Reschedule your Flights easily through Qatar Manage Booking

Qatar Airways is one of the reputed airways that operate flights around the world. It is a commercial carrier airline. Passengers are always very delighted to travel with Qatar Manage Booking. But many passengers also have lots of questions related to manage their bookings such as with making changes in date, time flights or to add benefits with the existing tickets. 

Now you have a solution. The solution to all these queries is Qatar Manage Booking. This lets you make any changes to your existing ticket. If you have a ticket but want to make any changes to the tickets, you can effortlessly do it. You may add Luggage, Food, Pets, web check-in, book for a cab or seek hotel deals or package as well. So, do make complete use of the manage booking option you have.

Is Qatar Manage Booking Beneficial?

Well, this tab right there in the portal is like a golden ticket to make any change you wish to make after completing a booking. As a passenger, you may always end up with the last-minute hassle and this will help you resolve them. If you are on a vacation or in a business meet or a student and your semester gets extended, you can easily change the date and time of your flight and book a new flight within the same cost. 

You may be thinking is it helpful? Yes, it is very helpful. Passengers have been very satisfied with this facility. They get to make changes in their tickets free of cost. It is a very cost-effective and comfortable way to make changes. Sometimes, you may have to pay a minimal amount if the new rates are high. However, manage your booking qatar airways allows you to make one change free of cost mostly. All you have to do is go to the Manage Booking portal and make your desired changes.

Reschedule or Re-book Flights

Many passengers confuse the two. Reschedule and Re-Book are completely two different concepts. It is always best to learn better and know more, to avoid silly mistakes, which might cost you higher.


It means that you are making changes to an existing ticket without cancellation. The PNR number remains the same. You can only change the flights, date and time. You will not be allowed to change your destination. to make the changes free of cost.


It means that you have already canceled your ticket. You can re-book your flights at any moment and take flights at the same destinations. You are free to book a flight to any desired destination, date, and time. It does not bind you with the destination. You will have to make the entire new booking by making a new payment. 

How to Reschedule Flights with Qatar Manage Booking?  

It is pretty simple and easy to manage your booking through this portal. Hopefully, these steps will help you to better-

Step 1: Visit the official site and log in with your PNR/ Booking Reference Number. Also, add your Last Name.

Step 2: Go to “Manage Booking”. 

Step 3: Select “Change Flight” or “Change Date”. You may change your date, flight, or time as per your requirement.

Step 4: Choose the new date or time or flight. Then Proceed. Once you select the new changes, you will have to confirm them.

Step 5: Qatar Airways let you change a flight for free the first time. (If you make changes more than once it might cost you in a single PNR).

Step 6: As soon as you complete with changes, you will get the new tickets and the previous tickets will be canceled. 

Other benefits of Qatar Manage Booking

Passengers usually have many other queries about manage booking. So, here are some other benefits that you can avail yourself of from Qatar Manage Booking.

  • You may view your tickets or print them.
  • It also allows you to change your class, which also reflects the change of fare. (It will cost you if you upgrade your class to Higher Classes).
  • You can also edit your Contact Details and frequent flyer number with the manage booking tab.
  • Some passengers prefer a window seat or aisle seat. This also, lets you pick your seat as your comfort.
  • You may add meals or any special preference available.
  • Not just reschedule, you can also, cancel a flight and ask for a refund.
  • You can also avail of benefits for your destination arrival. Book a cab, hotels, or upgrade to packages. 

You may visit this page for any other required changes as well. This will allow you to make all the changes possible on a pre-existing ticket. Passengers have benefitted a lot from this facility. Make full use of Airlines Manage Booking and manage all your upcoming travel with this prestigious airline.