Flexibility is more crucial than ever when traveling these days. Thus United airlines provide you with additional options to change your travel arrangements up to the day of your journey plan. Of course, you may change your booked flight as often as you want, but you need to pay the difference in fee. This blog intends to provide you with all the answers to the most frequently asked question: “how can I reschedule my United Airlines flight.”

United Airlines Reschedule Flight

  1. If you booked your travel using United Airlines’ official website or app or dial the helpline at +1-805-270-2709.
  2. In that scenario, United Airlines will notify you via email if the arrival/departure time or frequency of your flight changes, a route is added/discontinued, or the flight type changes.
  3. If you booked through a third party, such as a travel agency or a website, you would be notified of the itinerary change by the source of purchase.
  4. You can also find out by contacting your purchasing source or checking for your flight schedule on United.com.
  5. If the updated flight schedule does not work for you, please follow these steps:
  6. Then, contact your travel agent & ask for assistance.
  7. Contact United Airlines for assistance:
    1. By dialing phone
    1. By applying Online through My trips 
  1. United will do everything to guarantee that your travel plans are not disturbed.
  2. However, if the alternative flight does not work for you due to a significant change in the scheduled arrival or departure time, or you cannot be accommodated in the same cabin as your original trip, you may seek a full refund.

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Terms & Conditions – ‘How To Reschedule My United Airlines Flight’

  • By calling your local United Customer Contact Center or contacting a United customer service agent, you may reschedule your flight on united.com or the United app or at the airport’s kiosk, or speak to United customer care staff.
  • Select “My Trips” to get started if you’re changing flights on united.com or the United app.
  • To change your itinerary to another flight, choose “Change flight” and then “Edit.” using the helpline at +1-805-270-2709 for help.
  • Your new flight must:
    • Have the same starting point and ending point
    • To qualify for free same-day confirmation, depart within 24 hours of your initial trip.
    • With a ticket number beginning with 016, be operated by United or United Express®.
  • Space in the same price class must be available for Premier members to confirm a new seat on a different trip for free, but you can pay the difference if it isn’t.
  • A pricing differential may apply even if your same fare class is available for all ticketed clients who want to make a same-day adjustment and confirm a seat.
  • Select “Continue” to see your options and confirm a new flight.
  • Have you checked your baggage for your first flight? Any modifications must be confirmed at least 60 minutes before your new departure time, and United will do its utmost to relocate your luggage to your new flight.

Steps – United Airlines Reschedule Flight Policy

Passengers can change the time, date, & destination on the United Airlines flight by calling customer care or making changes online. In addition, passengers can make changes online if they buy their flight tickets directly from United airlines. Follow the steps below to change the flight time, date, & destinations online.

  1. Go to the official website of United.com or dial the helpline at +1-805-270-2709.
  2. Choose My trips.
  3. Enter the confirmation number & last name to check your trip.
  4. Change the itinerary by selecting it.
  5. Choose Change flight & edit:
    1. Change the time or date of your trip.
    1. Modify your destination.
    1. Include/ Exclude a flight.
  1. To select a new flight, click Continue.
  2. Continue with the flight reservation to confirm the new rescheduled travel plans.
  3. The airlines will send a confirmation of the changed flight via email.

Note*-  If the passengers need to cancel the flight & rebook later then,

  • Go to the official website United.com.
  • Choose My trips.
  • Click Cancel flight.
  • Choose Confirm cancellation.
  • Choose a Trips Credit option to save money on future travel.

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Changing The Flight On The Same Day

Once you know united airlines reschedule flight, you also need to know if you booked using miles, you could change your ticket before or after checking in.

1.    Premier Members

  • Premier members have more options for flight adjustments requested within 24 hours of departure.
  • Within 24 hours of their original scheduled departure time, Premier members may be able to confirm a seat on another flight for free.
  • A charge difference may apply if a Premier member’s initial booked fare category is unavailable on the rescheduled route.
  • Of course, if your first scheduled fare class is unavailable, you may always stand by for free.

2.    Basic Economy Tickets

Basic Economy tickets are not eligible for other flight confirmations, however, you may stand by for other flights within 24 hours of your original departure time.

3.    All other travelers

If you are a customer or MileagePlus member who does not have Premier® status, you may be able to confirm a seat on another flight within 24 hours of your original departure time. However, a fee difference may apply even if the same initial fare class is available. Also, keep in mind that you may always stand by for free.

