Aeromexico Baggage Policy – Fees, Carry On & Checked Bag Allowance [2023]

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Aeromexico Baggage Allowance

Are you planning to escape somewhere around Asia? You can’t afford to miss out on Aeromexico Airlines. Aeromexico Airlines is the flag carrier of Mexico. The base of Aeromexico Airlines is in Mexico City. The airline is a member of the SkyTeam alliance. While traveling with Aeromexico, you need to know about the baggage policy it offers. It’s better to dive into the Aeromexico Baggage Policy for 2023. Before flying around Asia, try to understand the baggage policy. This article will help you to swallow up all the necessary information under the baggage policy. 

There is an important point you have to follow up with. While planning a trip with Aeromexico, you need to remember that baggage fees increase during peak travel seasons, such as in summer or winter vacations and other dates like long weekends. 

Aeromexico Baggage Policy – Carry On, Checked, And Special Items

The baggage policy varies with different bags. There are two types of bags that come under this policy. They are carry-on bags and checked-in bags. Let’s discuss the policy for both the baggage. 

Aeromexico Carry-On Baggage Allowance

On Aeromexico Airlines, all passengers can carry one bag and one personal item. Any assistive devices and garments don’t come under personal items. The bags must be sizes that can adjust in the overhead cabin and under the front seat. It should be lightweight so you can put it in the overhead place without help. Therefore, all the bags must follow the baggage policy requirements; 

Aeromexico Baggage Policy
Aeromexico Carry on Baggage Restrictions
  • Mandatory Maximum Dimensions for carry-on bags: 115 cm
  • Required Maximum weight limitations for carry-on bags: 22 lb or 10 kg

Aeromexico Checked Baggage Allowance

There are so many airlines having different checked baggage allowances. Like these airlines, Aeromexico Airlines have an allowance that varies based on the destination you are traveling to and from. It also depends on the type of ticket you have a booking. You may pay extra money if you pay for your extra bags at check-in. If you prepay for the extra bags on the airline’s website before your departure, you will save some money.  Let’s check out the Aeromexico baggage policy requirements for checked-in bags.

Aeromexico Checked Baggage Allowance
Aeromexico Checked Baggage Restrictions
  • Maximum Dimensions for checked-in bags: 62 inches 
  • Maximum weight for checked-in bags: 50 lb or 23 kg

Now the weight of checked-in bags varies with destinations, ticket type, and flight origin. 

               Flights                                        Premier Class                               Coach Class           

Domestic flight within Mexico:        30 kg                                               25 kg                   

To/From USA & Central America:  32 kg – 158 cm(2 bags)                23 kg – 158 cm(1 bag) 

To/From Europe:                            32 kg – 158 cm(2 bags)                23 kg – 158 cm(2 bags)

To/From South America & Asia:     32 kg – 158 cm(3 bags)                32 kg – 158 cm(2 bags)

To/From Lima:                                32 kg – 158 cm(3 bags)                 23 kg – 158 cm(2 bags) 

Flights Premier Class Coach Class           
Domestic flight within Mexico30 kg25 kg
To/From USA & Central America32 kg – 158 cm(2 bags) 23 kg – 158 cm(1 bag) 
To/From Europe32 kg – 158 cm(2 bags) 23 kg – 158 cm(2 bags)
To/From South America & Asia32 kg – 158 cm(3 bags)  32 kg – 158 cm(2 bags)
To/From Lima32 kg – 158 cm(3 bags)   23 kg – 158 cm(2 bags)
Aeromexico Baggage Fees
Aeromexico Carry-on & Checked Baggage Requirements

Special Item Guidelines

The policy charges differently for sports and musical instruments. The charges are applicable based on the size and number of seats an instrument covers. The Aeromexico baggage policy says there will be additional fees for some of the instruments. To know the list of such instruments, you must visit the official handle of Aeromexico Airlines. You must pay an extra fee for every seat the instrument covers.  

  • You can take human ashes by checked-in or carry-on bags. You need a few credentials to take the ashes along, like a death certificate or cremation document original.  
  • You can take electronic cigarettes, and cigars come under the prohibition list. You can carry them in carry-on bags.
  • Charges on musical instruments are; within Mexico travel: $75 and international travel: $150. The maximum height limit for a musical instrument is 1.15 m.
  • General charges remain the same for sports equipment. For domestic travel, the cost per item is ($75), and for international travel, the fee per item is ($150). 

