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How to change the name on a ticket of Spirit Airlines? If we talk about policies related to changing the name of spirit Airlines, many travelers wondered if they were allowed to switch passengers or if they had entered the wrong name on their boarding pass.

With Spirit’s name change policy, airlines have mechanisms that will assist passengers to manage such circumstances, such as when and what would be the cost to alter one’s name before a scheduled departure.

Points To Remember While Changing Your Name on Spirit Ticket

The key points of Spirit Airlines’ Renaming Policy are as follows:

  1. Without any risk, the passengers can rename or amend their flights within Twenty-Four hours, according to the Spirit Renaming Policy. There is a cancellation period available. Spirit Airlines does not charge a fee for changing your name.
  2. The flight needs to be carried out by Spirit Airlines, and the ticket inventory number must begin with 095.
  3. Airlines are prohibited from changing the ownership of bookings under Spirit Airlines’ re-branding policy.

How To Change Your Name On Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airline gives their passengers two ways, that can be helpful for them to change their names. So, the first method is online. As well as the second one is over the phone.

Spirit Name Change Online

To change your Spirit Airlines ticket names online, follow these steps-

  1. Go to and go to the Manage Bookings section or dial the helpline at +1-888-503-5253.
  2. Enter your 6-digit booking number and passenger name.   Click the “Confirm” button. Click the button to get the reservation.
  3. Click the Change button to change the passenger’s name.
  4. Please enter the correct name.
  5. According to Spirit Airlines’ renaming policy, passengers can modify up to 3 characters online. Rename it to match your government-issued photo ID.
  6. Please attach a legal document to confirm the correct name of the passenger.
  7. Please pay the required Spirit Airlines ticket renaming fee.
  8. Passengers will receive confirmation of the correct name in the registered email.

Important points to know

  1. According to Spirit Airlines’ Rename Policy, passengers may change their first name, middle name, or last name up to 3 characters.
  2. The three-letter combination should not be interpreted as three separate characters for each of the first name, middle name, and last name.
  3. Changing a name requests are billed at no additional cost and are accepted in the case of a formal name change.
  4. All other passenger information, including contact details and gender, is not covered by Spirit Airlines’ Renaming Policy.
  5. The important information related to the renaming, such as their DOB, their phone number, their gender, as well as their information on the passport, the passenger may have their certificate of marriage if they have any order from the court or any divorce decision.
  6. You will need to submit a supplementary document containing the change document. We suggest adding a middle name, prefix, or suffix that exactly matches your name on your photo ID that is provided by the Government.
  7. If a traveler has several flight segments on Spirit Airlines, the name change request will only be for the Spirit Airlines flight segment.

Renaming on Spirit Airlines Tickets

Due to certain fare rules restrictions or government renaming requirements, passengers can request Spirit Airlines to change their name by phone at –

  1. Call the Flight agent at Spirit Airlines Rename Phone Number and wait for the Flight Director to ask for help with the name change. Dial the spirit helpline at +1-888-503-5253 for help.
  2. Correctly fixed Spirit Airlines renaming issue.
  3. Check if the fare rules associated with your booking allow renaming.
  4. If the reservation allows renaming, the agent collects legal documents for verification.
  5. Following Spirit Airlines’ renaming policy,  passenger names must match the names on government-issued photo IDs.
  6. After submitting the documents, you will pay the  Spirit Airlines name correction fee required to continue.
  7. Upon completion of the Rename Request, Passengers will receive a Rename Confirmation from Spirit Airlines via registered email.

Spirit Airlines’ Name Change Policy

To change Spirit Airlines flight tickets, it is strictly forbidden to make any speculative booking in the hopes of a name change request being granted at a later time.

 Spirit Airlines considers such a move to be abusive conduct that not only jeopardizes the right to secure a seat but also costs the airlines money.

The following are the key points from Spirit Airlines’ name change policy:

  1. In general, Spirit Airlines ticket renaming requests will not be accepted by existing PNRs.
  2. In such cases, the new booking will be made using the current availability and you will need to cancel the PNR when the ticket is issued.
  3. Passengers can complete a Spirit Airlines name correction request by calling the Spirit Airlines Customer Service phone number.
  4. Spirit Airlines Name Corrections shall be understood as corrections to the Passenger’s Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, or Title due to misspelled or missing names.
  5. Spirit Airlines Rename Booking Requests shall be understood as a complete change of the passenger’s first and last name, middle name, first name, or any combination thereof.
  6. Spirit Airlines ticket name changes are restricted only if passengers have legally changed them.
  7. The passenger titles and spaces in Spirit Airlines passenger name change requests are included in the 3 character count.
  8. Additions, deletions, or changes to DOBs that are personal travel information can be processed by the booking source and are not included in the 3-character count.
  9. Spirit Airlines flight ticket renaming requests where passengers have legally changed their surname, first name, middle name, or any / all combinations thereof are supported by an official travel certificate.
  10. To process Spirit Airlines infant change requests, you must start adding, deleting, or modifying PNR tickets booked only on Spirit Airlines-operated flights from your Spirit Airlines customer service phone number.
  11. Spirit Airlines Rename or  Spirit Airlines Rename Requests for all Flight Bookings made by Mileage Club are always restricted.
  12. Spirit Airlines Rename or Passenger Exchange Requests Are Not Allowed.

Check Also; How Do I Speak To A Live Person At Spirit Airlines? or contact the spirit airlines manage booking or dial +1-888-503-5253 for help.

Can you change the passenger name on Spirit Airlines?

A free name change is available for reservations with minor misspellings or legal name changes. Please click here to speak with us right now, or call us at 1-855-728-3555 if you need help with the name changes.

How much does Spirit charge for a name change?

Fee for changing a flight on Spirit Airlines:
1. Change time period- Within 24 hours of the original transaction, you can make a change (for less than 7 days or more before scheduled departure)
2. Normal Ticket: $90 for revisions made online and $100 for adjustments made in person.
3.$110 change fee for award tickets.

Can you get a refund on Spirit airlines?

Reservations made more than 7 days (168 hours) before departure will only be refunded if a refund request is submitted within 24 hours of the original reservation.

What happens if Spirit cancels the flight?

If Spirit Airlines cancels a flight, travelers are entitled to a refund of their ticket purchase. However, you are not entitled to a refund if you voluntarily cancel your booked flight.

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