How To Cancel Kuwait Airways Ticket Online?

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Have you booked a flight but were unable to make it? Then, don’t worry! This informative blog will provide you with complete information on How to Cancel Kuwait Airways Ticket Online?

No airline gives its passengers the anchorage of making their journey as affordable and flexible as Kuwait Airways. Though, it’s the largest airline in terms of carrying several passengers or serving uncountable destinations. Kuwait Airways has its renowned cancellation policy which is known for its flexible cost regulation.

Thus, in this blog, you will get a detailed view of the policies on “how to cancel a Kuwait Airways ticket online?”

How to Cancel Kuwait Airways Ticket Online Procedure

Kuwait Airways always provides its customers with extraordinary service not only in the hospitality sector. But, is also best with its customer service. It is also known for its services provided in-flight. As they know how to keep their business smooth and customers happy. Thus, they solve the problems or queries at the ease of their passengers sitting at their homes.

Therefore, below is the detailed procedure on how to cancel the Kuwait Airways ticket online:

  • Firstly, a passenger has to visit the official site of Kuwait Airways.
  • Secondly, on the homepage search for the ‘Manage Booking’ option and press the tab to continue.
  • Thirdly, the passenger has to enter their details such as booking id and last name. And, if the passengers don’t have their booking id, then they can use their 13-digit ticket number as well to retrieve their booking.
  • Then, click on Cancel Kuwait Airways ticket and proceed further.
  • Now, after the completion of the cancellation process passengers can choose one from the given options.
  • Afterward, passengers can get their refund in a travel credit voucher or with a Kuwait Airways cancellation fee. Therefore, the travel credit voucher of the passenger would remain valid for a year and from the date of issuing.
  • Press on the ‘Yes’ tab to know the policies of canceling the ticket on Kuwait Airways.
  •  Passengers can go through the travel guidebook and then press the ‘Finish’ tab to proceed further.
  • At last, once the cancellation process is completed. Passengers will receive the cancellation mail on their registered mail ID.

What are the Policies for Kuwait Airways Ticket Cancellation?

Even if you want to cancel your tickets, then there are different rules on canceling them. Hence, go through the important points before making any cancellations.

  • The cancellation policy of Airways is applicable on both non-refundable and refundable fares.
  • The cancellation policy is only applicable on the flights booked through Kuwait Airways website or via customer care number.
  • The ticket cancellation amount will be given back to the passenger’s original mode of payment within 8-10 working days.
  • The online ticket cancellation is applicable only for travelers that don’t have a minimum of 8 flight divisions.
  • In case the passenger doesn’t show up at the time of check-in then all the return and continuing flights will stand canceled.
  • If the passenger faces any kind of disruption, flight delays, or flight cancelation from the end of Kuwait Airways. Then, the passengers will get a refund for their ticket and compensation from the airlines.
  • The cancellation is only applicable if the passenger hasn’t used the part of his booked ticket.
  • If a passenger is assigned an alternate flight due to a schedule change. Which, is not acceptable to the passenger. Then, the passenger can ask for a refund of the canceled ticket.
  • Kuwait Airways doesn’t cover restricted fares on canceling the booking online.
  • The ticket cancellation online most not have a military, group, or government fare.
  • The online flight cancellation should not be older than 12 months from the date of booking.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Kuwait Airways provides its passengers with a 24-hour cancellation policy in which a passenger can request a free cancellation within 24 hours of purchase. But the booking date must be at least before 7 days of departure. Thus, 24 hours cancellation applies to all fare rules, class of service, fare types, the origin of destination, and passengers.

In this policy, the passenger will not get charged any cancel booking cost if he met the above-mentioned terms and conditions. Thus, the ticket cancellation within 24 hours will not be applied to travel credit vouchers and reward mile tickets.

Other ways to Cancel Kuwait Airways Ticket

To cancel the Kuwait Airways ticket, the Airways has various other methods to cancel instead of the Online Cancelling method. Hence, read below to know more methods and procedures.

How to Cancel Kuwait Airways Ticket Via Call?

