In the last 30-years, air travel has become part of day-to-day life and relatively less expensive. Want to go on to the next state across, but who’s got the time travel by train? Therefore, information about airlines and their website has become a popular subject of basic knowledge. Step By Step read our blog about jetblue airlines book a flight.

That is why today we will discuss one such topic: JetBlue Airlines Book a Flight.

What exactly is it? What all does it offer? And how does one use such a service?

In short, the answers to all those questions are below. So, in this blog, we’ll discuss:

  • Firstly, what is JetBlue Airlines Book a Flight?
  • Secondly, what services does it provide?
  • Thirdly, how to use JetBlue Airlines Book a Flight?
  • Fourthly, the terms & conditions/policy of the services.
  • Lastly, to answer any queries, a section for FAQs.

So, let’s start.

What is JetBlue Airlines Book a Flight?

JetBlue Airlines Book a Flight is a page on the airlines’ official website that provides users with some services. Although, as the name suggests, its main function is to allow users to book tickets. However, it also offers some other services. Therefore, let’s discuss them:

Services Offered by JetBlue Airlines Book a Flight

To summarize, below, we’ve given a brief about the services that the JetBlue Airlines Book a Flight provides:

Flight Booking/Reservations

In short, the primary function of this page is to allow users to book flights to their intended destination. Also, while booking a flight, the passengers can also avail a variety of amenities that the Airlines provide them.

Book Using TrueBlue Points

Firstly, the passengers can decide to book their flights by either using cash or their TrueBlue Points.

Seat Selection

In short, passengers can select their seats depending on the fare class. However, the airline may charge them for seat selection. In addition to that, passengers can also purchase the Even More® Space add-on. In order to have access to more spacious seats & early boarding.

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Additional Baggage Allowance

While JetBlue provides a complimentary baggage allowance depending on the fare class. However, passengers can also purchase baggage allowance/bags during the booking. However, the baggage allowance & price of baggage may differ depending on fare class & route.

Even More® Speed

Also, passengers can purchase this perk to expedite their transit within the airport up to the security check. However, the charges of this perk also differ based on the fare class.

Rental Car

In case a passenger requires a personally driven transport within their destination. Then, they can rent a car that they will receive at the airport while booking.

Pet Allowance

Also, passengers with pets are allowed to travel with their pets onboard. However, they have to pay a charge & they must align with specific guidelines.


In the case of passengers with non-refundable tickets, the airline can make the fare refundable for a charge. However, the charges will differ based on the type of fare & the route.

Popular Destinations

As the name suggests, the second feature of this page provides users with popular destinations from their locations. Also, it shows the least expensive flights that can be booked using cash or points.

However, it only displays one-way routes, & the prices are liable to change.

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User’s Guide to JetBlue Airlines Book a Flight

To summarize, the passengers can book flights using two methods. On the one hand, they can put in their travel information & date, then browse through the list of flights.

On the other hand, they can use the popular destinations. Thus, they can book the least expensive flights to the most popular routes from their location. In addition, this method also allows the passenger to use the Low Fare Calendar.

Therefore, let’s discuss how to use the JetBlue Airlines Book a Flight.

Flight Booking

  1. Firstly, visit the official website of JetBlue Airlines, then click on Book.
  2. Secondly, select the type of trip & the number of passengers.
    1. One-Way
    1. Round Trip
  3. Thirdly, select the Use TrueBlue Points (if the passenger wishes) & fill in their travel details. Then, click on Search.
    1. Origin Airport/City
    1. Destination Airport/City
    1. Date/s of Travel
  4. Once the website retrieves the list of flights for their route, select the fare class & the flight they prefer.
  5. Then, click on Checkout & purchase the Refundability perk (if they wish to). Otherwise, just select Next: Traveler Details. Once there, either Sign In or Continue as Guest.
  6. In case they selected Continue as Guest, then fill in their personal information & select Next.
    1. Name of the Passenger
    1. Gender
    1. Email
    1. Contact Information
    1. Address
  7. Once they reach the next section, the passenger can purchase additional amenities listed there. So, select & pay for any amenity they want, then click on Next.
  8. Lastly, review their booking to ensure every detail is correct. Then, proceed with the payment.

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Popular Destinations

  1. Firstly, access the JetBlue Airlines Book a Flight through the official website.
  2. Secondly, put their location in the “From/Origin” tab & reload the page.
  3. Thirdly, after the page reloads, scroll down to check the popular destinations from their location. And select the payment method – Cash or Points.
  4. Then, select the destination the passenger prefers to redirect to the booking process.
  5. Once the low fare calendar opens, select the travel date/s.
  6. After that, follow the Flight Booking process from point – 4.

