Avianca Book A Flight Guide with Online & Offline Methods

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Do you want a break from your daily life schedule? Planning a vacation with your loved ones can be a booster of refreshment for you. Therefore, making your reservations on Avianca Airlines can be a bonus on your vacation to your desired destination. 

Avianca Airlines is one of the major and best in the business. Moreover, it provides many offers and facilities to customers willing to make their reservations on the flight.  Although, if you are looking for the details regarding Avianca, Book Flight. The below-given blog will provide all the details and help you to complete your booking formalities. 

Different ways to Book flights on Avianca Airlines

Suppose passengers are willing to book a flight on Avianca Airlines. Therefore, airlines offer different ways through which customers can make reservations on the airline. Check out the step-by-step guide to Avianca Book A Flight given below.

Avianca Book Flight Via the Website

Several customers prefer the online method or website to book flight tickets, as the online process seems to be one of the easiest ways of making reservations. 

Avianca Book A Flight
Avianca Book A Flight
  1. Firstly, go to the Avianca Airlines official website.
  2. Secondly, fill in the asked details: origin & destination city, along with your departure & arrival dates.
  3. Then enter details regarding passengers.
  4. Afterward, choose your seat and cabin from the available options.
  5. Therefore, click on ‘Search for Flight.’
  6. Next, select your preferred outbound and arrival flights from the available options on the new page.
  7. Then, on the new page, enter all the details regarding passengers and click on continue. 
  8. Afterward, select ‘Other Services’ if required.
  9. Next, make the payment to the airlines.
  10. Please go through your details once before making payment. 
  11. Select any of the payment methods offered by the airline.
  12. Wait for your confirmation message or mail. 
  13. Lastly, the airline will provide E-tickets on your respective screens and through email.

Customer Assistance Service

Nowadays, airlines also provide Customer Care Services to their flyers. However, suppose customers are not aware of the online method for booking the tickets. Therefore passengers can opt for this offline method.

  1. Firstly, go to the Avianca Airlines official website. 
  2. Secondly, click on the customer care number.  
  3. Then, flyers will get connected to the airline’s center. 
  4. Afterward, follow the automatic IVR instruction.
  5. Next, you will get connected to the airline’s live representative.  
  6. Therefore, request to book a flight. 
  7. Please provide all the required details for your desired flight.
  8. Then, select your preferred seat.
  9. Also, choose ‘Other Services’ if required.
  10. Afterward, make the payment. 
  11. Next, make the payment to the airlines.
  12. Please go through your details once before making payment. 
  13. Select any of the payment methods offered by the airline.
  14. Wait for your confirmation message or mail. 
  15. Lastly, the airline will provide E-tickets through your email.

Avianca Book Flight via Airport Ticket Counter

There are a lot of airlines that offer the facility of a Ticket Counter. Passengers can visit the airport directly and contact the airline representative. Then, ask them to make flight reservations on your behalf. Make sure to provide all the required details along with passenger information. Finally, complete the payment and receive their tickets from the respective counters.

Types of tickets offered by Avianca Airlines

Avianca is a well-known airline in the business. Several flyers believe and rely on this airline for healthy and safe travel.

Therefore, Avianca Airlines provide different types of Bookings at a very reasonable price with lots of offers and facilities. 


The airline provides Round-Trip tickets to passengers at a low and affordable cost. Therefore, Round-Trip tickets are best for passengers planning to return from their destination within a specific period. This booking carries only one key. Also, these tickets cost cheaper than buying two one-way tickets. Moreover, the access cost depends on the cabin you select for traveling.


The airline provides One-Way tickets to the passengers. These tickets are also affordable for the passengers. Although, if passengers are traveling to a destination without any return plan. Therefore, these tickets are best for this kind of vacation. Passengers can book their returning tickets anytime they want.

Moreover, the cost of tickets depends on the type of cabin passengers select for the flight.

Group Reservation

There are very few airlines that offer Group reservations to flyers. Well, Avianca is one of them. The airline does offer Group Reservations to the customers. Passengers are willing to travel with a bunch of people. Therefore, they can go for group reservations instead of one-way or round-trip tickets. Thus, making reservations on this type of ticket will save money. Moreover, airlines also provide several offers for this ticket type. Therefore, the cost of access depends on the kind of cabin passengers select for the flight.

Different types of Cabin Classes on Avianca Airlines

There are two types of cabin classes offered by Avianca Airlines.

Economy Class

This is the most affordable and low-cost class on Avianca Airlines. Passengers willing to travel for a short period can book their tickets for this class. Moreover, passengers are provided with limited inflight services. Passengers can select their services while making the reservation.