To cancel a flight ticket, a passenger can feel free to contact the customer executive at the helpline no of Kuwait Airways. Hence, to cancel the ticket detailed procedure is given below:

  • Firstly, a passenger has to visit the official site of Kuwait Airways.
  • Secondly, on the homepage, he has to search for the option ‘Contact Us.’ And using that, passenger can call customer service 24*7 for their queries to get sort.
  • Thirdly, the passenger has to listen to the automated IVR menu carefully.
  • After that, the passenger has to follow the IVR commands.
  • Then, the passenger has to choose the option to connect with the customer executive.
  • Once you get connected, tell the customer service agent to cancel your flight tickets.
  • Further, the executive will ask for the last name and reservation ID to cancel your tickets.
  • After the procedure gets completed, the executive will give information about the service charges or the cancellation fee and refund status. If applicable.
  • Once you agree with the policies, you will receive the confirmation mail at the registered mail ID.

How to Cancel the Kuwait Airways Ticket at Airport?

Kuwait Airways allows its passenger to cancel their ticket at the airport also. For that passenger has to go to the airport where he has decided to board the flight. Thus, after that, he has to visit the Ticket Counter and needs to talk to the executive face to face. Where he can ask them to cancel his flight.

The executive will ask him the details such as last name and booking id to move further in the procedure. Hence, the executive will explain the refund policy and the cancellation charges. Which, the passenger has to pay if applicable.

Then, once you agree the executive will cancel your tickets. And, the passenger will get the refunds as per the policies.

Kuwait Airways Flight Cancellation Fee

Kuwait Airways applies its ticket cancellation fee only on the non-restricted fares. Thus, the customers can get a refund of the remaining value from their fare. The airways apply the cancellation fee of 125 USD on all domestic tickets whereas 200 USD on all international flight tickets.

The ticket cancellation cost is applicable on per passenger per ticket basis. Thus, the cancellation fee varies accordingly.

Refund Policy

Kuwait Airways has suitable refund policies for its passengers. Thus, below is the complete description of the refund policy:

  • Kuwait Airways process the ticket cancellation refund back to the holder’s original mode of payment within 8-10 working days.
  • The airways assign the cancellation refund to the passenger whose name is on the list of bookings. And, to those who have made transactions for booking the flight.
  • In the case of ‘Restricted fares,’ the airways only process the ticket cancellation refund of the fees and taxes which is approximately 15% of the total reservation value. Hence, the passenger will get the base fare refund in any situation.
  • If a passenger falls into any mitigate situation such as the sudden demise of a close family member or death of the passenger. Then, after completing the process of documents & certificates the passenger will get the full refund.
  • If the airways hold the blend of non-restricted and restricted fee rules. Then, the passenger will get a refund of the restricted fare regulation.
  • If the passenger has used the ticket partially. Then, he will get a refund from the amount of the purchase ticket price and the current ticket price of the same journey. Thus, the passenger will not get any refunds. If the price of the current ticket will exceed the original ticket value. 
  • The passenger will get a refund of the restricted fare of the canceled ticket. Therefore, at the ticket cancellation desk.


Does Kuwait Airways provide an online cancellation?

Yes, airways provide a convenient procedure for online cancellation using the airways website. In order to know how to cancel a Kuwait Airways ticket online, read the blog above.

Does Kuwait Airways have other various ways of canceling tickets?

As I have noted, there are several ways of canceling the ticket:
● Cancellation via the website.
● Cancellation via Phone call.
● Cancellation at Ticket Counter.

What kind of tickets are eligible for an online refund?

Airways provides its customer with easy refund policies. Which books using the airways website, mobile app, or mobile web are eligible for an online refund through ‘Manage Bookings.’

Do the airways charge any cancellation fee?

Yes, Kuwait Airways charges a cancellation fee of 125 USD on all domestic flights whereas 200 USD on all International flights.

Do the airways provide a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, Kuwait Airways provides its customer with a 24-hour cancellation policy that too to all fare types, classes of service, origin of destinations, and passengers.

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