At last, now we know how to utilize the JetBlue Airlines Book a Flight & its services. So, let’s discuss the policies that dictate these services.

Terms & Conditions

In short, every service provided by an airline is guided by strict policies or guidelines to ensure safety. And same is the case with JetBlue Airlines Book a Flight.


  1. Firstly, JetBlue provides have 5-types of fares to the passengers. And, every fare has its perks & disadvantages. Therefore, below are tables with brief information on different fare classes.

Carry-on Baggage

Basic BlueNot Allowed
Blue Plus1
Blue Extra1

Complimentary Checked Baggage

Basic Blue0
Blue0 (1 on flights to/from London)
Blue Plus1
Blue Extra0 (1 on flights to/from London)

Cancelation/Changes Charges

Basic Blue$100 to $200
BlueNo Fee
Blue PlusNo Fee
Blue ExtraNo Fee
MintNo Fee

Advance Seat Selection

Basic BlueAdditional Charges
Blue PlusComplimentary
Blue ExtraComplimentary

TrueBlue Points Earned per $1 Spent on Booking

Basic Blue1 Point
Blue3 Points
Blue Plus3 Points
Blue Extra3 Points
Mint3 Points
  1. Secondly, JetBlue allows every passenger one personal item onboard, regardless of fare class.
  2. Thirdly, the sum of the Bag’s dimensions (length, width & height) should not exceed 62 inches. And the weight should be within 50 lbs.
  3. Fourthly, bags that exceed the size & weight criteria are considered oversized & overweight, respectively. And the airline will levy additional charges on them.
  4. Also, for routes within the United States of America, the charges for additional baggage are:
Fare Class1st Bag2nd Bag
Blue Basic$35$45
Blue Plus$0$45
Blue Extra$35$45
Mint$0 (to 70lbs)$0 (to 70lbs)
JetBlue Plus Cardmember$0$45
  • However, for flights between the US & the Uk, the charges for additional baggage differ:
Fare Class1st Bag2nd Bag
Blue Basic$65/£55$105/£85
Blue Plus$0$105/£85
Blue Extra$0$105/£85
JetBlue Plus Cardmember$0$105/£85

Pet Allowance

  1. At first, passengers must carry their pet’s documents & vaccination records. However, the entry requirements for pets may differ from location to location. Thus, always check them before the day of travel.
  2. After that, the pet should be able to fit comfortably and turn around inside its carrier. Also, the pet carrier cannot exceed 17 x 12.5 x 8.5 inches (Length, Width & Height, respectively) in size. And must weigh no more than 20 lbs.
  3. Also, passengers can carry only one pet per carrier.
  4. Lastly, the airline will charge a pet carrying fee of $125 per pet.

Contact Information

In case you require assistance from the airline official, below are ways of contacting JetBlue.

Customer AssistancePhone No: 1 (800) (538) (2583)
Crewmember FeedbackLink
FeedbackCustomer Experience

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. Is JetBlue considered a cheap airline?

In short, JetBlue is a prominent low-cost carrier headquartered in Long Island City. Therefore, JetBlue is considered a cheap airline, as being a low-cost carrier, it provides air travel at low prices.

Q2. How far in advance can you book a JetBlue flight?

In a similar way to every airline, passengers can book their flights in advance on JetBlue Airlines. In fact, many people book flights in advance to get less expensive fares. So, to answer your questions, on JetBlue, passengers can book their flights up to 11 months in advance.

Q3. How to check a jet blue flight status?

In order to check the status of a JetBlue flight, just follow the instructions given below:
·       Firstly, visit the official website for JetBlue.
·       Secondly, click on the Travel Infor header on top, and select Flight Tracker.
·       Thirdly, select the tracking method & fill in the flight information & select Flight Status.
o   By Route
§  Origin Airport
§  Destination Airport
§  Departure Date
o   By Flight Number
§  Flight No.
§  Departure Date

Q4. What is the cheapest day to fly on JetBlue?

Firstly, there are many factors that affect the prices of airline fares, like travel time & date, distance, etc. However, the rule applies to every airline when it comes to the day of the week.
All in all, the cheapest days of the week for air travel are Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday.

Q5. Is it cheaper to buy JetBlue tickets at the airport?

Although you can save up to $20 on a roundtrip if you make an airport booking. However, you don’t have access to offers & sales discounts for an airport booking. So, to summarize, the price difference between the two booking methods is not significant.
Still confused about how to book a flight with JetBlue then visit the JetBlue Airways Manage Booking team for help.