Aeromexico Change Flight Policy – Fee, Same-Day Changes, And More [2024]

Aeromexico Change Flight Policy

Aeromexico is a well-reputed airline in Mexico City and thus operates on many routes and locations. The passengers love traveling through this airline as it is worth a visit. However, airline policies are made according to the needs of passengers. If a passenger wants to change flights, the Aeromexico Change Flight Policy will help you know the process, and you can enjoy a hustle-free journey. 

Aeromexico Change Flight Policy – Latest Guidelines To Change Flight

Aeromexico Change Flight Policy and Step-by-Step Instructions

Suppose the passenger wants to change flights because, for any reason, Aeromexico’s change flight policy will help you with the changes. Thus, a certain fee might be charged. It is suggested to every passenger, before making any change to the flight, to go through the Aeromexico change flight policy. 

  • Passengers are eligible to change their flight within 24 hours of booking free of charge. Therefore, the fare difference will be applicable.
  • According to the Aeromexico change flight policy, passengers must pay a change in flight fee of $232. Hence, also the difference amount of the new ticket, if required.
  • The passenger can change a flight reservation only for the unused portion of the booking.
  • The airline follows a rigid rule that changes in flight can only be allowed if the fare rules associated with the reservation allow it. 
  • The policy is applicable for all types of fares, classes of service, restricted and non-restricted fares, or the number of passengers.
  • If the passenger is marked as a no-show, they will have to pay an additional fee, along with a change in flight fee, at the time of rebooking. 
  • In Aeromexico’s change flight policy, the left value will be secured if the fare difference is less than $50. 

Aeromexico Same-Day Flight Change Guidelines

Aeromexico offers passengers to change flights on the same day of departure, yet the changes should be done before one hour of departure of the previously planned flight. So, make sure if you want any alterations to your flight change. It should be completed before an hour of departure time of your scheduled flight. 

Aeromexico Same Day Flight Change Policy
  • The newly chosen trip should be at the same courses and same air terminals as the first flight reservation. 
  • For Travelers who have check-in in advance through online or offline methods, the option for changing to an earlier flight is not applicable. 
  • Aeromexico change flight cost will be borne by the passenger for changing the flight. 
  • Same-day flight change is not possible for long hauled flights. 

Passengers looking to cancel their flight instead of changing it are recommended to go through the Aeromexico Cancellation Policy.

Restrictions Over Flight Change

  • Booking created by other currencies than MXN or American dollars
  • Booking is paid through cash, or PayPal.
  • Club Premier or travel agencies make a booking.
  • Booking is made 4 hours before departure or with an issued boarding pass.
  • If the reservation is for more than 7 passengers
  • Booking with pets.
  • Multi-destination flights. 

Aeromexico Change Flight Fee – How Much Does Flight Change Cost?

Basic fare No fee
Classic fareCost up to $30
AM+ fareCost up to $30
Comfort fareCost up to $30
Flexible fareNo fee
Premier fare No fee
Aeromexico Change Flight Fee

In any scenario, Aeromexico change flight cost will be applied if the passenger wants to change their flight reservations. However, check all the information and flight fee changes before changing flight dates or times. 

How To Change An Aeromexico Flight?

There are two ways in which passengers can change flights according to their needs. The airline gives two options for making changes, online and offline. Dedicated assistants are assigned to guide and make changes for the passengers in the Aeromexico change flight process.

Online Process To Change Flight

The airlines have given convenience to their passengers to make changes through the Aeromexico Manage Booking online facility. Therefore, check the airline’s official website and make amendments to the booking you require.

Aeromexico Online Change Flight Process

1. The first step, log in to the official website of Aeromexico

2. Check the option of manage trips; click on it.

3. Enter the reservation number and your last name in the given space.

4. Now, click on discover trip.

5. Your booking will open; now, choose the option of ‘change flight’.

6. Select the new dates and times you want to change. 

7. From the given options, choose a suitable time for your trip.

8. After selecting the desired date, make an online charge for the change in flight if required and also if there is a difference in the flight price. 

9. Once the payment is made, a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email address.

Request Flight Change Over A Phone Call

The passenger can call Aeromexico to change the flight department for any flight date or time change. The executive will assist the traveler with the further process and explain to them to “change my flight of Aeromexico.” Once you choose the date or time you need, there is a possibility of an additional charge to be paid, or the difference amount of flight changed. After completing the changes, a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email address.  

What Happens If Aeromexico Changed Your Flight?

According to the Aeromexico Change Flight Policy, if the airline changes the flight for any reason, passengers are liable to get compensation along with booking an alternative flight. However, if the passenger is not comfortable going on the next flight provided by the airline, they can claim a refund for their tickets. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know what type of fare I have?

You have to visit the official website of Aeromexico Airlines, go to My Trips, and choose to personalize. All details related to your booking will be mentioned. 

What happens if the travel agent makes a reservation and I want to change the flight? 

The flight change can be done, although you have to call the travel agent for any changes in your reservations. A penalty will be charged for making changes to your reservation. 

Does making changes incur fees?

Unfortunately, yes, if the ticket you booked earlier is not flexible, an extra charge will be deducted. However, if there is a difference in the fare of tickets, you have to pay the difference amount. 

What kind of changes can I make?

One can change flight date, time, and destination before 3 hours of departure. Hence, a passenger cannot change the name on the booking. For any of the above changes, you can dial the Aeromexico Airlines Toll-free number. 

Do the changes made on the official website apply to all passengers on my reservation? 

Indeed, the changes to your reservation will include all the tickets under one booking; therefore, if you want to change flight reservations only for one or two passengers. You should contact our call center executive. 

What if I booked with Aeromexico Vacations? Can I make changes? 

You have to call the reservation department for any changes in the flight. 

Can I get a refund if Aeromexico changes my flight?

Per the airline rule, the passenger will get a refund or provide an alternative flight. Along with this, Aeromexico includes compensation. 

How can I avoid a change in flight charges? 

  • Keep in mind the 24-hour rule
  • Consider credit card coverage
  • Earn elite status
  • Look for a travel waiver

Can the changes in flight make within 24 hours?

Yes, a flight change can be done within 24 hours of booking; hence no additional charge will be applied. Yet, you have to pay the difference amount for the ticket. 

Can I make changes on the same day of departure?

Aeromexico offers passengers to change flights on the same day of departure, yet the changes should be done before one hour of departure of the previously planned flight. So, make sure if you want any alterations to your flight change. It should be completed before an hour of departure time of your scheduled flight.

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