Join the Standby List For an Earlier Flight

Once you know how to reschedule my United airlines flight, you can also learn about the standby list. If you cannot confirm a seat on another flight or are unable to change without incurring a price, you may always join the standby list for an earlier departure for free. However, if your schedule involves several travel segments, you must stand by for each flight separately.

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Steps to Join the Standby List

  • You may add yourself to the standby list at an airport’s kiosk, on united.com, or by speaking with a United employee at the airport.
  • By analyzing your itinerary, you may join the waitlist at an airport’s kiosk & choose “View Flight Options” or by speaking with a United agent at the airport.
  • When you are added to the waitlist, the first three letters of your last name and you are first initial will appear on displays at the gate for your new flight.
  • You may also check your current standby status on the United app or at united.com/flightstatus.
  • Unless you have a Basic Economy ticket, the order of the standby list is determined by your MileagePlus® Premier status.
  • If you have a Basic Economy ticket, we will put you on the standby list after all other ticketed customers, & you would be prioritized as described above.
  • If a seat is available, we’ll automatically assign you one around 30 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes before departure for international flights.
  • Furthermore, if you have signed up for day-of-travel alerts, we will text or email you to notify you that we have allocated you a seat.
  • In addition, you may view your seat on the displays at your gate or renew your boarding card on the United app.

Choose To Fly with Flexibility

  • If your trip is coming up and you are more than a day away from departure, you may be able to change your reservation with no change fees.
  • You can change your travel arrangements without incurring any penalties, even for award tickets for domestic flights or foreign travel beginning in the United States.
  • This applies to most United Economy® & all premium cabin tickets.
  • If your new flight is more pricey, you will just need to pay the difference in fare.
  • There will be no change cost for the award tickets that do not originate in the United States if changed more than 30 days prior to the departure, although there may be a cost difference.
  • Cancel/Change flight on united.com’s official website, United app, or call your local United Customer Contact Center.

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What is United Airlines flight policy regarding flight changes within 24 hours?

You cannot change the flight on United Airlines during the 24-hour time limit instead of canceling it. As a result, if you wish to avoid paying for the first one, you should cancel your existing ticket and purchase a new ticket.

How do you change the flight time on United Airlines?

On all the fares except the Basic Economy, the United Airlines flight time change policy allows you to modify your travel timing at no cost.

Can passengers change the location of their United Airlines flight?

Yes, the passengers can change their flight’s destination as long as they pay the ticket difference & the change fare, if applicable.

How many changes can passengers make to United Airlines flights?

Except for Basic Economy, passengers can make various changes to the booked ticket. In addition, they also would be responsible for the fare difference.

Will the airlines reimburse the difference for the new rescheduled United Airlines flight if the price is less?

It may be possible to earn a future trip credit if your new United ticket is less expensive due to your price restrictions. In any other case, you will forfeit the difference.

Does the Basic Economy ticket change fee apply to international flights & domestic flights?

United Airlines has eliminated the flight change cost for all international flights departing from the US and flights between the United States & Mexico, Puerto Rico, & the Caribbean.

How can I change a trip for an individual traveler if multiple travelers are on the itinerary?

During the first step of the switch route, you can choose the applicable traveler and proceed to change flights only for that traveler.

What is the maximum number of times I can change my booked flight?

Whenever you want to reschedule your flight, so long as the price difference each time is paid, you can do so.

Can passengers make a same-day change with a discounted change fee?

If you have a qualifying ticket, you can move to an earlier or later flight for a discounted charge within 24 hours, subject to availability. Flight changes are not available for Basic Economy tickets. Members of Premier Gold, MileagePlus Premier® Silver, Premier Platinum, & Premier 1K® can request a free same-day change. Even if the same initial ticketed fare class is available, a rate differential may apply to all other clients. Detailed information is available on the official website of the United Airlines Flight Changes page.

How to reschedule my united airlines already booked a flight for free on the same day of travel?

When the original ticketed price class is available on the new route, Premier members are allowed to confirm changes on other flights for free. However, a rate differential may apply to all other clients even if the same initial ticketed fare class is available.

Still facing the error while rescheduling moment just visits united airlines manage booking team or dial the helpline at +1-805-270-2709 for help.

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