would be $99.  Passengers can add additional baggage by visiting the online Flair Airlines Manage Booking facility.

Rules For Oversized & Overweight Baggage

Suppose a passenger’s baggage weight is more than 23 kg; they are liable to pay an extra amount of $99 and taxes at the time of check-in at the airport; it is called Overweight baggage. The dimension should be 158-292 cm in oversized baggage, not more than that. The cost charged will be $99 and taxes. Thus, this is applied to both domestic and international flights. 

Note: All Canadian Soldiers’ Flair Airlines offers a 25% discount for veterans, RCMP, and all members of the extended defense team. Therefore, they must log in to their CFOne account to accept the offer. More details on Military Baggage Allowance can be found on the Flair Airlines website.

Flair Airlines Baggage Fees – Carry-On & Checked Bag Charges

The airlines allow passengers to bring a carry-on and checked baggage for a certain fee. The charges may differ according to the date of departure and type of baggage. There are no charges for personal or carry-on baggage. Although for checked baggage, one must pay $29 to $79 under the Flair airline baggage policy. Moreover, if there is a piece of overweight or oversized baggage, the passenger must pay an additional $99.   

TypeonlineCheck-inairportWeight Limit
Personal bag$0$0$07 kgs
Carry-on bag$29-$59$59-$64$7410 kgs
First checked bag$44-$74$49-$79$79-$8423 kgs
Second checked bag$44-$74$49-$79$79-$8423 kgs
Additional checked bag$54-99$64-104$89-11423 kgs
Oversized or overweight bag  $9923-45 kg
Flair Airlines Baggage Fees

Baggage Restrictions Imposed By Flair Airlines

Flair Airlines have some restrictions for all traveling, either in Economy or Business Class. The conditions obligated for everyone are rules for the safety of all passengers and the aircraft. 

  • The items that are a danger to aircraft safety are not allowed. 
  • Thus, fire alarms are prohibited from boarding live animals, knives, and other sharp objects, according to rule 14(J) in this airline. 
  • Liquids and aerosols are allowed but only in carry-on baggage. Therefore, only one container of 100ml is allowed. 
  • Any lighter, matchboxes, and electronic cigarettes (which are unused) are only allowed in carry-on baggage yet are strictly restricted in checked baggage.  
  • However, cannabis is allowed on Flair Airlines, but it is the passenger’s responsibility. Airlines will not be responsible if the destination has any laws or punishment. Intaking of cannabis is not allowed in the aircraft. 
  • Commercial alcohol is allowed in checked baggage with a container. The alcohol percentage should be at most 70% and 5 liters per person. 
  • Flair Airlines prohibits any equipment related to camping neither in carry-on nor checked baggage. In check baggage, hunting equipment is permitted. 

Has Flair Airlines Delayed or Damaged Your Baggage?

Even though Flair Airlines has stated they take utmost care of their passenger’s baggage, there are a few rare instances where your baggage might get delayed or damaged. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here’s what you need to do.

Delayed Baggage Guidelines

If the baggage has been delayed, the passengers need to find the ground staff of Flair Airlines soon to get help. You will need to fill property irregularity report. Thus, the file number will be provided to you. As soon as the airline finds your bag will contact you regarding the same. You could get the Flair Airlines baggage team through a chatbot if you left the airport. You must provide a 6-digit reservation number, your name, and a brief description of your baggage there. The airlines will bear all your losses if the baggage cannot be found within 21 days. 

Damaged Baggage Guidelines

During the journey, if your baggage is damaged, you must fill out the property irregularity form with the assistance of the airline’s ground staff. Under 7 days of the damage, submit the claim in writing. The claim can be emailed, faxed, or registered mail. When the details reach the baggage department, one will be contacted for any information. Flair Airlines have complete authority to decide whether compensation be provided for any repair or replacement of the damaged baggage. 

If your baggage was damaged and you haven’t received any compensation yet, we recommend you talk to a live person at Flair Airlines for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What should be the size of the carry-on bag?

The carry-on bag size is at most 10 kg with the dimensions of 23 cm*40 cm*55 cm. 

What are the charges for overweight baggage?

Flair Airlines charge $99, excluding taxes as overweight baggage charges. 

What are special items included in Flair Airlines? 

Some of the unique items are:

  1. Electronic items
  2. Fishing equipment
  3. Musical instrument
  4. Infant car seat
  5. Wheelchair

What do personal items mean? 

The airlines allow free personal items for each passenger that should be adjusted under your seat. The items include a handbag, laptop bag, briefcase, etc. The weight of the bag should be at most 7 kg.

What is the charge for baggage is a pet?

Small pets like dogs or cats can travel within the carrier with a leak-proof, ventilated, soft cage. The pet cage should be under 16 inches long, 9 inches high, and 10 inches wide. The charge for a pet in a cabin is $79 if booked online and $99 at the airport.  

What is a basic bundle in Flair Airlines?

This bundle includes 1 personal bag, 1 carry-on bag, and 1 checked bag. 

How much is the cost of additional baggage?

Passengers carrying more than two bags must pay an additional amount to the airlines. However, the weight of bags should be at most 23 kg with dimensions of 158 cm. Passengers can pay online $79, and at the airport, the price would be $99. 

Is there any charge for sports equipment?

Indeed, there are charges for the equipment, but now it has become more accessible by paying online and can avail amazing discounts.  

What is the charge for bicycle equipment?

Per passenger, one bicycle and helmet are allowed that must be adequately wrapped. The online charge is $79 and at the airport $99, and taxes. 

What are the items restricted in carry-on baggage?

  1. Firearms
  2. Flammable items
  3. Battery-powered wheelchairs
  4. Hunting equipment
  5. Bear bangers

Can overweight baggage charges be paid online in advance?

Overweight baggage charges can be paid only at the airport while boarding the flight. The costs are $99, excluding taxes. 

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