There could be a time when your flying plans have been changed when flying British Airways’flights and needed to cancel your flight tickets. Sometimes canceling a flight can be a costly and complicated process, especially if you don’t know how it will work.  If your flight is booked with British Airways and now you wish to cancel your tickets then you have come to the right place.

Here, in this guide, you will know about British Airways’ cancellation policy, how to cancel it, in what circumstances you can cancel your ticket free of cost, how much it will charge as a cancellation fee, and the refund policy. This page will help you solve the issue.

What Happens If I Cancel My BA Flight?

British Airways’ cancellation policy is very clear and delightful for the flyers. As per British Airways’ cancellation policy, when you had booked or canceled your flight via a third-party agent then you will not be getting any refund. In such cases, you should contact the third-party agent to get a refund.

British Airways’ cancellation policy states that the flyer will receive a full refund when cancellation is processed on a similar day of booking and also the departure date should be a week away from the cancellation date.

Go through British Airways’ cancellation policy to know more about the cancellation policy within 24 hours and beyond 24 hours:

Cancellation Policy within 24 hours

According to British Airways’ cancellation policy, If you had booked your flight on British Airways’ online portal then you are allowed to cancel the flight ticket and receive a full refund. Only, if the cancellation has been done within 24-hours from the original purchase of a ticket and before a week from the flight departure. You can opt for either the official website for the cancellation of your ticket that is booked directly by yourself or contact British Airways’ cancellation expert to assist you through cancellation.

The rules for flight cancellation could be varied for tickets that are canceled after 24-hours of purchasing, as per British Airways’ cancellation policy. dial the helpline at +1-888-573-3166 for help.

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Cancellation Policy Beyond 24-Hours

According to British Airways’ cancellation policy, when you are canceling your flight after 24 hours, you must pay some cancellation which is subjected to your itinerary, ticket type, the reason for cancellation, time frame, and other factors.

When you canceled your ticket without giving a valid reason, you must pay a cancellation fee as well as other cancellation costs. Passengers who have valid reasons, like illness or death, can cancel their tickets without paying any cancellation costs. However, they need to present paperwork to the airlines, according to airlines’ cancellation rules.

In case, if your flight is canceled because of some technical errors or operational failures, You don’t have to pay any amount as a cancellation fee. British Airways will provide some perks to passengers as compensation for airline cancellation if their flight gets canceled or delayed by the airline side.

How to Cancel a Flight on British airways?

If your flight ticket is reserved with British Airways, and due to some urgent requirements, you are canceling your ticket. Before canceling, you need to understand how to cancel a flight on British Airways? There are three methods for canceling your British Airways tickets: Via Online, by phone, and at the Airport. Be ready with a flight confirmation code to provide when asked to start your ticket cancellation procedure. After the cancellation procedure of tickets with British Airways completes, you will get to know the available refund options.

Cancel your Tickets via Online Portal

  • To begin with, open your web browser and browse British Airways‘ home page or dial +1-888-573-3166.
  • After that, Log in with your credentials.
  • Then press on the Flight tab to get options, then click the ‘Manage British Airways Reservationoption from the ‘flight’ header.
  • Now, click the ‘British Airways Cancel Reservationoption.
  • On the screen, you have 3 boxes available in front of you, asking you for your first and your last name, and your confirmation number. Enter the same name as given at the time of booking.
  • After providing these details, click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Then, you need to review your entire flight details. For instance, if you have a round trip ticket then you must cancel your whole itinerary, not one segment.
  • Check your refund status first. Go to the ‘Travel Funds’ option, it will lead you to whether you are getting any refund or not.
  • Now, at last, visit the page bottom, and click on the ‘Cancel My Reservation’ option. After clicking on the button you will be asked for your confirmation. To confirm, click the ‘Yes, Cancel’ button to finish the cancel process.

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Cancel your Tickets via Phone Call

  • To cancel your ticket via Phone Call, you need to dial a toll-free number (1-800-247-9297) to connect with British Airways’ Reservations Team. Or you can contact British Airways via phone, even you wanted to ask a question regarding the flight ticket refunds, fare, reservation process, or online ticket cancellation process with British Airways.
  • After making a call, you need to tell the customer support team about the cancelation of your tickets.
  • After that, ask about the refund of your ticket whether you are entitled to receive it or not.

Cancel your Ticket at the Airport Desk

  • Firstly, visit the same airport from where you will be going to board your flight.
  • After that, visit the Airport Ticket Office (ATO) of British Airways and ask for assistance in ticket cancellation.
  • Talk with the support team member of British Airways and request him/her for canceling your air tickets.
  • Ask for a refund. If you are entitled to get it, it will be reflected in the same credit card or debit card through which you initiated the payment.

How much is the flight cancellation fee?

British Airways charges an amount for both domestic and international flights as a cancellation fee. Are you aware of British Airways’ cancellation fee? If not, then go through this guide to know more.

If you canceled your flight with British Airways within 24 hours of the flight scheduled departure, an amount of $100 to $400 as a flight cancellation fee will be incurred.

And in case, you are canceling your ticket after 24 hours risk-free window is closed then you will be charged an amount of $100 to $500 as a cancellation fee.

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Will I Get a Refund if I Cancel My Flight with BA?

Are you wondering whether you will be getting any refund or not? Do not worry! Read further to get an understanding of British Airways’ refund policy in detail.

  • As per the  British Airways refund policy, all the passengers seeking refunds after their flight tickets cancelation process completes within a 24-hours risk-free period will be getting a full refund regardless of fare types.
  • Passengers who failed to cancel their tickets within 24 hours of the original booking will receive an amount after deducting a cancellation fee from the fare amount within 6-7 business days or more in their respective banks, according to British Airways’ cancellation policy.
  • You need to fill up an online form for claiming your refund from British Airways. If your ticket has been booked from third parties you need to contact them directly.
  • It will take the airline 6-7 business days to process the refund into passengers’ accounts.
  • According to British Airways’ cancellation policy, the passenger canceling his/her ticket due to covid-19 will be getting a refund or can choose the next available flight.
  • However, flyers who failed to cancel their tickets before the flight scheduled departure are not allowed any reimbursement, as per British Airways’ refund policy.

Can I cancel a British Airways flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you can cancel your ticket within 24-hours of the original purchase with British Airways without paying any amount as a cancellation fee, whatever fare ticket they hold.

Can I get cashback if I cancel my flight with British Airways?

British Airways Flyers are allowed to receive refunds for Canceling their flights. However, it is subject to the fare type and the time frame of canceling the ticket. Passengers are asked to fill out the refund form and sent it back to process it.

Can I change the date of my British Airways flight?

With British Airways, you can change your flight time and date, your destination, or even your name. You are allowed to make these changes online or by phone. Remember that, you are allowed to change your flight with British Airways online if the ticket was directly booked via the official website or by BA’s toll-free number (1-800-247-9297).

What happens if airlines cancel the flight?

If your air flight tickets are canceled from the airline’s side, you might either get accommodation for the later flight, or when you do not wish to travel the later flight, you are allowed to get a full refund under the airlines’ federal law. Mostly, airlines provide e-credits or e-vouchers in exchange for refunds, which should be redeemed within a year.

If you need more information then contact british airways manage booking or dial +1-888-573-3166.