Whether you’re going on a short or lengthy trip, you’ll likely be carrying baggage. Now it all depends on where you’re going and the duration of your trip. However, you will bring all of the items you require on your journey. When it comes to Qatar Airways’ baggage policies, they are quite good. And when we find ourselves in a scenario where we need to carry a large amount of luggage, flexible excess baggage policies be beneficial.

This blog aims to share all the relevant information regarding Qatar Airways’ excess baggage policies and important related information.

Qatar Airways Excess Baggage Policy

  1. The amount of baggage allowed varies depending on the cabin and route class.
  2. Undoubtedly, Qatar Airways baggage allowance is pretty reasonable for flights using the weight concept and piece concept.
  3. Carrying unique items, such as wheelchairs and sporting equipment.
  4. Qatar Airways can purchase additional baggage up to three hours before departure if you wish to carry more than your allowed baggage allowance. need to know more info by calling customer service at +1-202-982-2463

It’s the cherry on top when you travel with confidence and know you’ve packed everything you’ll need for your trip. But, on the other hand, overweight/excess baggage charges could be expensive.

Important Highlights of Qatar Airways Excess Baggage Policy

The fees and seasonal restrictions associated with a Qatar Airways flight reservation vary depending on the trip destination and ticket conditions. The Qatar Airways excess baggage policy highlights are listed below –

  1. Qatar baggage policy states that checked bags beyond 320 cm/126 linear inches will not be accepted.
  2. Extra baggage must not weigh more than 45 kilograms on Qatar Airways-operated flights.
  3. Passengers in Qatar Airways First and Business Class can take up to three bags weighing 32 kg each at no additional fee.
  4. Different baggage rules may apply if the Qatar Airways ticket itinerary involves a flight from another carrier.
  5. Moreover, according to Qatar Airways excess baggage policy, overweight baggage taxes are decided by the territory served by the flight.

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Check Qatar Airways Excess Baggage Fee

Purchase Extra Baggage Online in Advance

Extra luggage limits can be purchased directly through the Qatar Airways website up to six hours before departure at a discount of up to 50%. Above all, the preferred excess baggage rate is calculated per kilogram or 2.2 lb.

From/ToEuropeISC & PakistanSouth/East AsiaCentral AsiaJapan & KoreaAustralasiaGCCLevantIranQatar
ISC & Pakistan$30$30$30$30$30$40$20$20$20$20
South/East Asia$30$30$30$30$40$40$20$20$20$20
Central Asia$30$30$30$30$40$40$30$30$30$30
Japan & Korea$40$30$30$40$40$55$30$30$30$30
QatarQR 50QR 22QR 60QR 65QR 70QR 90QR 30QR 30QR 40

Purchase Extra Baggage During Check-in At The Airport

Qatar Airways offers standard rates for purchases made within 6 hours of your flight departure at its airport office and the check-in counters only. Above all, the preferred excess baggage rate is calculated per kilogram or 2.2 lb.

From/ToEurope & PakistanISCSouth/East AsiaCentral AsiaJapan, KoreaAustralasiaGCCLevantIranQatar
Europe,ISC, Pakistan$40$40$40$40$50$60$25$30$30$30
South/East Asia$40$40$40$40$55$60$30$30$30$30
Central Asia$40$40$40$40$60$60$40$40$40$40
QatarQR 80QR 60QR 90QR 100QR 110QR 140QR 40QR 50QR 60

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How to purchase Qatar Airways Excess Baggage?

Excess baggage can be purchased if you wish to carry more than your permitted baggage allowance. Furthermore, extra baggage can also be purchased at the check-in counter when check-in at the airport. Let’s look at the steps below to add excess baggage.

  • Steps To Purchase Qatar Airways Excess Baggage
  1. Firstly visit the Qatar Airways official website or call the Qatar helpline at +1-202-982-2463.
  2. Secondly, select the manage booking option.
  3. Thirdly, you will need to enter Privilege Club number/PNR/ticket number and last name.
  4. Your booking will be retrieved.
  5. Finally, select the “Purchase Excess baggage” option on the right side to buy extra baggage online.

Qatar Airways Excess Baggage Benefits for Privilege Club Members 

Members of the Privilege Club, who are frequent flyers, are entitled to Qatar Airways excess baggage allowance. However, they are given a standard baggage allowance based on their membership tier status. Let’s understand all 4 categories in detail.

Membership TierAdditional Baggage Allowance
weight concept routespiece concept routes
Silver+ 15kg/33lb+ 1 pc.
Gold+ 20kg/44lb+ 1 pc.
Platinum+ 25kg/55lb+ 2 pcs.

How Increase Qatar Airways Excess Baggage Allowance

Upgrade to First or Business or Class  You’ll pack a preferably heavier case when you upgrade a Qatar Airways ticket to First or Business Class.
Join the Qatar Airways Privilege Club  There are 4 levels – Burgundy Silver, Gold and Platinum Three of the four give you some free additional baggage.

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Additional Information – Qatar Airways Baggage Fees

The following summarizes the Qatar Airways baggage fees you need to pay to check your luggage for international and domestic flights.

Baggage categoryFeeMax WeightMax Size (L+W+H)
First checked bag$3050 lb62 Linear Inches
Second checked bag$4550 lb62 Linear Inches
Third checked bag$15050 lb62 Linear Inches
Fourth (+) checked bag$20050 lb62 Linear Inches

Know more about baggage policy, additional allowance & fees, connect with Qatar Airways Manage Booking for help.

How much does it cost to carry excess weight on Qatar Airways?

As per Qatar Airways, the route determines the amount of additional baggage.
For weight-associated routes, additional weight is levied per kg.
For piece-associated routes, the charges are:
●       Online Booking – $200
●       Offline Booking – $250

Is Qatar Airways policy on extra baggage strict?

According to Qatar Airways, excess baggage dimensions – length, breadth, and height should not be more than 300 cm in weight and 158 centimeters in length. Furthermore, a single piece of checked-in baggage should not weigh more than 32kg/70lb. Therefore, if your ticket’s weight/piece allowance is exceeded, you will be required to pay extra baggage fees.

Is laptop bag allowed in Qatar Airways?

Yes, your laptop and its accessories must fit in hand baggage allowance. If your allowance is one piece, you cannot bring your laptop on board in a separate bag next to your hand luggage because this would count as two pieces.

On Qatar Airways, how much does an extra bag cost?

The cost of extra baggage with Qatar Airways varies depending on where you’re flying to and from. Let’s understand with a few examples given below:
UAE to the Philippines
●       You can purchase 1 extra kilogram
●       It’ll cost you
○       online before the flight – $25 or Dh92
○       Airport – $30 or Dh111
UAE to the Canada or US
●       You need to pay per extra bag and not extra kilogram
●       It’ll cost you
○       For the first bag in advance – $50 or Dh184
○       check-in desk – $65 or Dh239
Subsequent pieces will cost
●       Online – $200 or Dh735
●       Airport – $250 or Dh918

Is it possible to purchase Qatar Airways excess baggage allowance on reservations in advance?

Yes, an extra baggage allowance can be purchased in advance online for a lower price than at the airport. This additional allowance can be bought when you book your flight until 72 hours before departure. After that, the cost is determined by the destination. If you book online, the fee is $40 per kilogram.

How much additional baggage is allowed in Qatar Airways?

Each traveler is allowed a maximum of 5 pieces or 100 kilograms when you paid for excess baggage. if you want to get more information about baggage policy then you can dial the Qatar helpline number at +1-202-982-2463