Volotea Airlines Change Flight Policy – Fee, Date & Destination Changes

Volotea Airlines Change Flight Policy

Having the flexibility to change your flight booking is a blessing. Many airlines lack this feature. However, Volotea has different standards. The airline offers its passengers the privilege to modify their flight bookings. Volotea Airlines Change Flight Policy is quite convincing, and it helps passengers to book an alternative flight on a different day.

So, the next question that arises is, what are the rules for utilizing the following policy? Is the service free or chargeable? What are the things amendable under this policy? We will discuss each one by one. But let us first understand the necessary points of the flight change policy of Volotea Airlines.

Volotea Airlines Change Flight Policy – Essential Guidelines

Volotea Airlines Change Flight Fees and Policy

According to Volotea Airlines, the passengers are eligible to make the following amendments:

  • Date change.
  • Departure city.
  • Destination city.
  • Passengers can change their flight by using the official website, or mobile app, calling the executive, or visiting the airport counter.
  • However, tickets purchased through a third-party agency are not eligible for the flight change policy.
  • They can change the flight within 24 hours of flight booking without incurring any change fees. But, if they fail to change the flight in the 24-hour window, they have to pay additional charges.
  • Passengers can change the flight only up to 7 days before the flight departure. 
  • However, passengers who made bookings using the Flex service can make flight amendments up to 4 hours before departure.
  • The Flex plan allows travelers to make changes for free.
  • Moreover, according to Volotea Airlines change flight policy, if a traveler has completed their outbound journey and planning to modify the return trip, then, in that case, they are eligible to change the date of the trip and cannot change the route.
  • The charge varies depending on the ticket type, as it varies for all cabins.
  • Thus, if the new flight booking cost is less than the previous booking, passengers will receive future travel credit in their Volotea account. They can use the credit for their future bookings.
  • The boarding card must be printed again when you make a change to your airline ticket.

Volotea Airlines Change Flight Fee – Cost To Change Flight Date Or Destination

The fee to change flights usually depends on the route and fare class on Volotea. It also depends on whether the traveler has used flex service or not.

Volotea Airlines Change Flight Fee
  • Volotea Airlines charges a minimum change fee of € 50 per person for each way if the passenger uses online mode or calls the executive.
  • On the other hand, if the traveler makes flight amendments at the airport, then they have to pay € 60 per person for each leg plus any fare differences.
  • The name change fee is € 40 per person each way through the web or call center. The fee is € 50 at the airport counter.
  • Moreover, if the new booking price on an alternate flight is higher than the previous booking, then the traveler has to pay for any fare differences. 
  • However, passengers who have a flex plan can change their flight bookings unlimited times. Moreover, the flex plan allows making modifications without any extra charges.

If you are looking to cancel your flight instead of changing it, be sure to go through the Volotea Airlines Cancellation Policy.

How to Change Your Volotea Flight Bookings Online?

The passenger has the option to amend the flight date, arrival, and departure city online through the Volotea Airlines Manage Booking. Volotea change flight policy also allows making name corrections.

Here are the quick steps to change your flight booking online.

Volotea Airlines Online Change Flight Process

1. Firstly, visit the official website of Volotea Airlines.

2. Navigate to the ‘Your Booking’ option on the top menu.

3. After that, click on the ‘Manage Booking’ option to access your flight details.

4. Enter the booking reference number and last name of the passenger.

5. The flight details will appear on the screen.

Changing Flight Date

  • After fetching the flight details, go to the change booking option. 
  • Select the “Volotea Airlines date change” option.
  • If you are making changes 7 days before flight departure, then the airlines will prompt you to the next page.
  • On the next page, enter the date you wish to fly.
  • Choose one of the available flights.
  • If there is a higher fare, pay the difference. If the fare is low, the remaining value will be transferred as future travel credit.

Changing the Departure or Arrival Destination

  • Once you have retrieved the flight details, go to the change booking option.
  • In the next step, select the ‘change departure’ or ‘change arrival’ city. You will be able to do so if your booking has a flex plan or if you are making changes 7 days before departure.
  • Enter the new city as desired. 
  • The Volotea airline will show you available flights on the route. It will show you both direct and indirect flights.
  • Choose the flight at your convenience. However, the seats are subject to availability.
  • Confirm and pay Volotea Airlines change fees and any fare differences.
  • You will receive a confirmation by mail. 

Offline Methods to Change Volotea Airlines Flight Bookings

The passengers also have offline ways to modify their flight travel.

Contact Volotea Executive via Call

Passengers can call the airline’s executive by dialing the toll-free number. After that, they can request the executive to change the date, departure, or arrival city. The executive will ask for flight information. When the traveler shares them, the executive will process the request.

Request Flight Change At the Airport Counter

Another method to change the flight date is directly visiting the airport desk. The staff at the airport counter will help you to make the necessary amendments. However, the Volotea Airlines change fees are higher at the airport counter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Volotea Airlines allow changing the flight departure date?

Yes, Volotea Airlines allow passengers to amend the flight departure. However, they are eligible to make changes only up to 7 days before flight departure.

Can I make changes in the destination city on Volotea flights?

Volotea Airlines’ change flight policy allows passengers to change the arrival city or departure city in their bookings by paying the additional charges.

Is Volotea flight tickets transferable?

Yes, Volotea flight tickets are transferable. With the help of the flight change policy, travelers can change their names and transfer them to another traveler. 

What is the benefit of the Flex plan?

The flex plan allows making multiple changes in the flight booking without paying any change fees. Another benefit of the flex plan is that passengers can make amendments up to 4 hours before departure. 

What are the methods to change your Volotea flight?

Travelers can use offline and online methods to make changes in their bookings. They can use the official website, or mobile app, visit the airport desk, or call the representative.

How long before I can make Volotea flight changes?

Volotea Airlines allow making date change, arrival, and departure city change up to 7 hours before the scheduled flight departure. However, in the case of a name change, the time frame is up to 4 hours before departure.

How to change the Volotea flight departure date via call?

Passengers willing to change the date of their flight can dial the toll-free number and get in touch with the airline’s representative. The executives are available round the clock and will process your request swiftly.

How much is the Volotea Airlines date change fee?

Volotea Airlines charges € 50 per person for each leg while making a date change through the web or a call. On the other hand, the fee is € 60 for making changes at the airport counter. 

How much is the name change fee on Volotea Airlines?

According to the Volotea Airlines change flight policy, there will € 40 for making amendments through the online website or a call, whereas € 50 at the airport counter. 

Can I change the Volotea flight date without any fees?

Yes, you can rebook your flight on a different date without any charges by two methods.

  • Firstly, changing the flight date within 24 hours of the booking period.
  • Buying a flex plan for your booking.

 Is Volotea Airlines’ change fees refundable?

No, Volotea Airlines do not refund any change fees if the passenger cancels the flight booking. 

How much is the Volotea destination change fee?

Volotea Airlines charges € 50 for changing your destination in their bookings through online mode and € 60 by visiting the airport counter. 

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