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Are you planning a vacation with your loved ones? If yes, Flair Airlines is one of the best ticket booking options.

This airline is always focused and ready to provide its best facilities and offers to the flyers willing to travel with them.

Making reservations on Flair Airlines will also help passengers save money as the airlines provide tickets at a cheap and reasonable cost. 

Moreover, if passengers are proceeding with their ‘Flair Airlines Booking’ and want to know the details regarding the airline’s procedure, policy, terms, and conditions.

Therefore, this Blog will provide you with all the answers to your quires. 

Table of Content 

  • How to make Flair Airlines Reservations? 
  • Types of tickets are offered by Flair Airlines.
  • Terms & Conditions for Flair Airlines Booking.
  • Baggage Policy of Flair Airlines.
  • FAQ. 

How to make Flair Airlines Reservations? 

If flyers are planning to make ticket bookings on Flair Airlines.

Passengers can opt for any of the methods mentioned below. 

Make sure to follow the instructions briefly.

  1. Flair Airlines reservations via the website.

Airlines provide an online mode of making reservations for their passengers. Therefore, several customers prefer the website to make reservations for their airline tickets.

Follow the given steps to proceed with the online mode/website.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Flair Airlines.
  • Secondly, enter all the information regarding your preferred flight. 
  • For example traveling dates, arrival and departure destination.
  • Afterward, give all the details of the passengers.
  • Then, select your preferred cabin and seats from the available options. 
  • Next, click the tab ‘search flight.’
  • Therefore, choose your flights from the available flights offered on a new page.
  • Afterward, enter all the asked details on the next page.
  • Then, click on continue. 
  • Therefore, make the required payment.
  • Then, wait for your confirmation of your Flair Airlines Bookings.
  • Lastly, the airline will provide E-tickets on the respective screens and via email.
  1. Flair Airline reservation via phone service. 

Flyers traveling with Flair Airlines can also make their reservations via phone service.

Follow the given steps to proceed with the phone service.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Flair Airlines. 
  • Secondly, search for customer service numbers.
  • Therefore, passengers will be led to the airline’s 24/7 customer care service.
  • Then, step by step, follow the automatic IVR instructions.
  • Afterward, choose the option for airlines live-agent.
  • Then, ask them to proceed with your Flair Airline Booking. 
  • Therefore, please provide them with all the details regarding reservations.
  • Also, select your seat and other services.
  • Then make the required payment. 
  • Therefore, wait for your confirmation of your Flair Airlines Bookings.
  • Lastly, the airline will provide E-tickets via email.
  1. Flair Airlines reservation via Airport Counter. 

Passengers willing to travel with Flair Airlines can make bookings through Airport Ticket Counter. Flyers can directly visit these counters. Provide the airline representative with the details regarding the ticket reservation, and request them to make your Flair Airlines Booking. 

Types of tickets are offered by Flair Airlines.

Flair Airlines is one of the best airlines in the business, with reasonable ticket prices and flexible policies. 

Therefore, Flair Airlines offer two different types of Bookings to its flyers.

  1. Round-trip

Flair Airlines offers Round-Trip tickets to flyers at a very reasonable price. Therefore, if flyers plan their trip to a destination with a proper schedule that includes returning date and time. Then, Round-Trip is the best ticket option for passengers. 

Round-Trip booking only carries one ticket. Rather than buying two-way tickets, flyers can go for round-trip bookings as they cost less than others. The access cost depends on the flight cabin.

  1. One-Way 

Flair Airlines also offer One-Way tickets to its flyers. Passengers can book their one-way tickets at a very flexible and reasonable price. Flyers willing to travel to a location without any planned return date can go for these tickets. 

Therefore, passengers can book tier returning flights any time from anywhere they desire. Moreover, the access cost depends on the flight cabin.

Terms & Conditions for Flair Airlines Booking 

  • Passengers should know that fares can be changed until the final ticket purchase.
  • Airlines’ domestic fares depend on: the number of passengers, travel destination, fees, and taxes.
  • Airlines allow flyers to select their preferred seats while booking.
  • Flyers are free to carry one extra baggage with them on the cabin
  • Passengers can also add any other or additional service to their respective flight tickets.
  • Moreover, this airline offers a variety of fares to passengers.
  • The bookings on Flair Airlines are usually Non-Refundable.
  • Also, these tickets are Non-Transferable to another person.
  • In case the tickets get fluctuate in between the bookings. 
  • Therefore, flyers only need to pay the price they started bookings.
  • Passengers can make cancelations and modify requests before the given risk-free period. 
  • Moreover, passengers should go through all the flexible policies provided by Flair Airlines. 

Note: Please visit the Flair Airlines official website for more details, or passengers can also contact the airline’s Customer Service to get the information. visit the flair airlines manage booking team.

Baggage Policy of Flair Airlines 

  1. Carry-On Baggage
  • A Carry-on bag is allowed per flight, per passenger.
  • Passengers can carry personal baggage with them. Make sure it gets fitted under your seat.
  • Airlines don’t allow sharp or dangerous items with passengers in the flight cabin. 


Dimension Weight
Personal Bag15cm x 33cm x 43cm7 kg
Carry-On Baggage 23cm x 40cm x 55cm10 kg


Online FeeCheck-InAirport Fee
Personal Bag$0$0$0
Carry-On Bag$29-$49 +tax$29-$49 +tax$59 +tax
  •   Check-In Bag

·  Airlines allows passengers to carry two Check-in Baggage to a flight.

·  The baggage should not exceed the total dimension limit of 158cm and the weight of 23kg. 


Online FeeCheck-inAirport Fee
Checked Bag$49-$69 +tax$49-$69 +tax$59 +tax
  • In the case of overweight bags, flyers need to pay $99 +tax to the airlines.
  • In the case of oversized bags, flyers need to pay $99 +tax to the airlines. 

Check-In and Boarding Policy 

  • Airlines ask flyers to do online check-in 24 hours before the flight departure.
  • If passengers are willing for airport check-in, they have to pay $25 to the airline as a check-in fee.
Q. Flair Airlines booking is cheaper to do online?

Undoubtedly, making online ticket reservations provides the customer with many offers and discounts.

Q. Can passengers select their preferred seats while making Flair Airlines reservations?

As I noted above, Flair Airlines allows its passengers to select their preferred seats in the flight cabin while making the reservation. Moreover, flyers can change seat arrangements even after completing all the bookings.

Q. How can passengers get in touch with the airlines?

Passengers can contact the airline’s customer service. Moreover, passengers can visit the airport counter.

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