Baggage Items Restricted By Aeromexico Airlines

So many items are not applicable on board in carry-on bags and checked-in bags. This list of things has no permission to take in flight. Refer to the list here and follow it for your next flight with Aeromexico Airlines. 

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes under the prohibition list. 
  • Enamel paints and corrosive and acidic substances, including mercury or chlorine solvents, come under restriction onboard.  
  • Wet batteries and lithium-ion batteries are not allowed on a flight.
  • Weapons and firearms come under the prohibition list in the Aeromexico Baggage Policy.  

The above list comes under the restrictive items list. You should ensure you don’t carry these prohibition list items in your carry-on or checked-in bags while traveling with Aeromexico Airlines.    

Aeromexico Baggage Fees For Oversize, Overweight, and Extra Bags

The distribution of baggage fees is amongst three types of bags oversize, overweight, and extra. These bags come under carry-on baggage and checked-in baggage. Extra charges are applied for bags that exceed the weight, size, and quantity of baggage policy limitations. Let’s discuss bout each one of the bags based on variable charges. Let’s understand the Aeromexico Baggage fees distribution for oversize, overweight, and extra bags.

Oversized Baggage Fees

If your baggage exceeds the dimensional limits of carry-on and checked-in bags under the Aeromexico Baggage policy, extra charges are applicable per bag. The cost depends on the type of flight and destination. For every oversize baggage, there are additional charges. Every bag must follow the size limits the baggage policy sets while planning your travel with Aeromexico. You just visit the official website of Aeromexico. The oversize baggage charges vary with your destination and the type of flight you have your booking. Let’s check out the costs for oversize bags at different destinations.

  • Flights within Mexico: $800 per bag (Carry-on & Checked-in bags)
  • Flights between US & Mexico: $150 per bag (Carry-on & Checked-in bags)
  • Flights between Canada & Mexico: $150 per bag (Carry-on & Checked-in bags)
  • Flights to/from Asia: $250 per bag (Carry-on & Checked-in bags)
  • Flights to/from Europe: $250 per bag (Carry-on & Checked-in bags)

Overweight Baggage Fees

If your baggage weighs more than the usual weight limitations set under the Aeromexico Baggage policy, you must pay extra charges per bag. The excessive charges are applicable based on your type of flight and the travel destination. Every overweight baggage has some applicable additional charges. You have to pay these charges to board the flight. There are some limitations set for heavy luggage under the baggage policy. You must refer to the policy before planning travel with the airlines. Let’s check out the charges for overweight bags for different flights at Aeromexico. 

  • On flights within Mexico: $700 per kg (For weight 26-45 kg)
  • On flights between US & Mexico: $100 per kg (For weight 23-45 kg)
  • On flights between Canada & Mexico: $100 per kg (For weight 23-32 kg)
  • On flights to/from Asia: $100 to $200 per kg (For weight 23-45 kg)
  • On flights to/from Europe: $100 per kg (For weight 23-32 kg)

Extra Baggage Fees

Like as oversize and overweight baggage, the number of luggage charges extra. The quantity of bags must follow the limitations set under the Aeromexico Baggage policy. It is essential to follow the rules set for the quantity of baggage you must carry on board. This baggage counts both carry-on and checked-in bags. Extra charges will apply to each bag if your bag exceeds the set limitations under the policy. Let’s discuss the fees applicable to extra bags under the baggage policy. The cost of an extra bag also depends on the type of flight and your travel destination.  

  • Flights within Mexico: $600 (one bag), $1000 (2nd bag), $2200 (3rd & 4th bag), $3300 (5th & 6th bag)
  • Flights between US & Mexico: $30 (1st bag), $55 (2nd bag), $180 (3rd bag), $200 (4th to 7th bag)
  • Flights between Canada & Mexico: $30 (1st bag), $60 (2nd bag), $200 (3rd bag), $250 (4th to 7th bag)
  • Flights to/from Asia: $200 (3rd & 4th bag), $220 (4th to 7th bag)
  • Flights to/from Europe: $60 (1st bag), $100 (2nd bag), $200 (3rd & 4th bag), $220 (5th to 7th bag)

How To Add Extra Baggage To Aeromexico Bookings?

