In United Airlines, passengers choose cabin classes according to their needs and comfort. Talking about a single cabin class, each class is divided into two distinct parts. For example, In United Airlines Economy Class, you will be getting United Airlines Economy Plus Class, which is an upgrade part. However, United Economy cannot serve you the many facilities you will get in United Economy Plus. Also, passengers who can’t afford to travel in first class can avail themselves of Economy Plus, which can be within your budget. If you are thinking about what is economy plus on united? Then check out the information below.  

What Is Economy Plus On United? Things That You Should Know! 

United Economy Plus is an upgraded version of United Economy. This economy class section is expensive, but you will surely enjoy your journey. The noticeable thing while entering United Airlines Economy Plus section is the seats. Passengers of United Airlines mostly prefer to book seats on Economy plus instead of the basic economy just for comfort. Therefore, you will not only get a wider seat with extra legroom but also you are allowed to carry extra luggage with no additional fees. Below, you will learn much about Economy Plus, such as Economy Plus Seats, Baggage, Cost, Benefits, and more.  

United Economy Plus Seat – Extra Legroom For Your Comfort 

United Economy has three cabin classes: United Basic Economy, United Economy, and United Economy Plus. United Airlines Economy Plus is the upgraded version of United Economy, ready to provide extra legroom in your seat of 3 to 4 inches. The Special thing about the Economy plus is if you don’t like your seat, you can change it with the other available seat at no extra cost.  

Remarkable Amenities To Avail Yourself of in Economy Plus United 

  • Passengers will get six inches of legroom. 
  • The boarding group for United Economy Plus passengers in Group 3. 
  • Passengers of this fare will get the opportunity to carry two more personal items for free under the united economy plus baggage facility which can save more than $160.  
  • The United Economy Plus cabin class is located at the back of the United Premium Plus and in front of United Airlines First Class. 
  • If the seat does not suit you, you can change it for the empty seat at no extra cost. 
  • Earning Miles facilities, known as Airlines Rewards, are available in both Economy and Economy Plus. Still, in comparison to the regular economy, you will get the opportunity to earn more in Economy Plus United. 
  • Passengers can upgrade this to United First Class using cash or Airlines Miles, depending on their choice.  
  • If you cancel United Airlines Economy Plus Tickets within 24hrs, you will get a complete refund.  

United Economy Plus Benefits That You Will Get On Booking 

  • Three easy ways are available to book Economy Plus United Fares.
  • It is a little more expensive than the basic Economy, but it will give you more amenities compared to the basic Economy.   
  • The seats are much more comprehensive, and leg rooms of 37 inches are available.  
  • Passengers can easily upgrade to Economy plus using the United Manage Booking tool.
  • It is located in front of the United Airlines First Class. 

United Economy Plus Baggage – Fit Your Luggage Under The Seat 

  • While traveling in United Airlines Economy Plus, you can carry on luggage of 50 pounds.  
  • The dimensions of your luggage should not be extended to more than 158 cm.  
  • Carrying on two personal items such as handbags requires no extra charges.  
  • You can carry more than 3 small bags. The extra bags should be small in size so that they can fit under the seat.   

Cost To Book United Economy Plus To Your Destination 

The same situation applies here as you pay for the fares according to the cabin classes. On domestic flights, you have to pay around $111 to upgrade to your United Economy Plus cabin class. If you want to know the cost to book the United Economy Plus, you have to remember that this or other cabin class depends on the distance from your departure location to the final destination. Your booking charges also depend on the seat that you choose.  

3 Ways To Book United Economy Plus Flight Tickets 

  • United Airlines Official Site 
  • United Airlines App 
  • United Customer Contact Center 

How To Book United Economy Plus by United Airlines Official Site? 

To book a flight by United Airlines Official site, a simple step-by-step guide below will help you book your ticket at United Economy Plus hassle-free. So without further ado, check out the given steps below.  

  1. Open your browser and search for
  2. On the homepage, you will see a dialogue box in which you must enter all the correct required details of the passenger in the flight section. 
  3. In the last text field, click on the arrow next to the text field then you will see three different options.  
  4. Click on the premium economy, which is Economy Plus.  
  5. Click on the find flights button. 
  6. Here, you must select the flight that suits your comfort and budget.  
  7. At last, you have to complete the payment process to get your boarding pass.  

How To Book United Economy Plus by United Airlines App? 

United Airlines Mobile App is the best way to book a flight quickly. You can use the United Airlines Mobile App if you cannot launch the official site or if the site is facing server issues. This app is available for both Android & iOS users. Android users can install it by using Google Play Store, and iOS users can install it by using Apple’s App Store. If installed, check out the steps below to book United Airlines Economy Plus Tickets in United Airlines App.  

  1. Open the United Airlines Mobile App if you have installed it. 
  2. Sign in by using the passenger’s login credentials.  
  3. Navigate to the booking section and enter all the correct details. 
  4. In the last text box, select premium economy, also known as Economy Plus.  
  5. Find the flight and pay for it to confirm your booking. 

How To Book United Economy Plus Flight Tickets by United Customer Contact Center? 

When you dial 1-800-864-8331, you will be connected with the Live Person at United Airlines. After connecting with the experts, please provide details and tell them your preferred cabin class. If you love to book United Economy Plus, tell them this, and they will book your seat in the Economy Plus section. Please pay as much as they say, then grab your boarding online or at the airport while check-in at the airport counter. 

Step-by-Step Guide To Upgrade To United Economy Plus  

  1. Passengers have to sign in to their existing Mileage Plus account. 
  2. Then, go to your already-made reservation section. 
  3. Here, you will see Redeem an upgrade option. Click on that. 
  4. Now you have to spend money on Airlines Miles to upgrade your flight.  

Upgradation Cost To United Economy Plus Depends On Distance 

Distance Cost To Upgrade  
2,200 miles $134 to $179 
3,465 miles $169 to $197 
5,451 miles $205 to $262 
7,921 miles $205 to $262 
3,133 miles $154 to $199 
1,280 miles $89 to $99 

United Economy Plus vs Economy – Know Which One Is Better? 

United Basic Economy will cost you around $49, whereas United Airlines Economy Plus will cost you around &160. Passengers can carry more luggage in economy plus, whereas you will see some basic economy restrictions. Your luggage dimension should be at most 157 cm in the Basic economy. On the other hand, United Airlines Economy Plus allows you to carry luggage with dimensions of 158 cm. The seat width is 52 cm in United Economy. Economy Plus offers a seat of 17.3 inches in width and 27 inches of legroom.  

In comparing United Economy with United Economy Plus, the Economy Plus seats has more space to give you more comfort. You can carry more items in Economy Plus compared to the United Economy. Undoubtedly, both are good. However, Economy Plus is better if we discuss the best seats for more comfort.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is included in United economy Plus? 

Legroom with 6 inches extra, Seat selection with no cost, upgradation facility, earning more miles, allowed two handbags for free, etc. 

Do you get free drinks in economy Plus on United? 

On domestic flights, passengers need to pay extra charges for premium beverages.  

Are United economy Plus seats wider? 

The width of the United Economy Plus Seats is 17.3 inches and 37 inches of extra legroom. 

Is it worth it to upgrade to economy Plus? 

Due to the oversized seat, legroom, and reclining in a more condensed cabin, it is substantially superior to the ordinary economy. 

Is economy Plus better than economy? 

You will get more comfort by getting extra legroom and a wider seat in Economy Plus. Economy seats do not offer you more space.