Business Class

Passengers are willing to get all the benefits and onboard services. Moreover, they can afford more in their comfort while traveling and can book their tickets for Business Class. These cabins provide much larger legroom to the passengers. Moreover, these cabins offer total reassurance to their passengers, along with all the entertainment and beverage services. 

Avianca Book Flight Checked & Carry-on Baggage Policy

Carry-on Bag

  • Flyers are allowed to carry one bag to the cabin.
  • Airlines allow flyers to carry personal baggage such as laptops, Cameras, Purse, baby items, Gadgets, Tab, etc.
  • Flyers are restricted from having dangerous equipment in the flight cabin such as guns, Cutter, knives, etc.  
Carry-On Bag Requirements
Dimensions22 pounds (10 kg)
Weight (H+L+W) 45 inches

Although, passengers have to pay an extra fee to the airline if the Carry-On Bags exceeds the limit.

Please note that Carry-on baggage is always checked before flyers enter the flight cabin. Therefore, make sure to check your luggage before the check-in formality. 

Checked-in Bag 

Economy Class

  • Airlines allow flyers to bring two pieces of luggage (22kg) with dimensions of 60 inches.

Business Class

  • Airlines allow flyers to bring two pieces of luggage (30kg) with dimensions of 60 inches.  
  • Please note passengers have to pay an extra fee to the airline if the Checked-in Bag exceeds the limit.

Additionally, if you want to add more checked baggages then you must visit the Avianca Airlines Manage Booking section on the Avianca Airlines official site.

Online & Offline Ways To Check-in At Avianca Airlines

Avianca Airlines offer different ways to check in for its Flyers.

Online Check-in via official site

Passengers are offered an online Check-In feature. Therefore, they only need to visit the airline’s official website and search for Check-In. Through this, they can quickly check in just by providing your details.

Moreover, this online check-in facility begins 24 hours before the original flight departure and closes one hour before departure.

Check-In via App

Avianca Airlines also allow passengers to do their early Check-In through the help of their official app. Passengers need to log in to the app by entering the required details. Therefore, search for Check-in and proceed with it.

Airport Check-in

There are a lot of flyers who opt for Airport Check-in as it seems the easiest way. However, customers only need to visit the airport counter to proceed with their Check-in. Therefore, with passports and tickets. Moreover, flyers should arrive at the airport 2 hours before the original flight departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Avianca Book Flight is possible by contacting customer care?

Yes, if passengers cannot make their reservation through the online procedure or website. Therefore passengers can contact the airline’s official customer care number and request to make a reservation on your behalf.

Q2. How much does it cost to make a reservation on Avianca Airlines?

Passengers need to contact or visit the airline’s official site to know about ticket fares on Avianca Airlines.
Although, the fees for tickets are different for all the cabin classes provided on the flight.

Q3. Avianca Book Flight is cheaper to buy online?

Passengers get offers and discounts if reservations are made through an online procedure. If you purchase a flight ticket at the airport, you will need to wait in a queue and will not be able to get the discounted fares.

Q4. Can you use miles to book a flight?

Yes, Booking a flight ticket with miles will save you from spending money. Miles are an airline award that you can win by travelling the required number of miles as per the policy. After winning the miles, you will be able to see them in your account on the official site or mobile app. While completing the payment process, you just need to click on the “redeem miles” button to pay the charges of the flight ticket with miles.

Q5. Is it cheaper to book tickets online or in person?

If you book a flight ticket online via the official site or mobile app, you will be able to see the discounted flight ticket on the low-fare calendar and can book your tickets accordingly without the help of any third party. When you book a flight on-call with a live person, you can also ask them for the discounted flight ticket and book your flight according to your budget. If you book your flight ticket at the airport then the person ar the ticket counter will book the available ticket and may be you will not get the discounted on them. So, booking a flight ticket online or on-call is cheaper than at the airport.

Q6. How do I buy baggage on Avianca?

To purchase a baggage online, you have to visit the official site then navigate to the manage booking section. Here, you can add baggage to your reservation. To purchase baggage offline, dial the official toll-free number and get the help of a live representative of the airline.

Q7. Can I add baggage after booking?

Yes. You can add a baggage 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight via the official site or on-call with the Live person. If you extend the baggage requirements, then you will need to pay the extra charges.

Q8. Do you have to pay to check-in with Avianca?

Checking in online via the official site or mobile app can save you money, but if you check in at the airport, you may be required to pay $25 or more in check-in charges.

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