You can add extra baggage by directly visiting the official website of Aeromexico. There are two ways to do so, through online and offline modes. You are free to choose any method depending upon your ease and comfort. You can carry forward the procedure to add extra baggage to your booking by following the information regarding both ways. Let’s try to dive through both methods. 

Add Baggage Online

You can do it by visiting the official website of the airline. You can also do it through the Aeromexico Manage Booking page, which only requires your reference number on the boarding pass or your ticket. Online is one of the easiest methods; you only need your baggage and ticket information. You have to do the addition 24 hours before the departure. 

Offline Method To Add Extra Baggage

You can add extra baggage to your booking by offline method. All you need to do is, visit the check-in counter at the airport. The staff service of Aeromexico Airlines will help you in adding extra baggage. The credentials you need at the counter are your boarding pass, ticket, baggage tags, and, most notably, the reference number on the ticket. You have to do it 24 hours before the departure. Make sure you do it in time to avoid the last-minute hustle.  

What If Your Baggage Is Delayed Or Damaged By Aeromexico?

The moment you see that all the passengers got their baggage at the arrivals, you couldn’t find yours. However, the airline ensures that all the passengers must receive all their luggage on time upon arrival. Sometimes, things don’t go as they should due to glitches. Your bags might get delayed or damaged at the airport during this. The Aeromexico Baggage policy will explain the compensation for delayed or damaged luggage. Here you will cover the details and procedure to return your delayed or lost baggage. 

Delayed Baggage Rules

  • When you know that your bag is delayed, the airline is responsible for it. There is a tracking system with the airlines that help it search for your lost baggage. You need to inform them about it at the airline’s customer service counter.
  • You must fill out a PIR to return your delayed baggage at the airline’s customer service counter. 
  • You must be available at the airport for proper procedure and quick action. 
  • The passengers must file a claim at the very moment at the airport. 
  • You must contact the airline for updates regarding your delayed baggage.   

Damaged Baggage Rules

  • When your baggage gets damaged, the airlines are responsible. It will get the baggage repaired and do the reimbursement.  
  • The airline is not responsible for the pre-damage to your baggage. 
  • For the damaged baggage, the airline will compensate with proper negotiation. 
  • The damaged baggage will go under proper investigation by the Aeromexico staff. 
  • Passengers can apply for additional insurance for valuable items from the airlines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do airlines reimburse for damaged baggage?

The airline is responsible for all the damage caused during the arrival of your baggage. The airlines will also repair or reimburse for all the damage caused to the luggage. You must inform the airline’s customer service and file a claim for your damaged baggage. 

How much can you claim for the delayed baggage?

For domestic flights, the maximum claim is $3800, based on DOT rules and regulations. It is $1780 for international flights. The reimbursement can be more than this if the airline wants it. 

How to claim compensation for damaged baggage?

If you want to report the damage to the airline, try to find the local baggage service office. It is located mainly near the check-in counter or the ticket counter at the airport.   

Do the airlines deliver the delayed baggage to your place?

If you file a delayed claim at the airport, a few airlines deliver the delayed baggage to your doorstep for free. If the airlines don’t specify it at the outsets, make sure that you ask them about delivering your luggage to your place free of cost. 

Who pays for baggage damage?

If the airlines hold for the loss, damage, or delay in baggage, it is responsible for paying for all the damage caused unintentionally at the airport. 

Who is eligible for a flight delay claim?

You are eligible for the delay claim only when the flight cancellation happens at the end of the airline. The replacement flight might get delayed by 2 or more hours if the flight gets canceled less than 14 days from departure. 

How long can an airline delay your luggage?

The airline takes around 21 days to delay your baggage. After 21 days of delay, the luggage is considered lost for compensation. 

What is covered by flight delay?

The flight insurance covers unexpected expenses that arise with delayed flights. The compensation can also range from meals to accommodations. 

Is a delay in flights come under insurance?

A few insurance policies give you insurance based on your delayed flight. It occurs if the flight is delayed more than 12 hours due to bad weather or mechanical disorder. 

Can I buy insurance at the airport?

If you are traveling with bags, you must follow the baggage policy limitations. You can buy additional checked baggage at the ticket counter.

What doesn’t come under travel insurance?

The travel insurance covers; trip cancellations and interruptions due to knowing, foreseeable, expected events, epidemics, or fear of travel etc. 

Will airlines pay for hotels after cancellations?

Except for Europe airlines, there is no rule to provide passengers with hotels if the flight gets canceled or delayed.   

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